Is Walmart giving you a tough time since you lost your receipt, and also now the agency won’t expropriate your return? Follow our an extensive Walmart return plan without receipt guide, and you’ll finally have the upper hand!

Walmart Return plan Without Receipt Explained

All the restrictions presented in Walmart’s return policy during COVID-19 have been lifted together of march 2021. Walmart’s standard return policy is currently in effect, permitting customers to return items in ~ 90 days of purchase. The Walmart return policy without receipt doesn’t differ much as you can make returns even without evidence of acquisition within 90 days.

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keep in mind that all returns there is no a receipt are subject come a refund confirmation process.

The refund verification used to be at the discretion that customer business or keep management, however Walmart introduced an automatic verification mechanism that may decrease your inquiry to do a return without a receipt. According to previous Walmart store managers and also employees, you can only process three no-receipt returns in six months. Don’t try to fool the mechanism by going come a different Walmart store—the refund confirmation systems space interlinked, and also you i will not ~ be may be to procedure your return.

To return item(s) to Walmart there is no a receipt, you’ll have actually to:

Present a valid photo IDPass the refund verification process

If the verification system accepts the return, you can:

Make one exchangeGet a cash refund if the value of the changed items is less than $10Earn a Walmart shopping card or gift card credit if the worth of the went back items is end $10

Since the only means to complete a return without proof of purchase is by mirroring your ID, you’ll have to visit a Walmart store instead of mail in your return.

Alternatively, the keep staff may have the ability to look up her purchase and also approve your return if you shed your proof of purchase. To carry out so, you’ll have actually to administer them with one of the following:

The credit or debit card you paid with as soon as making your acquisition in a storeThe email deal with or phone call number you used for the virtual purchase

Can ns Return all Items come Walmart there is no a Receipt?

No, you can’t. We have noted the product that can be returned just with a receipt in the table below, and their return deadlines.

Product TypeReturn Policy and also Return Window
Prepaid wireless to move phonesMay be went back in undamaged condition to any kind of storeHave a 14-day return window
Opened or supplied unlocked wireless phonesMay be exchanged for another item of same or better valueHave a 14-day return window
Postpaid cabinet phonesMay be returned to the initial store of purchase undamagedHave a 14-day return window
Most electronic gadgets (Verizon contract cell phones, drones, digital music players, tablets, laptops, portable video clip players, electric scooters, digital cameras, etc.)Have a 30-day return window
Walmart defense Plans and AppleCare+Can be reverted or canceled within 30 work of purchase
Prescription glasses and contactsHave a 60-day return window
Hearing aidsHave a 60-day return window
Produce, new flowers, meat, bakery, deli, dairy, and frozen itemsAre topic to the fresh guaranteeCan be went back in 90 days due to the fact that the acquisition date
Perennials, trees, and also shrubsCan be returned within one year
TiresCan be returned within 90 days only to stores with an Auto care Center and also need to be new
Photo prints, personalized items, and also photo productsCannot be changed by mail however only to a Walmart storeHave a 90-day return window
Funeral productsCan only be exchanged if damaged or defective ~ above delivery and also unusedAre non-refundableHave a 90-day return window

Are There any Non-Returnable Items?

Walmart doesn’t accept returns also with a receipt for the complying with products:

Firearms and also ammunitionAirsoft, air, and BB gunsPepper sprayGas-powered vehiclesPrescription medications and also devicesSex toysPregnancy and also ovulation tests or other varieties of home diagnostic testing kitsHygienic medical equipmentUsed or mounted tires and snow tiresTrading cardsUsed or open up RV sewer linesGift cardsWalmart express invoice payReloadable credit/debit cardsCheck/card cashing feesBranded gift cardsLotteryPrepaid mobile cardsSIM cardsVideo game download cardsPrepaid gaming cardsVideos ~ above demand

Initiating a return to a store if friend Misplaced the Receipt

You have actually two alternatives when it pertains to initiating the procedure for no-receipt returns. You can:

Do that manually by following a collection of instructions

How To inquiry a No-Receipt Return on your Own

You will require a keep Returns Receipt to initiate the process. To acquire this receipt, you have to:

Click on her profile widget or initials in the upper-right cornerSelect AccountLocate the item(s) you want to return and also select Start a Return, or click See Details and Return or Replace and also select the item(s) you wish to returnChoose the reason for the return indigenous the dropdown menuPress Return and also ContinueSelect Return come Store and also ContinueClick ~ above Submit

After you done, you can print the keep Returns Receipt. Take the items you’re return to a Walmart store, and make sure to carry all the initial packing materials and also accessories.

No Receipt? No Problem! Can assist Either Way


Returns space tricky come handle, and also if friend don’t have actually proof the purchase, you may think there’s no method of obtaining a refund or one exchange. Think twice! has arisen a groundbreaking approach to returning items without a receipt, and also we can aid you out. All you must do is:

Locate our Item Return Request featureAnswer the chatbot’s purchase-related inquiries (attach image if needed)


Once you submit her request, we will send out a custom letter to Walmart explaining the you wish to make a return. We will additionally include a deadline so the the firm acts upon her request promptly.

If you’d favor to know how to make effortless returns to other popular companies, check out the table below:

Office DepotAmerican EagleRoss Stores
Guitar CenterSam"s ClubLulus

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