We love our furry friends, however it can it is in a hassle as soon as they bring home a flea population. You only signed up for a dog, not an insect colony! over there are thousands of flea removal products on the market, yet some incorporate chemicals you might not want approximately your pets and children. Plus, why spend a steep price ~ above chemical commodities or expert carpet cleaners once there could be one at-home remedy?

Now, there may be a most skepticism surrounding natural remedies. Carry out they actually work? Is it precious the time and also effort? prior to applying one anti-flea product, you desire to be entirely sure that it is going to work. Spending any more time with a flea infestation is a nightmare!

So, stop talk about a typical at-home remedy because that fleas: salt. That seems favor such a simple method compared come the complex and powerful chemistry flea products available. Does salt kill fleas and flea eggs, or is it just an old wives’ tale?

What You"ll Learn

7 typically Asked Questions

Does Salt death Fleas and also Flea Eggs?

The brief answer is correct! Salt is effective at killing fleas, so lot so that many human being swear off using any other commodities or do the efforts other approaches to eliminate fleas.

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However, use the salt only for her home, no your pets, due to the fact that it have the right to irritate your skin. The dog’s flea therapy is separate, and you deserve to use your desired shampoo or drops for your pet.

Understanding the Flea Life Cycle

Salt is a quick and also cheap remedy to avoid fleas, noted you monitor the ideal steps.Using salt to kill fleas and flea eggs is quite simple, but you must still take some an essential steps for the most effective treatment.

Use either household salt or sea salt, however make certain it is very refined salt. Grind that down into a well powder. The larger the salt particles, the much less chance they’ll come in contact with fleas.Once friend grind the salt, sprinkle the over areas where the fleas could be living. That includes your carpet and upholstered furniture. Girlfriend can even use the on your dog’s bedding.Brush the furniture to make sure the salt gets down right into the material.You don’t want it to be left simply on the peak fibers of your carpet.Leave the salt because that 12 come 48 hours, and don’t let your dog in the area. If friend sprinkled salt on your bed, placed it what they won’t have actually access. You desire to provide it time because that the salt to take complete effect.Once you’ve waited, vacuum the carpet and furniture. Be sure to use a smaller vacuum ~ above the couch to obtain into all the tiny crevices.Repeat the procedure in seven to 14 days. If needed, proceed for a couple of more weeks.

It’s that simple! You have the right to use a household product to rid your house of the flea infestation effectively.

Quick advice For utilizing Salt to death Fleas

We’ve currently talked around the key steps, yet a few more tips will certainly make this flea treatment even an ext powerful.

Make sure you have enough salt for all the locations you want to treat.Get one large salt container because that each room the you desire to treat. Law all areas that possibly have a flea infestation. This spaces can be anywhere your dog or cat has been.Pair the salt treatment with a thorough vacuuming and also cleaning. Usage a small vacuum to obtain into the little crevices and suck up any type of fallen fleas.Once you have cleaned, take it the dirt and fleas straight to the rubbish can.Post salt treatment, take preventative steps including cleaning & vacuuming.

Other reliable Methods

Salt is not the just natural method for killing fleas. If girlfriend are looking for a totally effective equipment to death fleas, consider combining the salt therapy with among the following options.

Citrus Spray: Make her own herbal spray through lemon in boil water. Herbal Spray: incorporate witch hazel, lemon juice, vinegar, and water.Plants: Spearmint, lavender, and chrysanthemums all avoid fleas.

Frequently asked Questions

Finding the perfect flea therapy for your home can be difficult. Friend don’t desire to invest time and also energy in a home-made procedure that might not work. So, prior to you get started, evaluation the following questions come ensure this is the right technique for your home!

Can You usage Salt on your Dog?

We do not recommend making use of the salt technique on her dog because it will irritate their skin. Treat her dog’s fleas separately from the residence infestation, and keep your dog far from the treated area until after vacuuming.

Try one of the non-toxic, organic shampoos for her dog. Together you go with the procedure of salting her house, keep a constant pet treatment as well. Repetitively wash your dog with the shampoo or continue the anti-flea drops to eliminate any type of fleas that can have transferred to your pet again. The key is come treat both places simultaneously.

How long Should You leaving the Salt?

You have the right to leave the salt top top the carpet and furniture anywhere in between 12 and 48 hours. Obviously, it might be more tough to save your dog and also family out of separation, personal, instance rooms for two entirety days. The best plan would it is in to salt the vital areas before going come bed and also vacuuming in the morning.

If friend live in a an especially humid area, make certain the salt doesn’t remain too lengthy in the furniture or carpet. You may finish up through a wet, difficult mess.

How reliable is Salt at death Fleas?

Salt is a very effective therapy for removing fleas. As formerly stated, it will not be as potent top top the flea eggs and larvae nestled in cocoons as they have a certain level that protection. However, by applying salt periodically throughout the rooms, you have the right to kill emerging larvae and adults.

The amount of time that fleas remain in every stage can vary drastically, especially depending upon the environment. They can survive a couple of weeks, also without a host. Ideally, girlfriend would want to reapply the salt about 10 to 14 job after the first application. Using salt once an ext after one more two weeks is the best way to certain the infestation is fully gone.

Is using Salt Safe?

Applying salt is among the safest approaches of beating a flea infestation. Instead of having actually a insect removal firm come in and use a chemical bomb, you deserve to relax knowing that her family and also pets are safe from any kind of fumes or potential ingestion.

Of course, that is crucial to leave the salted area alone while waiting for that to take it effect. This action is no for her pets and also children’s safety, yet to leave the salt untouched and thoroughly effective.

Make sure not to usage salt on her dog or cat. It is a dehydrating agent, which i will not ~ only affect the fleas. It deserve to dry the end your pet’s skin and irritate it. Instead, use your favorite organic shampoo or anti-flea drops that are entirely safe for your furry friend.

Rid Your home of Fleas Today

Salt is a fantastic, safe, and also cost-effective method for killing fleas. Store plenty the salt in your home, so girlfriend are prepared for any type of potential flea outbreak. This method will conserve you money and give you tranquility of mind together your family and pets’ safety and security is a priority.

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If friend can’t effectively use salt to reduce your flea problem, there room plenty the other residence remedies that we’ve discussed above. Worst case, it might be time to contact a skilled who deserve to remedy her flea difficulty in no time in ~ all.