The return plan at Ulta Beauty appears pretty suturing lenient on paper, yet when I began digging a small bit deeper I found that it’s not as lenient as it might appear. Specifically, your mileage might vary (depending top top the store) once it involves returns beyond the return home window and how they are handled. Hope this post will answer every one of your questions and also make your following Ulta return a breeze.

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How long Does Ulta offer Me come Return Stuff?

180 days.

This use to it is in 60 days however they prolonged it to 180 in irradiate of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I will store this short article updated if they revert earlier to a 60-day return home window at some point.

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Can i Return makeup That ns Opened and also Tried?


Their website made no point out of returning provided items so i hit increase their live chat and also asked (see above screenshot).

I request if I can return makeup that I supplied for a couple weeks however decided ns didn’t like.

Surprisingly, the answer is YES.

I also asked if castle monitored together returns and also could deny my return if I changed too plenty of “half used” beauty, beauty items and also was called there to be NO limit.

But the person who lives beware, if you perform this all the time they’ll most likely flag her name and information.

Can ns Return Something ~ 180 Days?

According to this Reddit thread you CAN return something (for save credit) after ~ the return home window has expired yet your mileage may vary through store.

Manager’s it seems to be ~ to have actually the last say and it’s save to assume they are an ext likely come deny you if girlfriend make frequent returns, used significant amount the the product, or you’re flat-out rude.

Also, it’s precious noting that you must have your receipt or proof of acquisition for these types of returns.

Is mine Receipt necessary for a Return?

If you’re in ~ the return window, NO, friend don’t necessarily need your receipt.

If you space an Ultamate Rewards member or have actually an account they deserve to look increase your acquisition that way.

If castle can’t find your acquisition in your system, they’ll offer you the lowest offering price that the item in the past 90 daysin the kind of store-credit.

Also, they’ll ask for a valid photo ID if lock CAN’T find any type of record of your purchase.

They’ll use your information to track your return history and can deny future returns if they feel you’re abusing their return policy.

Are any type of Items Non-Returnable?

According come the Ulta rep that ns spoke with, the only items the CAN’T be returned are broken products.

Meaning items that you took home and broke and also was NOT the error of Ulta.

Everything rather you can return.

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Can i Return digital Purchases In-Store?

Yes, absolutely.

Just bring in your packing on slide or initial email confirmation together your evidence of purchase.

The exact same return home window applies to online purchases.

What about Returning In-Store purchase via the Mail?

This might be an alternative for you, especially during COVID-19 as plenty of shoppers desire to continue to be out that stores.

To do it happen, you’ll require to call Ulta at 1 (866) 983-8582 and also they’ll email you a return mail label and further instructions.

What wake up to mine Ultamate price Points once I do a Return?

You’ll get lock all back immediately after you complete your return.

Keep in mind that if you provided your points, and also bought several items, you’ll only get ago a proportionate lot of points.

What If I provided a Coupon on my Purchase?

If friend return things bought v a coupon you’ll ONLY get ago the lot of money you payment out-of-pocket.

Also, you will certainly not get ago the yes, really coupon or among equal value.

Can I get Cashback with a Gift Receipt Return?

No, Ulta will NOT offer you cashback if you request it.

But they’ll be much more than happy to perform an even exchange or give you save credit because that a future purchase.

What around Returning Items native Ulta Resellers or Dealers?

Only item bought native an really Ulta location, or from their website, can be returned.

For all various other sales of Ulta products you’ll have attend to the third party seller directly.

Can someone Else do the Return because that Me?

If the person has your receipt or Ultamate Rewards card there shouldn’t be any type of problems.

But…I’ve review online of part folks gift told the original purchaser should make the return so it appears your mileage may vary from store-to-store which is disappointing.

3 Ulta Beauty policy Hacks That’ll make You Feel prefer a Genius…

1 – friend GOTTA sign-up for their Rewards program – The basic fact the they track her purchases therefore you’ll never need to keep your receipt makes it worth it.

Then throw in the reality that friend can build up reward clues that’ll score you totally free stuff makes it a total no-brainer.

2 – stop Return Shipping Costs – there is just one means to perform this and also that is to bring your online purchase to one Ulta Beauty save to process your return.

3 – Always try to Return item (Even if previous the return window) – Their policy is quite lenient and also most locations let friend return stuff for store credit well past their stated variety of return days.

So take advantage of this and also always try and return item rather 보다 throwing lock away.

The biggest problem with Ulta is that the policy tends come change depending on the keep or employee you’re dealing with, so her mileage may vary once making a return of a product you’ve had a lengthy time.

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Ask the Reader: What’s to be your endure returning ingredient to Ulta Beauty? let me recognize in the comments.