Air Fryer Popcorn. If you space wondering have the right to you do popcorn in an air fryer, climate this is the popcorn guide for you. We acquired the cook at cooking recipes This to shot making popcorn in the wait fryer and this is the result and his ideal advice if you desire to shot it yourself.

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Air Fryer Popcorn

Air Fryer Popcorn

I got an email from one of my news subscribers recently (you can subscribe here) and also it had actually the subject line “can you do popcorn in the waiting fryer”.

She had replied come a article I had sent her and also the rest of our subscribers, questioning what questions they would favor answering for the wait fryer.

She discussed that she had watched a girlfriend Tube video clip of it gift done, had actually tried it in ~ home and also it didn’t revolve out like the video.

Also, that the video clip missed off rather a bit, so sort of no look favor the whole thing had been cooking in the wait fryer.

Frightened the the popcorn would enter the wait fryer vents or that it i will not ~ pop, I discussed this come Dominic who has worked for plenty of years together a experienced chef.

He called me right away come go and also grab a bag of corn and I watched him test it there and then.

Three rounds later on of testing and practicing and also we have air fryer popcorn, not simply for her lady via emails, yet for everyone else too.


The fast version of air fryer popcorn goes as follows:

Toss corn in extra virgin olive oil.Preheat the wait fryer.Spread the end oiled corn in the air fryer basket.Cook and also shake till your corn has stopped popping.Serve.

There is a little an ext to it 보다 that, yet those space the straightforward basics!

Air Fryer Popcorn Temperature

The best air fryer popcorn temperature is 200c/400f. Any kind of lower and also the popcorn will certainly not pop, and also you want to accomplish the most popcorn popped as possible.

Air Fryer Popcorn Time

For an wait fryer popcorn food preparation time you must go v an estimate. This is due to the fact that some waiting fryers are much more powerful than others and its not set in stone.

We are using a Philips air Fryer XL and did a complete of 7 minutes. But the overview really needs to be, when your popcorn stops popping, that is time to finish the chef time.

We recommend setup the cook time come 9 minutes and keeping an eye on her popcorn in the waiting fryer, climate if it stop after 7 minutes for example, that you finish the cooking time then.

Popcorn In air Fryer Outtakes

What I want to do, to be share v you, what the waiting fryer looks like after making air fryer popcorn. I didn’t desire to present you a finished key of popcorn and also then not mention what the air fryer was prefer afterwards.

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Let’s start with the wait fryer basket. That was virtually all popped right into popcorn and also only a few pieces that corn were leftover:


Then over there is the top of the within of the air fryer where the corn has actually stuck during the popping process:


This was simple to wipe clean, however still annoying as I don’t have any other air fryer recipe that i follow that does this.