till recently, Chick-fil-A’s rewards regimen was a weirdly secretive, invite-only affair booked for only the many loyal that the chain’s consistent customers — the one-percenters of rapid food, if you will. ~ above June 1, however, the lover Atlanta-based chain unleashed a mobile app (and one accompanying loyalty program) that quickly became the number one most downloaded free app in the iTunes Store.

That’s right, because that a brief period in time over there were much more people clamoring to download Chick-fil-A One than there to be over-30s furiously make the efforts to number out how to take it their an initial Snapchat — largely because the chain promised a free chicken sandwich come everyone who downloaded the app.

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Why is it called Chick-fil-A One? Is it since there is only one Chick-fil-A app? (True.) Or is it due to the fact that it represents, at the very least in CEO Dan Cathy’s opinion, the One True means to gain delicious fried chicken sandwiches right into your face? that knows. Anyway, it"s a quite slick application that the company clearly sunk some huge chicken money into; the well-designed user user interface should dead Snapchat developers.

Chick-fil-A One has actually two straightforward functions. One, it provides users the capacity to ar an order and pay because that it ahead of time, thus skipping any type of potentially long lines at their neighborhood Chick-fil-A store; and also two, it allows the user to earn cost-free food based upon a running history of their purchases.

The mobile bespeak works like this: The application uses your phone"s integrated location services to show you the closest Chick-fil-A locations. Pick one, and also then browse the in-app menu to select your meal.

got food allergies? The application has an “Allergens Filter” the does precisely what it sound like. As someone who freshly — and also reluctantly — provided up dairy, it was valuable but likewise soul-crushing to uncover out I need to avoid the standard Chick-fil-A sandwich. (Thankfully, waffle fries space still a-ok.)

The coolest thing about ordering via application is the capacity to customize your order in means you more than likely never considered. Colby jack and bacon top top a chicken sandwich? Why yes, the sounds delicious. Light or no ice cream in that lemonade? certain thing, boss. No salt ~ above those waffle fries? A travesty, yet have it her way.

Much favor the Starbucks app, frequent Chick-fil-A visitors can load up your mobile wallet v funds to acquisition food quickly. Claimed funds have the right to be added with Visa Checkout or a credit or debit card; the minimum add is $10, and also the many you can have in her mobile wallet at once is $200 (you baller, you).

The biggest attract for most people, though, will be the chance to score complimentary food. The rewards are described as "Treats," and the application uses a circular chart to present how close you space to earning your next "Treat." as soon as the circle filling up through red, you acquire a cost-free item. I have actually yet to score anything cost-free beyond that initial complimentary sandwich, so in ~ this point it"s difficult to say specifically how numerous purchases that takes to earn a totally free item, or even if it is it"s based upon dollar amount spent or variety of visits. (I got to out to Chick-fil-A for more info on that, so remain tuned.) Users can pick from a few different act options, though: Currently, I have the right to see that for my next reward, I have actually the choice of a medium waffle fry, a soft-serve cone, or a fruit cup (yawn).

Unfortunately, in reality placing a mobile stimulate is where things got a little hairy because that me. In theory, friend order and also pay ahead of time, and then upon arrival at the restaurant, you simply tap the "I"m Here" button. No have to wait in line: The staff will put your order up and also call the end your name, at which point you simply existing your phone through a scannable QR code and then walk on your merry way. (The important lazy/busy can likewise just zoom v the drive-thru because that pickup, but an excellent luck skipping that line without risking bodily harm.)

In practice, this all visited hell as quickly as ns tapped "I"m Here." instead of generating a QR code, the application gave me one ominous pop-up error message that said "Let"s Talk" and also instructed me to come right into the restaurant to sort things out. The unfailingly polite employee i spoke come looked a small alarmed and also said he"d never seen this specific error post before, but he"d be glad to take it my order face-to-face — which to be fine, but likewise kind of beat the purpose of using the app in the first place.

Nonetheless, even if the mobile order feature shits the bed — or if you just want to do things the old-fashioned method — you have the right to still redeem the cost-free sandwich offer and also earn subsequent totally free food rewards by presenting your application to be scanned as soon as you make a acquisition either within the restaurant or at the drive-thru window.

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The app itself is about 87MB in size, and also it’s more than likely not precious the precious an are it takes increase if you still have a (gasp) 16GB iPhone and also only a happen affinity for Chick-fil-A. (One co-worker that tried to download it offered up due to the fact that it was taking as well long.) however if you have a significant waffle fry habit you’d favor to knife dividends on, it’s probably worth the download — also if only to obtain that initial cost-free sandwich. The chicken sandwich emperors will presumably get those pesky error messages cleared up eventually.