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There are cats and dogs, and then there room the weird and also wonderful pets people store as pets: snakes, budgies, the pony I observed being walked in suburban Sydney one time. And now a map has emerged of every united state state wherein it’s legal to own a kangaroo — simply in situation you to be wondering.

We’re not precisely surewhy this map exist – it’s clearly not a great idea to store a roo together a pet – but we’re just glad the it does.

You deserve to see the map listed below (or a bigger version here). In Wisconsin,West Virginia and also South Carolina, it’s legal to very own a kangaroo there is no a permit. It’s more common to need a permit, like inWashington and also Texas. But, in news that will certainly come together no surprised to anyone, it’s illegal to own a kangaroo as a pet in the bulk of the United states of America.


Kangaroo ownership Legality map legend:

Without a allow (green)With a permit (orange)Illegal (red)

A few eagle-eyed pet lovers have actually pointed the end that the map may not be totallyup-to-date — Reddit user u/BlueGold noticed that, under Wisconsin State Legislature,you require a license to own wild animals, consisting of kangaroos.

you deserve to have mine kangaroo once you pry it from my cold, dead hand #Wisconsin

WesterbergHS89) august 13, 2019

But the hasn’t stopped human being from to run wild v glee around their potential future together the proud owner of a kangaroo.

If a kangaroo the cross State lines, is the other State compelled come return the fugitive kangaroo?

— Jean deny (
JeanDeny313) respectable 13, 2019

mfw i live in a state whereby I can own a Kangaroo without a allow pic.twitter.com/lJ49idft9b

— Andy Harrelson (
Jfof__) august 13, 2019

That’s great, however in the words of the great Australian symbol Shannon Noll, “What around me?” In Australia,the only state where it’s legit to very own a kangaroo is Victoria — as long as it’s not wild, and also you have actually a licence.

The northern Territory federal government is also quite adamant that, just due to the fact that you can, doesn’t typical you should. “Kangaroos and also wallabies perform not make great pets and also you have to never keep one,” the government states ~ above its website.

It’s not funny for everyone to very own a kangaroo — butmaps space fun, and also we have more of them! inspect out this map that shows how different countries do Daylight Savings, which language are simplest to learn, and also morenational animals and also their conservation status.

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(Lead image:Spitfire19 / Wikimedia Commons (CC through 1.0))

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