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I had been on Verizon for around a year now, and also I mainly used it for messaging and also not calls.

So you have the right to imagine my frustration as soon as my phone stopped working, and I couldn’t answer to vital messages native work and also family.

However, I want to access my messages without my phone, for this reason I checked around and also asked Verizon to recognize what my options were.

I recorded everything I discovered out, and also I am compiling this guide to allow you know what I uncovered to obtain text messages if you space on Verizon without her phone online.

Reading her Verizon messages digital is as straightforward as logging in to her Verizon account, going into the accounts page, and selecting the text Online option.

Is it feasible to check out Verizon text Messages Online?


Verizon does enable you to review text messages sent out through the network, back you have the right to see messages from the previous 90 days and also no further.

You can check your speak to logs for the previous 18 months through their website as well.

Verizon has established these restrictions on storage durations so that their servers perform not fill up.

Viewing message Messages utilizing the Verizon Website

Verizon gives you two options to review your message online. One of them is making use of Verizon’s website.

To perform this, follow these steps:

Log in to my Verizon v your credentialsGo to the Accounts page from the mine Verizon homepage.Select text OnlineRead and also accept the terms and also conditions if request to.From the left-hand next pane, choose a conversation to view its messages.

If you have actually a business account, useMy Businessand monitor these same steps thorough above.

You can likewise start brand-new conversations by inputting the cell phone number you desire to post in the “To:” field.

The maximum variety of characters in a solitary message is 140. You have the right to only send attachments to other Verizon users, though.

Reading message Messages making use of the Verizon App


If you obtained a organize of a phone and also want to view your message there, an initial insert the center card from her old machine into the replacement.

You must do this to obtain a confirmation password that Verizon sends to her number.

Download the Verizon message Plus app and also enter her phone number in the prompt shown.

After you enter your number, Verizon will send you a confirmation code on that phone number.

enter the code in the app, select a nickname, and you are all set!

The app is feature-rich with whatever you’d expect from a contemporary messaging application like emojis, GIFs, HD audio and video calls, and many more.

It also has a Drive mode to stop distracting notifications and also messages if you are driving.

How countless Days Old Messages deserve to You check out Online?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Verizon only permits you to read messages from the past 90 days. Contact logs have the right to be viewed from as far as 18 months back, though.

Verizon has actually this border to remove older message that might take up room on their server come store more recent messages—considering the volume of messages the Verizon handles and stores daily, 90 days of storage is remarkable.

Besides, message contain an individual information and include conversations that must be preserved confidential. Thus Verizon deletes the message as soon as possible.

Viewing Text history on Verizon


You deserve to view your text logs for approximately 90 days and call logs for as much as 18 months on the Verizon website.

Just monitor these measures to check out them:

Log in to your My Verizon account together an Account Owner or Manager.ClickView vault CyclesGo down to the My bill section and select the vault billing bike of her messages the you desire to see.Under the gain the details section, pick Data, talk and text activity.

Sending text Messages using Verizon online Tool


If you desire to text and read message without her phone, usage Verizon’s, virtual Tool. Setting it up is easy and involves logging into your Verizon account as the first step.

After that:

From the my Verizon screen, walk to Welcome > text OnlineAccept the terms and also conditions if present.Select the Compose new Message icon.In the “Type a contact or phone call number” field, get in the phone call number you wish to send the post to.Enter the article in the “Type a message or fall attachment” area.You can add pictures, emojis, music or fall your ar with the symbols near the post field.Click send after you have actually finished creating the message.

A good Messaging Alternative

If you are conveniently distracted by her phone yet still require to inspect for messages from work or love ones, Verizon lets you read and reply to her messages right from her computer.

With the addition of check your contact logs, the Verizon website is feature-packed for your every need.

Verizon likewise lets friend send messages with your e-mail address using the
vtext.com address.

Compose the e-mail and also use the recipient’s phone call number as the e-mail address.

For example, if the call number is 555-123-4567, type “”. The 140 character still applies here. As soon as you complete typing your message, fight send.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can i see texts from one more phone on my account?

You probably shouldn’t shot this. That is in a an extremely gray area legally and also is fully illegal in some states.

Does Verizon Cloud store texts?

Verizon cloud offers online storage the backs up her contacts, speak to logs and text messages and more.

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How carry out I retrieve message messages native Verizon cloud?

To recuperate deleted message messages native Verizon cloud:

Tap the equipment icon in the Cloud app.Tap tools > content RestoreSelect messages > RESTORESelect Wi-FI just or Wi-Fi and also Mobile (Charges might apply)Select the time periodLet Cloud it is in the SMS application (Temporary)Choose RestoreSelect CloudSet as default (You can readjust it later)Tap RESTORE

Can someone on my phone setup see mine texts?

The Verizon account holder deserve to see the blog post logs yet won’t view the content of this messages.