do our rapid recipe for microwave scrambled eggs because that a filling dish that requirements no effort. Shot our tasty enhancements for a hearty meal you can make in minutes.

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If you don’t have actually the time or inclination to gain a pan out to do scrambled eggs (or only have actually a microwave to hand at the office), climate you can do it just as quickly in a microwave. In fact, if you only want to use one egg, it’s often much more efficient.

Make sure you’re using optimal kitchen kit with our pick of the best microwaves, tried and tested. Examine out ours scrambled egg recipe arsenal for foolproof breakfasts and brunches.

How to make microwave scrambled eggs

Microwaves warmth ingredients in different way from the direct heat that a pan, so friend will get a slightly various texture – the eggs won’t it is in creamy and also curdy choose pan-made scrambled eggs. If you follow a couple of simple accuse you finish up v eggs through a texture prefer a soft, broken-up omelette, yet they i will not ~ be rubbery.

You can likewise control the form of your scrambled egg in a microwave, together they’ll mould to the form of the dish you use, making castle perfect because that sliding into a break-up round muffin or pitta pocket.

The rules because that non-rubbery scrambled eggs

Choose her receptacle carefully. A dish intended for microwaves will always work much better – you can buy a devoted microwave egg cooker make by OXO an excellent Grips. If you use a ceramic mug or bowl, they will still work, but depending ~ above what they’re do of it may take much longer to cook the eggs. Also, a microwave dish through a unique lid is simpler to take it on and off than cling film as you chef the eggs.

Always oil or butter the dish so the eggs won’t stick.

Add a small liquid – you require ½ tbsp every egg to make sure they acquire an airy texture. Usage milk, water or something through a small flavour such together stock or coconut milk.

Cook in 30 2nd bursts, forking with the eggs after each burst. Relying on the strength of her microwave and also how soft you choose your eggs, this should take between 30 seconds and also a minute and a half. Be afflicted with in mind that they will chef for a little longer after you stir them, so wait a few seconds prior to deciding if they space ready.

Add much more flavour by stirring in herbs in ~ the start, cheese after the very first 30 secs or acting salmon in ~ the end. You deserve to also add a little knob the butter at the end if girlfriend like.

Microwave scrambled eggsServes 1

Butter or oil because that the dish2 eggs1 tbsp milk (optional)

Oil or butter the dish you room planning ~ above using, cracked in the eggs and also season. Include the milk (or water if girlfriend prefer) and whisk lightly.Microwave on high (800W or above) because that 30 secs and then fork with the eggs, if they space done enough then stop cooking. If not, offer them further 30-second bursts, forking in between each food preparation time till they room ready. Fork v at the finish to rest them up.

Five fabulous scrambled egg recipes



Make this spiced scrambled eggs for a breakfast with included oomph, served with chapatis.

Turmeric scrambled eggs


Spinach, turmeric and coconut make this recipe an quick alternate for having lunch or supper.

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Cheesy scrambled egg croissants



Smoked salmon and also a sprinkle of pumpkin seed make this scrambled egg a clever Sunday option.