Travelers take it an escalator come a TSA Pre-check entrance as they pass with Los Angeles global Airport in November 2016.

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On Sunday night, mine dad to be going with the security line in ~ Washington Dulles global Airport to board a quick domestic flight. That was, through his account, an uneventful evening, far from the protestors that were awaiting international arrivals.

According come his boarding pass, he'd to be granted TSA Pre-check, the Transportation Security management protocol come expedite screening because that passengers given an advancement background check and deemed low-risk. Passengers can register for the routine or, what is likely in this case, it is provided to older travelers who don't right the profile for a threat.

Still, he was directed come the constant security line anyway.

ID and boarding pass: Check. Bag, wallet, call on the belt: check. Complete body scanner: 1...2...3. Problem. He was asked to action aside by a security agent.

Instead of the public pat down or the hand-held metal detecting wand waved about travelers who has some sort of anomaly, he to be taken right into the different room and also asked come lift up his shirt, eliminate his shoes, pants and also pull down his underwear. A visual check and also pat down by a masculine TSA agent followed. The did together he to be told.

They discovered nothing that would pose a danger and enabled him to board his airplane without further inspections.

My dad is 68. He is a short, slight, bespectacled male who to be born in India and also has to be an American citizens for 17 years. He had actually a eco-friendly card, a visa for a legal irreversible resident, because that a virtually a decade before then. This was a residential flight. So as soon as he called me what happened, I had so plenty of questions.

Had they viewed his poonal, the sacred thread worn by part Hindu men across their chest? was it due to the fact that he had forgotten other in his pockets? perhaps he was just randomly selected because that a search. The did not ask and also was no told.

There is no evidence this search was related to the executive, management order that President Donald trump card signed top top Friday. The TSA, ns believe, has actually a an overwhelming job in keeping us every safe and also most employees room doing the finest they can within the guidance they room given. Ns did not desire to suspicion anyone of wrongdoing, but I mutual my dad’s story top top Twitter because the strip search of one American citizens boarding a residential flight is the kind of security measures so countless of united state could confront regularly since of Trump’s policies.

Last Wednesday, ~ signing his first two executive orders ~ above immigration, Trump said the room of homeland Security, "From here on out, I'm asking every one of you to enforce the legislations of the United states of America. They will certainly be enforced and enforced strongly." While that was directly addressing Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, TSA additionally falls under the purview of homeland security.

His stimulate calls for hiring 5,000 an ext border patrol agents and tripling the number of immigration agents.

These words and actions send a signal: security takes precedence over anything else.

As the Friday, the my dad’s story has been shared thousands of times on Twitter and also I’ve gotten an ext replies 보다 I deserve to count. Many people, of many ethinicities, offered support — their sincerity make me tear up. Some human being said, “I’m i m really sorry this is happening,” while others said, “This is not our country.” I additionally don’t believe my dad’s experience in “extreme vetting” in ~ Dulles is the same America wherein my brother and I have actually grown up because the 80s.

We should follow the rules. We have to be polite come TSA and also other commonwealth agents. However we can’t stop resisting.

The TSA has actually been sued for conducting piece searches and also for gyeongju profiling. In 2015, the agency worked out a lawsuit with a mrs who says she to be pulled off a plane, detained and also told come undress. A interactions officer in ~ TSA told PRI the asking a passenger come undress is versus their policies. “TSA screening policy does not speak to for, questioning or need passengers to undress,” the said, and also offered more information about pat downs and the security process on your website.

My parents carry out not desire to seek a complaint, yet they execute want world to recognize what happened. There might be immigrant on vi or legal permanent residents who space scared to come forward about comparable incidents, so i felt it to be my duty to use my privilege together a us citizen to speak out. 


In the run-up come the election i saw photos of Bollywood-esque dancers, aunties and also uncles clad in their finest silk outfits, putting on as a fundraiser for then-candidate Donald Trump.

To me, it to be both confusing and maddening. Through number of conversations and also Facebook short articles of friends, it became clear that those Trump pendant who room immigrants from India, or whose parents room immigrants from India, don’t execute so since of a solitary issue.

Some civilization liked the he is a businessman and also thought he would protect corporate interests. Others were drawn in by his promise to ease visa constraints on incoming Indians. Others simply did not want Hillary Clinton come win.

Underlying all this, though, was, "Well, we're no them," together one family friend defined it come me in August. He believed that Hindus are exempt native Trump’s ire due to the fact that we’re mainly not black, Latino or LGBTQ. And certainly not Muslim. We are the “good kind” the American immigrant, her doctors and also IT guys.

In turn, I explained that every brown and black and also Asian civilization look the exact same to the scared and ignorant.

On Tuesday, the Republican Hindu Coalition authorize a explain in assistance of the immigration order the bans refugees and also immigrants from certain countries native entering the US. They referred to as for more people indigenous Muslim-majority countries be included to the perform of those who will no be permitted visas.

I’m ashamed.

I’m awkward they would certainly equate terrorism v Muslims, given that action of domestic terrorism in Newtown, Charleston and also Oak Creek to be committed through white men. Ns ashamed they came here from India, a diverse place in so many ways, and also are now only in favor of a limited meaning of diversity that appears to encompass the bulk and various other Indian Americans similar to themselves. While many Indian Americans skinny left, as do many Hindus, the bothers me that this minority team of trump card supporters deserve to influence policies.

My dad’s suffer at Dulles is just one that many an adverse outcomes that this team — even If unwittingly — advocated for. Divya Shridhar, a recently naturalized us citizen and also family friend, remained in a grocery keep with her 6-year-old daughter in your Cleveland, Ohio, community recently when someone yelled in ~ her and praised Trump.

On Twitter, a brand-new hashtag has surfaced in reaction to the Republican Hindu Coalition’s very visible position. That #HindusResist, created by Deepa Iyer, an author and an elderly fellow at the facility for society Inclusion who has written around civil rights and the impacts of profiling.

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After what happened to my dad on Sunday night, ns can’t aid but throw my assistance behind the too.


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