How to do Whipped Coffee Without prompt Coffee

2 ounces (4 tablespoons) white street ½ cup cold milk
Hand or stand mixer bowl Tall glass Spoon

1. Integrate espresso and also sugar in a bowl.

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Pour the hot espresso and also white sugar into a bowl. Row the mixture thoroughly.

2. Whip till fluffy.

Using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, carefully whip the espresso and also sugar. Be patient! This will take numerous minutes, and also you don’t desire to prevent too early. Once it’s completely whipped, the mixture should have a meringue-like structure and kind soft peaks. In ours experience, this takes about 5-8 minutes.

3. To water milk right into the glass.

Pour her cold milk right into the tall glass. We like to use transparent glasses for this reason you have the right to enjoy the look of this beautiful drink!


4. Spoon the whipped mixture ~ above top.

Spoon the espresso and sugar meringue into the glass so the it sits on top of the milk. That’s it! You’ll desire to gain this distinctive drink immediately — that whipped coffee won’t last forever.

Whipped Coffee unavoidable Tips

The standard dalgona coffee recipe uses instant coffee and also hot water. Whisking these through sugar produce a really unique texture, yet luckily, espresso and solid coffee work virtually as well. The key is making use of an same amount that coffee and also sugar. If girlfriend think about it, warm water and also instant coffee with each other make coffee, for this reason substituting brewed coffee isn’t a huge stretch.

A homemade cortadito topped v espuma.If you’ve ever made a Cuban cortadito, did you do it made miscellaneous similar. It’s referred to as “espuma,” and also to do it, friend whip espresso and sugar with each other until the mixture creates a sweet, caffeinated foam. For the dalgona, you’re simply taking the concept further and also whipping far past the foam level.

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What’s up with that cold milk?

Dalgona coffee is generally served on peak of a glass the cold milk. You can use any kind of kind of milk because that this, including almond milk or oat milk. Yet if you desire a an ext caffeinated version, you can mix an oz or two of espresso or strong coffee into the milk. Or skip the milk entirely and also fill the glass through iced coffee instead! The one thing you have to avoid is using hot coffee or espresso. Her whipped coffee won’t survive on top of a hot drink!

Image Credit: jmexclusives, Pixabay

Can you make whipped coffee without a mixer?

The answer come this one is a standard no. Uneven you’re Hercules, whipping espresso and sugar right into a meringue isn’t something you have the right to do through hand. You have to whip intensely for up to 8 minutes without avoiding — which is a severe undertaking. Feel free to try this as an arm workout, yet we can not recommend the for her morning drink.