But it appears that somewhere in addition to the line people got tired of maintaining parrots, dogs, and cats, and started to rotate their attention to more exotic -more uncommon pets that stand out, showed their status and attracted attention to them.

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However, as soon as a thing becomes popular it often tends to walk overboard. Obviously, if laws are not placed in place, every family members will have actually a pet tiger, and people will proceed to acquisition endangered varieties on a continual basis from legal and also illegal sources. To avoid this, there room a couple of regulations stipulating some exotic animals that deserve to be owned together pets in Texas. This post highlights some of them. Read listed below to discover out some of the exotic animals you deserve to own in Texas.

List of Exotic pets Legal To own In Texas


List that Exotic pets Legal To very own In Texas


Natural habitat: MadagascarSize: Lemurs can variety from 1.1 oz come 20 lbs depending upon the species.Diet: They mainly eat tree material, consisting of leaves and also fruit.Lifespan: Some deserve to live from 15 to 20 years, while Larger species can live over 30 years.
Spotted Genet. Picture by young name DUPONT (CC BY-SA 2.0) Via Flickr

Spotted Genets are uniquely patterned: they have the form of a mongoose, the spotted fads of a leopard, and the ringed tail the a lemur. Lock are similar in appearance to the Southwestern ring-tailed cat, i beg your pardon is illegal to own. Castle love to climb trees but also come down to find the soil for tiny animals because that food. They are not pet that like to be handled, or come cuddle; they deserve to be feisty.


Natural habitat: The Americas: from Southwestern us to northern Uruguay.Size: they typically variety from 13-27 inches in length, and can stand 12 inches tall at the shoulder. They deserve to also range between 4.4 and also 17.6 pounds in weight.Diet: tiny invertebrates, and fruit.Lifespan: They can live for approximately 16 year in captivity.
Coatimundi. Image by Kenneth Lu is licensed under CC by 2.0

These room medium-sized pets that are part of a large family consisting of the mountain coati, white-nosed, and also South American red coati. Castle are around the dimension of a huge house cat. Castle need big spaces to play about in. They are accessible in pet stores, but it will need some paperwork to have them due to the fact that they are safeguarded by the state.


Orangutans are governed through the good Ape legislations and, like chimps, must be registered under the dangerous Wild pet Act. If an inexperienced human being is able to keep one of these primates as a pet, the individual and those approximately them might be in tomb danger. Great Apes’ behaviors and also abilities, an especially in captivity, deserve to make castle unpredictable.

It is legit to keep apes as pets under state law. Some ape species are classified as “dangerous wild animals,” and their possession is greatly regulated; others room not, and their possession is essentially unregulated.


Natural habitat: forests of Africa.Size: these are tiny animals, typically about 12 customs in length on average and between 2.6 and 3.3 pounds in weight.Diet: lock eat a wide selection of things, consisting of Insects, fruit, and tree sap.Lifespan: They can live for up to 12 to 16 year in captivity.

Bushbabies, also known as galagos, are normally and also naturally nocturnal primates. However, they room not monkeys; castle are much more closely regarded the lemurs that Madagascar. In their indigenous Africa, very few have actually watched them, and there are numerous mysterious individual tales around them. They have actually the habit that rubbing themselves through their own urine, i beg your pardon produces a solid smell that renders them unlikely candidates for home pets.


Natural Habitat: Russia, China, India, Malaysia, SumatraSize: Tigers can vary in size according come species, but some species of tigers can prosper to be 12 feet (3.9 meter ) in length, and weigh around 330 Pounds.Tigers eat Meat. The diet have the right to be narrowed under to Poultry or any type of other type of domestic bird. To remove the predatory instinct, however, they need to not be fed with live animals.Tigers have the right to live because that up to two decades in captivity.

Tigers are probably the biggest of the huge Cats. Surprisingly, however, castle are quite tameable. Tigers have actually a long background of association with humans, having actually participated in the games in the colosseum, and other old theaters. In the present day Tigers proceed to thrill crowds in circus shows approximately the world. In zoos, they space reported to it is in quite participating with handlers, especially those through whom castle have come to be accustomed as result of long association. In Texas, there are fairly a number of tigers retained in people’s backyards. However, by law there a few stipulations: one of which is that you must prove the you have actually adequate funds to carry out for your Tiger, consisting of housing and also feeding.

Other Exotic animals that you have the right to keep together pets in Texas are:

Finger MonkeysHedgehogsSquirrelsSnakes

(native types of poisonous species) can be maintained as pets, but species such together the reticulated python, African rock python, Asiatic rock python, eco-friendly anacondas, and also the south African python call for a many paperwork to be own in Texas.

Prohibited pets – Texas Exotic pet Law

If an animal is no prohibited or calls for a permit, it have the right to be maintained as a pet. However, no human may own an ext than 6 animals of any kind at any given time and no more than 25 non-game wildlife animals. Captive-bred coatimundi have the right to be maintained as pets, however proof of legal acquisition is required. Permits are not forced in any kind of county west the the Pecos River through fewer 보다 25,000 people.

Keeping one alligator as a pet necessitates a one-of-a-kind permit from the room of Parks and also Wildlife.

To own “dangerous wild animals,” owners must have a Certificate of it is registered (CPR), i beg your pardon includes:

Some pets that room prohibited or call for a permit in Texas, include:


Endangered species are not permitted to be preserved as pets.

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Invasive species fish and shellfishWolvesIndigenous birdsDiamondback terrapinsBats

For the complying with snakes, pet owners must have a Residential managed Exotic line Permit:

Asiatic rock pythonsAfrican absent pythonsGreen anacondasReticulated pythonsSouthern Africa pythonsExotic awful snakes

Exotic pet patent Texas

The web links below provide information on assorted permits issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Wildlife Division. If you desire to apply for one of these permits, you must an initial download and also fill the end the essential paperwork (s). Only applications on record with original signatures will certainly be accepted.