There’s an unfortunate legend in mountain Francisco: the Soylent is a healthy, viable replacement for typical food.

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When I challenge people drink it on its healthiness, I’m normally met v confusion. No Soylent good for you? doesn’t it have every one of the vitamins and nutrients friend need? isn’t it well balanced?

Not really, no. This is why.


Soylent was originally created as a means to conserve time. As the founder describes inhis an initial articleon the subject:

“In my very own life ns resented the time, money, and also effort the purchase, preparation, consumption, and also clean-up of food was consuming… ns don’t desire to lose weight. I want to preserve it and spend less energy getting energy.”

He seemed to feel that in the Silicon Valley human being where everyone should spend 16 hours a work coding, food to be a garbage of time and needs to be condensed right into the fewest possible task hrs on his scrum board. That’s unfortunate, however not necessarilybad.

What’s much more concerning is the following paragraph, which explains the founding hypothesis because that the now-company:

“I hypothesized that the human body doesn’t require food itself, simply the chemicals and also elements that contains. So, I resolved to embark on an experiment. What if ns consumed only the raw ingredient the body uses for energy?”

This is what Soylent is founded upon. A hypothesis, arrived at from the desire to conserve time eating, the our bodies perform not needfood,but quite the chemicals and also elements it contains, and more importantly, that we recognize what those chemicals and also elements are.

And that, we’re going come see, problematic.

What is Healthy?

As newly as two decades ago, this food pyramid to be still being taught come students in the U.S.:


There were two concepts at the facility of it:

Grains = good and need to be the foundation of her diet.Fats = bad and you should eat as small of them as possible.

We now know, thankfully, that this is nice much entirely nonsense and also caused far-ranging harm to whole generation the Americans, likely bring about much the the contemporary obesity epidemic. Fats are great, grains are almost completely unnecessary and also should be minimized. Dairy products is suspect. Fruits space alright however have a significant amount that fructose.

Thankfully, the U.S. Agencies that make these references have adjusted course and now introduce a healthier diet consist of of mostly vegetables, fats, meat, and minimal grains.

Just kidding. This is what their recommendations look like now:


And regardless of all the evidence saying that saturated fat is a completely fine component of your diet, your proteinfood tipsstillsay to minimize it:

“Lower fat versions of plenty of processed meats space available. Look on the Nutrition Facts brand to select products with much less fat and saturated fat.”

They are additionally still spreading the id that eat cholesterolraises your cholesterol, something that, again, we recognize simply no true.

Now, stop pause and also consider why this matters. Once you speak “healthy,” and I to speak “healthy,” we can both, in our heads, think we know what “healthy” means, while both having very different principles of what it is. If girlfriend still believe in the sugar-industry-funded food pyramid then you can think you must eat a bread of bread a day. Your idea of healthy includes a many bread and also pasta, which is wrong, however if I simply ask you“do you eat healthy?”you would say“yes!”and you wouldn’t belying, every se, just misinformed.

When someone claims a food is healthy, we have to ask what they typical by healthy. Room they room up ~ above the latest research? Or are they making use of old, bad data and also trusting government agencies that arestill gift influencedby lobbying, fake data, and also bad science?

Well, let’s shot to number out what Soylent means by healthy, in order to evaluate your claims.

What Soylent way by Healthy

If girlfriend visitSoylent’s site, here’s just how they explain why it’s healthy:

“Soylent’s nutritional makeup has protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and also vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron and also calcium. That includes all of the aspects of a healthy diet, there is no excess quantities of sugars, saturation fats, or cholesterol.”

There space a few implicit statements right here we need to unpack:

Soylent doesn’t have actually an overabundance of bad things: sugar, saturation fats, cholesterolSoylent has the vitamins and also minerals you needSoylent has every one of the Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, & Fiber girlfriend need

In bespeak to know whether or not it’s healthy, we’ll have to dive into each among these, and also see if they have the ideal idea about health in each of this categories, and also how moral they’re being around them.

Claim 1: Soylent doesn’t have an excess of negative things: sugar, saturation fats, cholesterol

Let’s start with how they conclude your explanation, saying includes every one of the elements of a healthy and balanced diet, there is no excess quantities of sugars, saturation fats, or cholesterol.”

There space two cases here:

Sugar, saturation Fats, and also Cholesterol room badSoylent doesn’t have much the them

Sugar being negative we’re all on the same page about, but what around saturated fats and cholesterol? I’ve already called these the end asold myths that developed from marketing, yet let’s dig in a small deeper top top why the old ideas around them being bad aren’t true.

There’sno an excellent evidencesuggesting the saturated fat are negative for you, just that lock aren’t rather as good for you as monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats. This is, again, part of the arsenal of myths that come out the the street industry, and one that has actually been very stubborn around going away, despite research suggestingit to be a mistakeand that we should alleviate carb intake and replace it with the saturated fats we supplied to eat much more of.

