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Hiring expert painters can still it is in cheaper than replacing siding. ftwitty/Getty pictures

Before you pick up a paintbrush (or your checkbook to hire a painter), weigh the pros and cons of painting your vinyl siding.

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Pro: saves money. "Painting her vinyl siding deserve to save girlfriend money — through doing it yourself, the cost is commonly cheaper 보다 if you were to rental a professional," Mikula says. Also if you do hire pros, painting vinyl siding is, in most cases, much more affordable than replacing it.

Pro: boosts the home"s appearance. "A brand-new coat of repaint can help to hide any kind of imperfections ~ above vinyl siding panels," Mikula says. In addition to giving the house a fresh, new look, he states it could additionally transform the home"s overall look depending upon the color.

Pro: renders the home"s exterior an ext durable. If you use the appropriate product and follow the applications steps, Salvadore says the paint can make the vinyl siding more durable. "It provides additional protection from the elements and also could extend the vinyl siding"s in its entirety life," he says.

Pro: boosts home"s value. "In some cases, including a simple coat of paint to the exterior that your home may help increase the home value," Mikula says. That"s because dingy, peeling, or faded repaint is a turnoff come buyers.

Con: results are limited. even though you deserve to use paint to extend the life of the vinyl siding, Mikula says it won"t be together long-lasting as new siding. "And if over there is already extensive wear and also tear top top the vinyl siding, merely painting won"t completely mask severe damages to siding," the says.

Con: might void her warranty. If her vinyl siding is quiet under warranty, Mikula cautions that painting might nullify it. The recommends checking the terms and also conditions of your warranty before you start painting.

Con: can damage your siding. In instance you were wondering just how merely paint your siding could void her warranty, here"s why: "If the job isn"t done correctly, it can lead to such troubles as fading, peeling, flaking, and also warping," Salvadore warns.

Con: The wrong shade could be disastrous. If you choose the not correct color, UV absorb could reason the siding come warp. "This is specifically true because that bright blue, yellow, and red, as well as for an extremely dark colors since they absorb much more sunlight," Salvadore says. "The best means to prevent warping that vinyl siding is to paint with a shade lighter than the initial manufacturer"s coating."

Quick tip: Vinyl siding can last because that decades, yet if it is damaged or look at worn — as evidenced by cracking, splitting, warping, or buckling — you might be better off instead of it. Paint might improve the appearance, yet it won"t repair underlying damage.

What kind of paint should I use?

You can"t use simply any kind of repaint for vinyl siding. "The wrong repaint formulation can leave your vinyl siding looking streaky and also cause it come flake or peel, so choosing an exterior repaint that is designed for vinyl siding is important," claims Salvadore.

One option is PPG Acri-Shield Max Exterior Latex Paint, which have the right to be bought in ~ a local PPG store, house Depot, or native a paint supply store. An additional option is Valspar Duramax Exterior paint + Primer, which have the right to be found at Lowe"s, or other big-box and paint it is provided stores. Both options carry out weather protection, and also resist mold and mildew, fading, and also cracking, evaluate team recommends the ideal exterior paints. The top pick is the Behr Premium add to Ultra Exterior Paint and also Primer in One.

How to repaint vinyl siding

Depending on your ability level, you may decide to paint your vinyl siding yourself. If so, these room the step-by-step instructions:

Clean the surface. Mikula recommends making use of a strength washer top top a low setting or clean the vinyl siding with a garden hose spray and also light detergent. "Make certain the siding is fully dry before going to the next step," that says.Tape off any areas the you don"t want painted. This consists of windows and doorways. "Then, caulk around any kind of doors, windows, and other openings, to fill in any type of holes," Mikula says.Apply primer.

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This will rely on the kind of product girlfriend use. Some paints include primer and also paint in a solitary can. Other paints call for separate applications because that primer and also paint. (The inside wall is the undercoat, which helps the paint to adhere to the vinyl siding and last longer.)Apply the paint. "Generally, 2 coats space recommended to attain the correct color and to assist ensure the longevity of the paint," Mikula says. He advises allowing the an initial coat to dry prior to painting the 2nd coat. "Depending top top temperature and humidity levels, dry time is usually in between four to 6 hours."