Are you wondering even if it is or no you can bring knives through TSA security and on come a plane? The prize isn’t so clean to a lot of people due to past policies that were implemented and also then later on reversed. But in this article, I’ll phone call you every little thing you need to know around bringing knives with airport security and also on board her plane.

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I’ll cover the TSA rules because that both carry-ons and also checked baggage and additionally talk around some other sharp objects.

Can you bring knives v the airport?

You might pack particular knives and pocket velvet in your checked baggage however you cannot carry them in her carry-on, uneven an exception applies. Keep reading below for more details ~ above the TSA rules because that knives.

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Knives in carry-on

Knives in her carry-on are never ever allowed, other than for “plastic or round-bladed butter knives.” (Round-bladed means that they are not serrated.)

Besides these exceptions, there space no “TSA Approved” knives the you can bring on come a plane. Remember that in general, you room prohibited indigenous traveling through any spicy objects in your carry-on baggage

The penalties for bringing a knife in your carry-on can be fairly stiff. For example, you could get hit with up to a $2,050 fine if you’re caught with a knife because they fall in the banned classification below:

Axes and also hatchets; bows and/or arrows; ice axes and also ice picks; knives with chisels that open immediately (such together switchblades); knives with blades that open via gravity (such as butterfly knives); any type of double-edge velvet or daggers; meat cleavers; sabers; swords; machetes; throw stars


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What around other sharp items?

When in doubt about bringing a spicy item as a carry-on, just don’t carry it. Yet if you’re do the efforts to lug along a usual sharp items prefer scissors climate make certain you’re in compliance through the TSA rules. For example, girlfriend can carry scissors however only if castle are much less than 4 inches native the pivot point.

Here’s a list of common sharp objects the you might want to bring. Listed below is whether or no they are permitted as carry-on items. Generally, you’ll notice that numerous small, typical household items choose safety pins and nail clippers space allowed.

Box Cutters = NoCigar Cutters = Yes however not recommendedCorkscrews (with blade) = NoCrochet Hooks = YesDarts = NoIce Axes/Ice choose = NoKirpans = NoKnitting Needles = YesLock picks = YesMeat Cleavers = NoNail Clippers = YesPencil Sharpeners = YesRazor-Type chisels = NoSabers = NoSafety pen = YesSafety Razor With blades (allowed without blade) = NoSaws = NoSewing Needles = YesSwiss military Knife = NoSwords = NoThrowing Stars = NoTweezers = Yes

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TSA Discretion

“TSA officers have the discretion come prohibit any kind of item with the screening checkpoint if they believe it poses a protection threat.” This method that also if things is not prohibited and also is allowed, one agent can still check out it as a threat and also not permit it to go through. That’s why i recommend you to save your sharp objects in your checked baggage if possible.

TSA velvet Rules FAQ

Can I lug a knife in my carry-on?

You space NOT allowed to bring a knife in her carry-on except for “plastic or round-bladed butter knives.”

What is a TSA approved knife?

There room no TSA approved knives except fo “plastic or round-bladed butter knives.”

What is the fine for bringing a knife v airport security?

You could be fee a fine of over $2,000 if girlfriend are recorded with a knife.

Can I lug a knife in my checked baggage?

Yes, girlfriend may pack knives and also pocket velvet in your checked baggage yet you still need to comply through the rules. TSA states that “ny spicy objects in confirm bags must be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to package handlers and also inspectors.”

What if the knife is much shorter than 2.36 inches?

Knives are no longer permitted even if lock are much shorter than 2.36 inches.

Can I bring a pocket knife top top a plane?

No, you space not allowed to lug a pocket knife top top a plane.

Final word

Traveling through knives through airports is generally something I try to avoid. However when dealing with TSA friend absolutely desire to make sure that her knives are not in her carry-on so that you don’t gain hit v a substantial fine. Also, be conscious that other sharp objects could not be allowed in her carry-on so constantly be top top the lookout for restrictions.

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