Many civilization in the US, an especially women, feel safer if lock can lug pepper sprays with them come use must they be attacked. However if you are traveling through air, an especially overseas, can you carry pepper spray ~ above a plane with you?

The TSA and the FAA carry out not permit passengers to bring pepper spray or any kind of other kind of self-defense spray v a defense checkpoint in carry-on bags. One container the pepper spray every passenger, no larger than 4 fluid ounces, deserve to be packed in checked baggage.

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All that the regulations regarding taking pepper spray v you ~ above a aircraft can be discovered below.

With a couple of restrictions, you can pack pepper spray in confirm luggage

Do airlines permit pepper spray on flights?

Although as soon as it concerns pepper spray airlines mainly follow the transportation Security administration (TSA) rules concerning bringing pepper spray and also other self-defense sprays, sometimes they run their own, much stricter, rules.

A couple of domestic us airlines will not allow passengers to carry pepper spray or any kind of other sort of spray or weapon come be brought in checked baggage (and obviously not in carry-on package either).

I am no sure how they enforce these rules though because it is no the airlines that scan confirm bags yet the TSA, that will obviously monitor their own rules.

American airlines for instance are among the airlines which perform not permit any type of kind of protective spray come be brought – American Airlines limited Items

Many worldwide airlines would not permit passengers to carry pepper spray top top a flight in one of two people hand luggage or confirm luggage, where they are illegal come be brought in their country. See next section.

Can friend take any type of self defense sprays on a plane?

The very same rules that use to pepper sprays additionally apply to other forms of spray that are offered for self-defense.

In other words, friend cannot take it it in hand luggage, only one spray is enabled in confirm bags provided it does not exceed 4 fluid ounces (118 ml), if it has no more than 2% CS or CN and also the device that prevents accidental discharge is effectively fitted.

Can you take it pepper spray on an worldwide flight?

In many countries that the world, the unified Kingdom, because that example, delivering a self-defense spray or any form of self defense weapon in publicly is illegal as it is thought about a kind of firearm.

In fact, ns was a police officer (a unique Constable) in the UK because that 10 year and, although i was permitted to bring a Pava spray (a form of pepper spray), I had to undergo continuous training to be granted a patent to bring it in public, and also then only when on duty.

Before you load mace or pepper spray in your suitcase girlfriend should because of this check to view if castle are permitted in the nation or countries you will certainly be visiting.

Just since these might be permitted to be brought on your person for protection in the us don’t i think it is the same in various other parts of the world.

Mace, the agency which manufactures countless such sprays, has actually an short article detailing the regulations for whether or no they have the right to be brought by citizens or visitors in publicly in various European counties.

These countries include:

AustriaBelgiumCzech RepublicFranceFinlandGermanyGreeceHungarycelandIrelandItalyLatviaMaltaHollandNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaRussiaSerbiaSlovakiaSwitzerlandSpainSwedenTurkeyUnited Kingdom

Mace website – EU pepper spray laws.

The British government site in its short article hand luggage limitations – chemicals and toxic substances claims that “Self defense or disabling sprays (for example mace, pepper spray)” can not be tackled board as hand luggage or in confirm baggage. This is no surprise really because it is illegal to lug pepper spray or any kind of other kind of spray supplied for defense in the UK.

If you are in any type of doubt around bringing pepper spray then leaving it at home.

Why is pepper spray prohibition on planes?

The factor why they carry out not permit pepper spray v the security checkpoint is pretty obvious to many people but not come all.

Some argue that they have to be permitted to lug pepper spray or some kind of tear gas in hand luggage in instance there is a terrorist attack. However if you allow these climate potential terrorists can also take that on board!

Occasionally TSA agents have missed pepper spray in bags and also on at the very least one occasion this brought about a problem.

For example, a have the right to of pepper spray was discharged in the cabin ~ above a United trip to Newark, NJ when the safety system to stop accidental discharge to be not effectively used. Unsurprisingly, that resulted in breathing difficulties for many passengers.

Can you lug bear spray on a plane?

Bear spray is not allowed to it is in taken onboad an plane at all, one of two people in hand luggage or in confirm bags. If you carry out take pepper spray TSA agents will confiscate it (and you will not get it back). You space advised come buy part at your location if you room traveling anywhere that one might be needed for your personal safety.


Hopefully we have actually answered her question fully regarding deserve to you bring pepper spray on a plane. In conclusion:

Do not attempt to take pepper spray or any type of tear gas in the cabin with you in her carry-on luggage, purse or your pocket.

If friend do, it will certainly be confiscated. If you really carry out feel the need to have actually one in ~ your destination then placed it in your checked baggage.

Have a good and stress-free flight.


The very same restrictions apply to a taser as use to pepper spray. TSA regulation will just permit a taser to be carried in confirm baggage and also definitely not in hand luggage or on her person.

The an easy answer is correct – since it is a weapon, albeit one which many people lug for defense, yet it can likewise be offered to attack. Over there are few countries in the “civilized” people that would not consider it as such.

Yes, a container that mace is successfully the same because mace is the brand surname of very early pepper spray.

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You have the right to only travel worldwide with pepper spray if that is allowed to be brought in windy in the country or countries you are visiting. They can not be brought in the joined Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and also Sweden because that example.