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DSW Return Policy

Returningitems to buy in store

Youcan return items purchased in a DSW store for a full refund come the originalform the payment if you fulfill the adhering to requirements.

Timing:Returns must be carried to the store within 60 work of the purchase date. After60 days, you deserve to still gain a merchandise credit transaction if the item is unworn and also youhave the receipt. DSW VIP upstream members obtain up come 365 days come return the itemfor a refund to the original type of payment.

Condition:The item must be unused and also unworn, with its original packaging.

Documentation:Bring your original receipt through you. If you don’t have the receipt, girlfriend canstill gain a was credit rather of a refunde.

Method:Items purchase in a DSW store should be returned to a DSW store. You cannot mailthese item back.


DSWOnline returns

You can gain a complete refund to the original type of payment for items purchased native DSW virtual by meeting the complying with requirements. Enable seven come 10 days because that DSW to process your refund.

Timing:Send your virtual order ago by mail in ~ 60 work of the purchase date.

ShippingFees: You deserve to pay because that the shipping you yourself or you deserve to use DSW’sFedex label included in your online order. The expense of making use of the Fedex label is$8.50, and also it’s deducted from your refund. DSW VIP Gold and also DSW VIP elite membersdo not obtain charged the return shipping fee. Girlfriend can additionally avoid the $8.50 fee bymaking the original purchase with a DSW Rewards Visa® credit transaction card.

Condition:The item needs to it is in unused and unworn, and also sent ago in that originalpackaging.

Documentation:Fill out the Return & Exchange form that’s ~ above your initial invoice. Includethat along with your shipping invoice to obtain a refund come the original type ofpayment.

DSW Exchange policy

Exchanging items purchased in-store

Ifthe item to be purchased in a store, take it it back to the store with the originalreceipt and packaging. In ~ 60 days of the purchase date, they’ll processyour exchange together a refund and new purchase. ~ 60 days, you’ll getmerchandise credit transaction for any difference fan to you.

Exchanging items purchased at DSW.com

You deserve to exchange item purchased at DSW’s website because that free. If you paid by PayPal, take it the item right into a save for your exchange. For any kind of other kind of payment, you deserve to ship the item back to DSW. You’ll gain a credit transaction for the item friend returned and also a new charge because that the replacement item. Usage the return shipping label to specify the instead of item and it’ll be sent to you for free. Any type of price distinction in your favor will certainly be refunded to her original kind of payment, if the exchange is made in ~ 60 work of the initial purchase. After 60 days, you’ll get a DSW eGift map in that amount.

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DSW Gift Returns

Ifthe item was purchased in a store, girlfriend can’t send it back by letter — friend haveto return it come a DSW store. Take the unused and unworn item come a store, with its original packaging. You’ll it is in issued a was credit.

Ifthe item was purchased online, you deserve to ship the back, unused and also in its originalpackaging to:

dsw.com ATTN: Returns handling 4314 East 5th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43219

Youare responsible for the return shipping cost, unless you have actually the originalpaperwork that came v the order and you specify that you are trading the item.If the instead of item costs less 보다 your return, you’ll gain an eGift card forthe difference.

DSW Return FAQs

CanI return worn shoes to DSW?

Nope,DSW doesn’t accept offered or worn shoes as returns. If you’re no sure about keepingthe item, save the initial packaging and don’t wear it outside.

CanI return DSW virtual purchases come a DSW store?

Youcan return purchase made online at DSW.com come a DSW store. Yet you can’treturn in-store to buy by mail.

Whatis DSW’s return policy when you don’t have a receipt?

Youcan tho return the item there is no the initial receipt or shipping invoice, butyou’ll be refunded through merchandise credit. DSW might ask friend for photo ID andmay additionally limit how many items you have the right to return without documentation.

Howdoes DSW handle PayPal returns?

Bringthe unworn item with your initial receipt within 60 work of acquisition to astore, and DSW will refund the acquisition price to your PayPal account. If youused a combination of PayPal and a gift card to do the purchase, you’ll getrefunded through a gift card.

Can girlfriend return items purchased native DSW.com for free?

Generally,you need to pay for the shipping come return things purchased digital from DSW. Allonline order ship with a prepaid Fedex brand in the box. If you usage that label,you’ll be fee $8.50. There space two means to stop the return shipping fee:

Become a DSW VIP yellow or DSW VIP Elitemember.Pay because that your purchase with a DSWRewards Visa® credit card.

CanI return revenue items to DSW?

Ifan items is significant Final Sale, it’s not eligible because that return or exchange.

Can ns return perfume come DSW?

Fragrances are thought about “specialty items” and can just be returned if they space unopened. Any kind of seal ~ above the product has to be intact. Other specialty items incorporate nail polish, skincare products, dried shampoos, anything containing alcohol, rechargeable batteries, and also USB rechargeable devices.

See DSW’s main return policy here.

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