Indiana pistol laws enable a patent to carry to be issued come residents and non-residents. There space two varieties of patent available, a minimal term and unlimited lifetime license. Non-residents can only attain the four year minimal license and also they will generally be compelled to have actually a service or residential property in Indiana. Occupants or persons in the armed forces who are stationed in Indiana can attain the life time license. The minimum age for applicants is 18 year or older. Indiana is a “Shall Issue” state.

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Follow these actions to attain a license to Carry

Complete the virtual application. You will should state why you call for a weapon. You have the right to say for an individual protection or target shooting.Schedule electronic fingerprinting.Take your applications number to her local regulation enforcement and also pay the neighborhood feeYour application will certainly be moved to ISP because that a last review.You will certainly be informed by mail if your application has actually been approved or denied.

Non-ResidentsNon-residents space prohibited by legislation from obtaining a life time license. They room only enabled to it is in issued the traditional 4 year licences.


Procedure to renew a license to Carry;

You need to then submit fingerprints electronically. One appointment have the right to be do online.You will certainly then need to finish within 90 days any processing required by local legislation enforcement.Renewal fees are the exact same as for a brand-new licence application.The brand-new license will certainly be forwarded to you through mail.


Application TypeYears Validlocal FeeState Fee
Hunting & Target4$10/$5 refundable$5
Personal Protection4$10/$5 refundable$30
Hunting & Target(no current license)Lifetime$50/$30 refundable$25
Hunting & Target(current Indiana license)Lifetime$40/$30 refundable$20
Personal Protection(no current license)Lifetime$50/$30 refundable$75
Personal Protection(current Indiana license)Lifetime$40/$30 refundable$60
Retired law Enforcement OfficerExempt
Retired corrections OfficerExempt
Firearms Dealer$60

keep in mind There is an additional fee that $11.95 for brand-new license applications to cover IDEMIA electronic Fingerprinting. Over there is also an extra Indiana federal government fee to cover handling costs. The fee different by license type.

Local FeesAny regional fees cannot be paid online. Girlfriend will require to call your sheriff and also ask around their policies for neighborhood fee payments.

DuplicatesThere is a fee of $20 for every duplicates. This fee likewise applies come anyone v exempt status.

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RefundsIf a patent is no issued then a partial refund is allowed on regional fees and also the entirety state dues is refundable.

Non-Online payment If you perform not great to do an virtual payment a money bespeak or certified check will have to be taken to the following address;

Indiana State Police guns Unit general Headquarters 100 N. Senate Ave. Indiana Government center North room 302