This week marks main 3 (and fifty percent way through) ours 40 work Intermittent Fasting Challenge. In case you let go it, you deserve to read all the details and also see the shocking outcomes of mainly 1 and Week 2 in my write-ups here and also here. Main 3 lugged on some challenges in addition to some significant victories! Read listed below for all the things I’m learning.

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How I ultimately Gave right into That late Night Craving

On Instagram i joked about the hilarious psychological cravings I obtained in mainly 1. Truth be called those an initial 3 days to be the hardest, together if my mind was going into a complete revolt! ha! main 2 to be absolutely easier, together I was riding ~ above a motivation high and also the momentum from main one and also its results. Now…Week 3. Ns don’t desire to speak it way hard, per-say…if anything i was extra motivated during my eating window to fuel my body v healthy, satisfying foods and continued eat what felt an excellent vs what ‘sounded’ an excellent - hello paper Pan Salmon! but the “newness” that intermittent fasting wore turn off a bit and also for everything reason, several of those so late night mental cravings crept ago in. Fact be told, i think castle were moved hormonally together well. And come 8 pm, alllllllllll I might think about was a Cheeseburger and also Fries. Which is a tiny weird considering ns had offered up red meat before being pregnant through baby #3. Now, come clarify, in no way did ns limit myself from eating any specific foods, so any time in ~ night (or throughout my fasting time), I’d promise myself I could have the as shortly as my eating window began. In this case, late night cravings…hold off, but I could eat that burger & fries the next day. Well, low and behold, by the next morning, i didn’t crave, desire or require that burger & fries. After ~ a couple of days of this mental ping pong of emotions, ns frankly obtained really frustrated. The was starting to journey me bananas and I candid was exhausted of a burger spend my evening thoughts. So, i did what felt right and also Brian and also I planned because that a so late night (at home) date night. Us planned for Friday night to get the kiddos off to bed, then cook together and indulge in our cravings. Brian make a frozen Pizza and salad, and me, urged by our No spend Month Challenge, decided to give up my favorite take the end burger and also opted not to run to the grocery store again (I’ve cursed to once a week grocery shopping because that our No Spend and also no take-out/restaurants)…so, ns made myself a black bean burger with feta cheese and chose a lettuce wrap instead of a bun (mainly since those to be the ingredients I had actually on hand). I likewise roasted a sweet potato to satisfy my fries craving. And you recognize what?! IT to be SO an excellent AND therefore SATISFYING!!! and by giving ourselves one night turn off from fasting, while additionally making some healthy compromises ~ hello made-from-scratch black bean burger!…those pesky late night cravings ceased. Again, this is whereby I think moderation, gift intentional, and also at times offering yourself a break, can help motivate friend to proceed making progress.


A actual Risk and also Concern the Intermittent Fasting

Like I have actually said before…I am NO physician or expert. Everything I share right here is from my personal experience and before you take into consideration making any diet or lifestyle change you should consult your doctor and do your own research. I’ve likewise shared, that I will be totally honest and transparent once it concerns sharing and documenting my trip for you. The last thing I want are for these posts to be space “Lose Weight rapid Schemes”. Because, choose I’ve shared before, this was all urged by health. For this reason in gift transparent with you, I want to it is in upfront around the all the next effects…good and bad.

At the start of mainly 3, I found myself having a an extremely minor headache. Climate the next day a really dull, however noticeable cramping in my calves. Nothing crazy or debilitating, however a little bit annoying. The day, occurred to it is in a hectic one…carpool, boy stuff, work etc. So i went around my common day. However by the night, the headache to be a little worse and also the calf cramping much more noticeable. In speak to my doctor and also doing research around Intermittent Fasting, I had actually read the vitamin deficiency have the right to be a actual concern and also issue. By cut your hours of eating, girlfriend can reduced out calories and also therefore, unintentionally reduced out key nutrients. Ns knew this going right into it, and also have been acquisition these three vitamins the past month. This multivitamin brand , this probiotic vitamin and also this complement (which various other PCOSers seem to rave around it since in enhancement to myo-inositol it also contains 100% day-to-day value of vitamin B12..use this link for $15 off). In addition to those vitamins I’ve yes, really been eating a healthy well well balanced diet daily…so, vitamin deficiency didn’t make sense. Climate it fight me.

I to be dehydrated.