The exact same is true because that cholesterol. It transforms out thateating cholesterol does no raiseyour cholesterol in the an easy ways we offered to believe, and that eating some cholesterol is important for your brain and for sexual health. Alzheimer’s patients who switch to a high-fat diet watch adecrease in symptoms, andwe’re relocating awayfrom feather at diet cholesterol as a risk variable for heart condition as we supplied to believe.

Worse, eat a diet too low in cholesterol canincrease your threat of dementia and memory loss, i m sorry may describe why we’ve viewed a increase in neurodegenerative diseases approximately the same time we began vilifying this foods.

Saturated fats and cholesterol are at the an extremely least not bad, and there’s evidence that they could be critical part of her diet. There may be more risk fromnotconsuming them 보다 consuming them when we look in ~ the neurodegenerative risks in particular.

This is a problem for Soylent. Once they advertise the they’ve minimized saturated fat and cholesterol, that should be a warning authorize to friend for two reasons:

They haven’t excellent their study on what’s great and negative for you. They’re sticking to outdated, negative data, so we can’t trust therestof your notions about what should and also shouldn’t it is in in your diet.If you lived on Soylent, you can be at greater risk for neurodegenerative disease, memory loss, lessened sexual function, and also other problems.

So it seems two-thirds of their “we don’t have actually excess quantities of this stuff” section is problematic, yet what about their claims around sugar?

I nothing think anyone will certainly disagree the sugar is bad. We understand that quite conclusively. What we deserve to challenge, though, is the claim that lock don’t have actually “excess amounts” of it.

In Coffeist, one of Soylent’s more popular products, over there are9g of included sugarsout the 400 calories. If you a smaller sized person and only need ~1,600 calories a day, you will do be gaining 36g of included sugar. However if you a relatively active, right person, you could need much more like 2,400 calories, i m sorry would provide you 54g of added sugar.

That’s a problem. The amount of added sugar youneedin a work is 0, and anything above that is “excess,” but even if we’re generous and permit them to encompass the American love Association encourage limits,they’re still over them. The AHA recommends ~37.5g a day because that a man, 25g a day because that a woman, and assuming you’re energetic and no eating under your day-to-day caloric needs, you’d be getting above that amount v Soylent.

So as soon as they say includes every one of the elements of a healthy and balanced diet, without excess amounts of sugars, saturated fats, or cholesterol.”They’re wrong, or at least being “true but misleading,” in 3 ways:

Cholesterol is no bad, and may it is in importantSaturated fat is no bad, and may be importantThey do have actually an overabundance of sugar

This is the most worrying of their three claims, but as we’ll see, the various other two aren’t that much better.

Claim 2: Soylent has actually the vitamins and minerals you need

When Soylent claims it has every one of the vitamins and minerals you need, there are a few implied insurance claims that we must unpack:

We understand what vitamins and also minerals you need to be healthy.Soylent has all of them.If you consume castle via Soylent, you absorb and also benefit native them the same method you perform with their herbal forms.

But as we’ll see, there room a couple of problems here, too. An initial off…

Do we understand what vitamins and also minerals we should be healthy?

This claim roughly having the vitamins and minerals you require is based on recognizing the there room thesethingsin foodthat us need, and that in order for Soylent to change food, it requirements to have those points too.

The need for several of these vitamins and minerals is obviousand provides rapid results if neglected. If you obtain no salt in your diet,you die. If you gain no Vitamin C, you get scurvy.

But there room also an ext subtle impacts from deficiencies in particular vitamins and also minerals. Get too tiny Selenium andyou can construct Hypothyroidismand live through it for a long time there is no it being bad enough to be treated. You might be short on Potassium for a lengthy time, be suffering damage from it, and also never really notice it.

Now, to be clear, Soylent go a an excellent job including every one of the vitamins and mineralsthat we recognize aboutin your drinks. But what’s much more interesting is the question:do we know every one of the vitamins and minerals girlfriend need?

No one has ever sat down and also taken personal a human being and reverse engineered every one of the specific vitamin and also mineral inputs you require to function optimally. Many of them have been figured out due to the fact that people started dying of something, adding some food to your diet resolved it, and then we did that enough until we were may be to isolation what the certain thing that addressed it was. Vitamin C was found long after seafarers knew they needed barrels the limes or sauerkraut on long journeys. Odds are an excellent that us don’t recognize everything about what we get from food, just what we recognize so far.

This imperfect information around vitamins and also minerals is problematic, because while a lime probably has some other things in it that are advantageous that we’re however unaware the (let’s call it Vitamin X), Soylent doesn’t. We might be gaining something vitally necessary from constant lime consumption that we’re fully unaware of, yet when we strip away all the unknowns in food and just mix with each other a bunch of flour from what wedoknow about, we shed Vitamin X. Andit could really well be that Vitamin X is favor Vitamin D, and also it take away years, also decades, for you to develop cancers and health complications from its absence.

The allude is, we only understand what us knowso far, yet to assume that we’ll never ever find another important part of nutrition that we’ve been acquiring by default there is no knowing about it is ludicrous.

