If you’re in the hazmat business, you’re no stranger to publishing 52 native the United states Postal Service. Affectionately referred to as “Pub 52,” this public file (a.k.a. “Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail“) outlines the do’s and also don’ts because that the safe transport of Dangerous items via the U.S. Mail.

One that the thorniest subject in Pub 52 is lithium batteries. As much more new e-commerce service providers depend ~ above cheap, efficient, rechargeable battery power, carry of lithium batteries by mail will only grow.

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Not surprisingly, shipping lithium battery by mail is also more complicated than shipping castle by other means. We freshly posted a finish guide come shipping lithium battery via the USPS based on the many recent upgrade of Pub 52 native June 2018.

If friend don’t have time to digest that entirety page, here are your three an essential takeaways.

#1: Yes, you deserve to ship lithium battery via USPS. Yet …

There arecurrently six types of lithium battery eligible for shipment, in differing domesticor global quantities, via USPS:

Lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery, UN3480Lithium steel battery, UN3090Lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery had inequipment, UN3481Lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery pack withequipment, UN3481Lithium steel (or lithium alloy) batterycontained in equipment, UN3091Lithium metal (or lithium alloy) battery packedwith equipment, UN3091

Don’t forget the brand-new lithium battery clues that came to be mandatory this year!

However—you knew the was coming, right?—you cannot ship completely regulated or the damaged or recalled execution of this batteries via U.S. Mail. Here’s another means to think of it: If the battery you desire to mail call for a class 9 risk label, per 49 CFR 173.185(c) requirements, they’re a no-go v USPS.

#2: carry out your homework on packaging

As every hazmat pro knows, eligible and also compliant are two completely separate things. Her batteries could be eligible for shipping via U.S. Mail, however you need the right battery packaging to make those shipments compliant.

You have to follow USPS Packaging instructions 9D strict to stop batteries native short-circuiting, overheating or recording fire. Your external packaging doesn’t have to be UN Specification, yet it does have to be a strong, sealed and cushioned package to prevent movement.

International packaging needs require solid, strict packaging (to protect against crushing or exposure) that’s adequately size to watch the lithium battery mark (plus applicable call number) there is no folding. Worldwide shipments in padded and poly bags are only allowed with switch cell battery under a very specific collection of circumstances.

#3: Harmony only exists in young band songs

Getting USPS lithium battery shipping needs to live in complete harmony with all various other intermodal carriers and jurisdictions is umm, well … as basic as make the efforts to sing all the components of a Jonas Brothers tune at the same time. (Ask her kids.)

When it comes to harmonization, PHMSA and international institutions such as ICAO and also IMO have made great strides come synchronize your regulations, however the U.S. Postal service isn’t quite there yet. Ensuring did you do it met all the end-to-end mail and also shipping limitations requires extra diligence.

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Here’s the bottom line: also with the current, facility restrictions, the diminished shipping costs and recordkeeping provisions of mailing lithium batteries can make the USPS a smart and viable option. Currently quit humming “A little Bit Longer” and get earlier to work!

For much more details about shipping lithium battery by mail, visit our web page on USPS publishing 52: What You must Know prior to Mailing Lithium Batteries, or call us at 800.621.5808.