The previous 48 hours had actually been a little bit busier, ago to school and work, and also in make the efforts to do all the things, I had actually started drink a little more coffee than normal, in addition hadn’t to be drinking as much water as I have to be. Also, to clarify…even once fasting water is completely acceptable…if not mandated! for me, I just lost track.

I drank part water…and to be shocked how quickly those side effects went away! and also since then, a substantial glass the water starts my day, even prior to coffee…and i make a point to drink it transparent the day. So, again, prior to making any lifestyle, diet changes…consult a doctor, know the risks and listen to the cues her body provides you.

The Shocking point ALL Women should Know

Approximately, 33% that American women will die of heart disease, making that the leading cause of death in this country, even more than cancer.

You guys…33%! it is no joke and also that’s not a “if” it wake up to me or someone i know, but “when”.

Several factors can placed a mrs at an increased risk…obesity, bad diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and also increased alcohol intake.

And women v PCOS instantly have greater odds of heart disease, love attack and also stroke and also those odds only boost with age.

Take that in a moment. None of us want any of that!

Now, this bring me to blood pressure. Do you know that high blood push is a quiet killer because most people don’t also know they have it. High blood press can damage the heart, brain and kidneys. High blood press can cause hardening and thickening of her arteries which have the right to lead to love attack, punch or various other complications.

Now, i don’t re-superstructure this to doomsday you. In fact I just share it, because this along with other significant health symptom (PCOS, pre-diabetic, troubles with my thyroids, hypertension)…are all things that helped motivate me to make my health a priority in mine life. And also this past the idea of shedding some pounds top top my human body is what urged me to take it the first steps in obtaining to a healthy suggest in mine life. Intermittent Fasting might or might not be the route you pick to take, yet I perform encourage every one of you who have had that tiny voice in her head telling you to do a change, to begin by making one tiny step in the appropriate direction.

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The huge Surprise I obtained At the Doctor’s Office

Five year ago, before being pregnant and also having kids, I had actually impeccably great blood pressure. Like nurses and also doctors constantly praised me for it! The main the twins to be born, i was diagnosed through post-partum pre-eclampsia and also from then on, mine blood pressure has actually never been the same. My eating habits, weight gain, lifestyle & PCOS every contributing come it. And somehow over the last 5 years my blood pressure had actually creeped into full blown hypertension (high blood pressure). I had an meeting in early on December, that amongst other things, confirmed again, that I had actually high blood pressure.

Fast forward to this week and I had actually my annual doctor’s appointment. And I acquired a vast shock and surprise when, for the first time in a lengthy time, my blood push wasn’t thought about high! Not quite on the normal scale, but finally just over and considered ‘elevated’. To speak What?! and also I absolutely contribute this to all the healthy selections I’ve to be making these past three weeks! correctly intermittent fasting, but also yes to all the healthy and balanced foods and also choices I’ve been making (you deserve to see my current recipes here). So, if another positive push is what she needing…I’d say this an outcome alone is one to consider!!!


My garments are start to Fit!!! (happy run ensues)

Another pleasant surprised this week…my clothing are beginning to fit! check out this dress above…yeah, top top December 1st I wanted to wear it to an event I to be attending…couldn’t also get it approximately my hips. YEAH…couldn’t even get this point on mine body…let alone somewhat flattering on mine body. If you’re trying to find a means to death your confidence the will perform it. So, yes, getting this dress on my human body this mainly felt AMAZING!!!!


I’m pleased come say that Week 3 carried on an additional 3 lbs of load loss. Bringing my total weight loss to 10 lbs in three weeks, and weighing in ~ above the range at 160! and while losing an ext than 1 lb a main is absolutely no advised for healthy weight loss, I’ll acknowledge that the majority of this stemmed from water weight and excessive bloat. Again, one of the many obstacles that challenge those with PCOS. And also like I’ve shared in vault weeks and also want to emphasize again, while I’m totally transparent v you around the pounds on my body and also therefore the number on mine scale, please be reminded that the number is not what it’s all about. Again, healthy and balanced is the new skinny! and positive readjust for mind, body and spirit is what the actual goal is. Everyone’s human body is different, and also therefore results will vary. Have pride in her journey, memory the victories and also give you yourself grace throughout the challenges. Best of luck come you friends. Because that me, this week was one more success and one that’s encouraging me because that week 4!