despite the truth that vitamin D is essential for the maintain of the skeletal system, it’s no readily available to the body through the diet. Couple of foods administer this important vitamin. So just how do you gain vitamin D?

What is vitamin D?

Your skin has the ability to transform sunlight into vitamin D. Every time you step out into the sunlight, your skin is making vitamin D.

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But many people additionally opt because that supplements in order come get sufficient vitamin D. However, by act this, you risk placing too lot of the vitamin into your body. In this article, we’ll look at how much vitamin D is as well much. We’ll additionally cover the symptoms and also side impacts of too much vitamin D and also what come do as soon as you ‘overdose’ top top the vitamin.

Before us wade right into this topic any type of further, let’s very first find the end what exactly vitamin D is. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin the plays an integral duty in the regulation the calcium and also phosphorus in the body — and also therefore in bone development, as well as muscle and also nerve function. The only appears naturally in a couple of foods, including fatty fish and fish oils. Friend can additionally find smaller amounts in egg yolk, beef liver, and cheese.

The most common resource of the vitamin is native exposure come sunlight. As soon as you disclose your skin to the sun, it starts to make an inert form of the vitamin. Additional processing in the liver and also the kidney will deliver the final active form of vitamin D, i beg your pardon is what the body needs for miscellaneous bodily processes.

Understanding a vitamin D overdose

A vitamin D overdose is as soon as you take in too much vitamin D. But you might be wondering, “Can you take too much vitamin D?" Yes, girlfriend can. Because there’s just so much of the vitamin you can naturally take in from your diet and through your skin, one overdose is most likely to be from dietary supplements include the vitamin.

In locations in the northern hemisphere, there space days when the sunlight doesn’t come out. There are also, that course, world who spend many of the day at home or sleeping, choose office workers and also workers ~ above the night shift. These world don’t get sufficient vitamin D with exposure come the sun’s ultraviolet light.

If she an adult, the encourage dietary allowance (RDA) that vitamin D shouldn’t exceed 600 worldwide units (IU) in one day. Much more than this can cause vitamin D toxicity and its linked effects in the body.

Symptoms of too much vitamin D

Generally, when you have consumed too lot vitamin D, you’ll endure symptoms that will certainly let you recognize that all is no well in your body. These vitamin D overdose symptom are greatly the an outcome of too much calcium accumulating in the blood — a condition known as hypercalcemia.

The symptom include:

Increased thirstLoss of appetiteNausea and vomitingFatigueDisorientation and confusionPersistent headacheDry mouth

VitaminD side effects

When it involves vitamin D, it’s virtually always simpler to discover someone through a deficiency than one with an overdose. However, there space rare situations of human being with too lot vitamin D in their systems. These existing with assorted side effects, including:


This is the most usual side impact of too much vitamin D. The a problem where over there is too much calcium in her bloodstream, which areas stress ~ above the cradle tract. This have the right to manifest together nausea, vomiting, and a ship ache. You will additionally feel thirsty and also urinate frequently.

Compromised bone structural integrity

Too lot vitamin D in the body reduces the lot of vitamin K, which is responsible for keeping calcium bound in the bone structure. If vitamin K is lacking, that will cause the skeleton to lose calcium, making lock weaker.

Kidney failure

When you take too lot vitamin D, your kidneys might not be able to work optimally and are at threat for at some point failing. The elevated calcium levels brought about by the high vitamin D levels can harden the tubules in the kidney, bring about kidney stones. Kidney stones are very uncomfortable and also can interrupt her sleep v a strong pain in your lower back and abdomen.

Vitamin D overdose treatment

If you uncover out the you have a vitamin D overdose, it’s recommended the you avoid taking her vitamin D supplements as soon as possible. The signs and symptoms the the overdose might take a while to subside since vitamin D is save in fat and also doesn’t leaving the mechanism immediately.

Your physicians might also recommend the you reduced calcium from her diet if they monitor the level in the blood. This cuts down the hypercalcemia till your calcium levels return to normal.

In part instances, her doctor may prescribe corticosteroids and bisphosphonates, which will prevent the relax of more calcium from your bone structure. Your physician can likewise give you oral calcium disodium edetate, which increases your ability to happen calcium through feces.

There are few foods include vitamin D that you have the right to naturally add to her diet. Therefore, you have to resort to diet supplements to rise the lot of vitamin D in your body.

Nutritionists and scientists have actually not i agree on an amount of the vitamin the is just enough for the body. What they perform agree ~ above is that if you exceed a particular amount that the vitamin, friend will suffer unpleasant next effects.

They recommend just 1000 IU come babies under the period of 6 months. Those that are in between 7 months and a year old can only pardon 1500 IU the vitamin D. Toddlers from age 1 to 3 year shouldn’t exceed 2500 IU, whereas youngsters from 4 to 8 years should have a best of 3000 IU the vitamin D.

From 9 years onwards right into adulthood, the greatest tolerated intake of vitamin D is 4000 IU. Intake previous these recommended quantities will likely an outcome in the undesirable symptoms mentioned above.

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Vitamin D is a critical vitamin because that the body, and it’s necessary to remember that too-low level can additionally put you at hazard for negative health effects. The best course of activity is to obtain your vitamin D level tested (which have the right to be done through a basic blood test) and talk to her doctor around how to safely rise your vitamin D intake, if necessary.

update on April 2, 2019

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