Believe that or not, California has some the the strictest legislations when it comes to pet ownership. For example, one cannot own a tiger in California, yet can you think it is legitimate to own one in various other states? over there are even some cute and furry little friends who space unwelcome as residence pets. Even if it is these pets are exotic, endangered, dangerous to the general public and/or a risk to indigenous wildlife and also crop, this is a quick list of pets Californians may not have as residence pets:

FerretsHedgehogsTigersFirst generation of wolf dog hybridsAfrican clawed frogsMonk parakeets or Quaker parrotsOwlsRaccoons

So if girlfriend were thinking of recording that raccoon the hangs around your backyard every night and trying to domesticate it, think again! having these illegal pets room punishable by fines and feasible jail time. If the “pet” damages property or damages others, the owner is subject to much harsher consequences. And of course, animal control will certainly take the pet away.

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