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walk anyone else store their opened chips and also crackers in the fridge? (breakfast, snacks)
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I"ve to be doing it because that years yet I don"t know anyone else the does it and also I"m not sure why. That keeps lock fresh for weeks uneven leaving them in a bread box or cabinet. So perform you or don"t you and also why?


Chips and also crackers don"t last for weeks roughly here! With 3 teenagers, I"m happy if there is anything left at the finish of the day. So, long-term storage of opened boxes is something that has never crossed my mind. However, i deliberately execute not put bread in the refrigerator because that makes it hard and also stale.
Nope - who has actually room because that those boxes and also bags? I use my refrigerator for important perishable items like milk, other dairy, meats, cheeses, leftover.Do you additionally put your breakfast cereal in the refrigerator?
No, ns don"t, yet I deserve to appreciate the it could be a great idea. I never really believed much about the affect that climate and humidity have on food till we moved from Denver back to Houston a couple of years ago. Chips, bread, crackers the would store forever in dried Denver last a fraction of the time here.I shot and it is in a lot more diligent about sealing food increase now.
No! There"s no room in there for that. They remain fresh just fine on height of my refrigerator. The tops of the bags are folded over a couple of times then are closed v a binder clip. I have a crate of Cheez Its sit up there that"s been there for at least six months - they"re simply fine! I had actually some earlier today together a issue of fact.
In our house they are typically gone shortly after being opened. We carry out not store them in ~ all when they are opened. The only exception is those large milk cartons of goldfish. Through those you simply close the spout and also stick them earlier into the pantry. When the youngsters are gone, we most likely will no buy chips anymore. As soon as the kids are here, chips and also snacks room gone in 60 seconds.
No, i don"t, yet I can appreciate that it might be a great idea. I never ever really thought much about the affect that climate and humidity have on food till we relocated from Denver earlier to Houston a pair of year ago. Chips, bread, crackers that would keep forever in dried Denver critical a fraction of the moment here.
Good point. It"s dry whereby I live, and also while crackers and also chips will eventually get stale and soft, that takes a long time.

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No. We seldom buy chips, and when we perform they don"t last long enough to end up being "stale".Saltine crackers are simply fine in the kitchen cupboard for months.Specialty crackers (such as Ritz or Wheat Thins) don"t last long, either.So, we never put them in the refrigerator.
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