Below space facts and additional information we administer to commonly asked questions around our firm and our products. Us hope this gives you an important information around our brand and also helps you make educated buying decisions.

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Making Quality products from Nature

A high quality product starts with top quality materials. Kitchen tools room no different. We begin with the highest possible grade of materials in your ar sourced and harvested. Together a result, girlfriend won’t find imperfections like color inconsistency, rough edges, water spots, discoloration, lacquer coating or other irregularities frequently seen in other similar products.

Our little batch production process involves a high degree of handwork. It is this ‘handmadeness’ that renders bambu products superior. The result is beautiful products made with quality material, fantastic construction and attention come detail.


Organic certification ensures that our kitchen utensils are made with bamboo material that is grown there is no pesticides and fertilizers. From harvest to your home, certification assures customers of the greatest quality, all organic utensils available.

Yes. Firstly, us make our tools from solitary pieces; no glue is used, so there is no worry around utensils delaminating as a result of high water temperatures and also detergents. Secondly, we don"t usage lacquer coating, so over there is no coating to flake off. However, high water temperature and also detergents have tendency to over-dry the utensils. For that reason, we recommend hand washing in warm soapy water.

Yes. Comparable to wooden spoons, bamboo spoons deserve to be supplied for stovetop cooking up come med/high warm (375-450 degrees). Bamboo spoons have the right to serve countless uses. Check out our list of 11 things you can do with a bamboo spoon here.

FAQ Do you test her kids’ products? 

FAQ Can the kids utensils it is in put right into the dishwasher?

Similar to our food preparation utensils, our children products space made without glue or lacquer. While the is safe to put them in the dishwasher, we don’t recommend it, and instead suggest hand washing in hot soapy water to preserve a smooth surface.

More info on the care and use of our all-natural children products can be situated here.

Bamboo cutting Boards & offer Trays

We design and also make the ideal bamboo cut boards and bamboo serving trays make from hand-selected strips the organically grown bamboo. The material is harvested seasonally and also kiln-dried come our specifications prior to production in stimulate to accomplish optimum shade consistency. Our cut boards are laminated using heat, time pressure, and glue. Our adhesive is a water-based formaldehyde-free adhesive imported from Finland. Us hand sand each plank to a smooth finish, then use an all-natural, food-safe oil.

FAQ Can you put bamboo cut boards in the dishwasher?

We execute not recommend putting your bamboo or wood cutting plank in the dishwasher. We indicate hand washing her cutting boards to expand the life the your herbal grain cutting boards.

FAQ Are bamboo cut boards yes, really stain-resistant?

Bamboo is a normally stain resistant material. For incredibly staining foods items such as beets, the stain normally lifts out after numerous washings. 

FAQ What product makes the finest cutting boards, plastic or wood?

There is part debate regarding what material is ideal for cutting boards, and what products are the most hygienic. Of the many benefits the bamboo, the material is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

Most professionals agree that it is a great idea come have an ext than one cut board. World will frequently designate a board for meat and also a board for vegetables. And also of course, cheese lovers will desire their very own board for cheese.

For an ext information, read related study comparing wooden cutting boards and plastic cut boards here. Additionally highlighted in a New York Times article, wood cutting plank are discovered to be safer than plastic alternatives. High quality boards protect against the spread out of foodborne diseases. Much more information is found on our very own website. Check out to find out which cutting board could be ideal for her kitchen.

FAQ What is the best method to clean and sanitize my cut board?

Our compost-approved range includes plates, bamboo flatware, serving pieces and also premium bamboo napkins.

FAQ Why is that termed disposable and not reusable?

FAQ Can I usage it an ext than once?

Depending top top the use and also the situation, human being can often get multiple offers from our plates and flatware through light hand washing. After numerous washings, you may uncover the plates begin to shed their rigidity. Regarding how plenty of uses you deserve to get, us leave it up to the consumer to decide. 


Cork Fabric - our cork fabric is rather innovative. That is created using slim sheets of organic cork, a organic renewable resource, laminated to a towel backing utilizing a specialized proprietary technique. This beautiful product is versatile, lightweight, and soft and also supple to the touch. The material is additionally food safe. Moreover, the cork fabric is additionally dust, dirt and stain repellent. Cork is inherently anti-bacteria and also hypoallergenic. Lastly, cork does not retain moisture and is, thus waterproof, weatherproof, and washable.

FAQ Is the cork towel washable?

Yes. Just like all our textile products, the cork fabric is additionally washable. It is a durable towel that should last because that years. It’s finest to hand to wash or gentle device wash in cold water through a mild detergent, and also air dry.

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Organic Cotton – Our source for our noodle meets GOTS (Global necessary Textile Standards) that includes environmental and also social criteria and also is certified by Ecocert Greenlife. Our organic cotton is made without petroleum-based ingredients, formaldehyde, anti-wrinkling agents, chlorine bleaches, or any type of other unnatural materials, so the is hypoallergenic and also 100% eco-friendly.

Hemp – ours Hemp is harvested in China, the largest producer that this sustainable farming product. Hemp grow easily and also offers numerous benefits. Hemp is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. The unique inherent qualities of the fiber of hemp can suppress the expansion of harmful bacteria and fungi, making it the right "fiber for our future." Hemp is generally planted in thick crops staying clear of sunlight native penetrating, which reduces weed development by 95%, removed the require for pesticides. Therefore, hemp walk not require organic cultivation certification. Hemp is typically used together a companion chop bordering household gardens together a deterrent come insects and infestations. Hemp has actually anti-microbial nature naturally innate in the plant. It is likewise mildew resistant. Hemp walk not call for irrigation, uneven other natural fibers. Our resource uses just EU-approved dyes and also chemicals in your dyeing and also finishing process.


Vegan – No animal Testing

Finishes and Coatings

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