So walk Soylent contain all of the vitamins and minerals we know about so far? Yes. Does that contain every one of the vitamins and also minerals you need? probably not. Ns assume that would add them later on as we find them, however who to know what 3 year without enough Vitamin X go to your body. We may have not discovered it yet since all vegetables save on computer Vitamin X,but as soon as you avoid eating vegetables and start drink magical silicon valley food powder… that knows what brand-new deficiencies fine discover.

That covers clues 1 and 2 of their claims approximately vitamins and also minerals, however there’s an worry with case 3 the we should highlight. This idea that a vitamin is a vitamin is a vitamin.

Is a Vitamin a Vitamin a Vitamin?

We know that Soylent contains all of the vitamins and minerals we understand about, however that doesnotnecessarily average you can absorb or advantage from them.

Let’s take severe case. Say every morning I offered you a multivitamin and a diuretic. You would take lock both, and an hour later, be quietly sobbing together your insides aggressively evacuate right into the toilet.

Now here’s the question. Did you get your vitamins? You certainly consumed them, but it seems unlikely the they properly took in into her body prior to getting projectiled ago out of you. Over there is a difference in between “consuming your vitamins and also minerals” and actually absorbing them.

So let’s come back to Soylent. It may have all of the vitamins and also minerals girlfriend need, yet do girlfriend absorb lock the exact same way? The only way you would know is come consume only Soylent and also nothing else and get your levels experiment after a few months, perhaps longer, yet we have the right to make part inferences.

We recognize thatsynthetic supplementsare not took in the same way as when we obtain them in genuine food, so also though Soylent has everything, we’re likely not using every one of it the same means since it’s not in its initial form. In that case, “100%” might be much more like 20%, due to the fact that we have the right to only use few of it.Worse, the procedure ofeatingseems essential for absorption. Chewing, because that example, helps withabsorbing vitamins and minerals, and formaking full use of protein.

And, yes, this is one more area wherein we don’t have actually a clean answer, yet there are two possibilities:

We don’t totally understand how vitamins and minerals space absorbed, so their natural form is the safer bet.We entirely get it and also we have the right to use synthetic, processed versions the vitamins and minerals and also it’ll occupational out fine.

I’m going v number 1.

Alright, and now for the third claim:

Claim 3: Soylent has all of the Protein, Carbohydrates, and also Fats you need

And when again, let’s break this up right into its implicit cases as we’ve done with the previous ones:

Soylent has a great balance the Protein, Carbohydrates, and also FatsSoylent has goodkindsof Protein, Carbohydrates, and also Fats

Does Soylent have a good balance the Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats?

In a party of Coffeist, you’ll get 21g that fat, 37g of carbohydrates, and 20g that protein. In terms of calories, it is 189 calorie from fat, 148 native carbohydrates, and 80 indigenous protein. Together percentages, that’s 45% fat, 35% carbs, and also 20% protein.

This is okay, however it’s not great. If you desire to maintain a healthy and balanced weight, that’s a lot less complicated at below 150g of carbs a day, and if you live on Soylent (2,000 cal diet) you will do be getting nearly exactly that. I would have ditched many of the carb filler and opted for more fat instead, but that would have actually made the much much more oily and less shake-like.

What’s an ext interesting despite is the other question: what is the high quality of the protein, carbs, and also fat?

Does Soylent have actually goodkindsof Protein, Carbohydrates, and also Fats?

This is where points don’t get necessarily bad, but definitely suspicious.

Most the the protein in Soylent comes from Soy Protein Isolate, i beg your pardon they define as having a “robust amino acid profile,” and while it is true, there’s plenty to at least give us pause when it involves processed soy together our dietary protein source.

I’ll it is in honest, the jury is still the end on handle soy. But that unsureness is sufficient to not want to consume too lot of it. Common soy seems to it is in pretty lot fine, but all of itsprocessedformsseem like they could bringdifferent cancerous and also sexual wellness related issues with them. It’s very back and forth, but that’s enough to do me suspicious of that benefits, and definitely sufficient to not desire it to be myonlyprotein source as an pet that developed to eat various other animals.

Phrased another way,would you put your faith in a kind of protein that we’ve evolved to eat overmillions that years? Or one the wasinvented in the 1960s?

Their carbs seem reasonably benign, buttheir Glycemic Index, the measure up of how much the drink affects your blood street levels, is concerning. Soylent 2.0 has actually a glycemic table of contents of 49, i m sorry is aboutthe exact same as orange juice, Snickers bars, and spaghetti. It is notsobad top top its own, however if it’s every you’re consuming, climate every meal is hitting her blood street the same method as a sweet drink or plate complete of pasta would. That’s no good.

All the these issues with your claims around why their healthy should offer you pause. But even if you’re not on board v the reasonable so far, over there is one, main problem underlying all of it, which is enough to be suspect of any kind of claims to healthiness native Soylent or other developed foods.

The core Problem: us Don’t recognize What us Don’t Know

While ns respect what Soylent is trying come do, it drops into the very same trap as weight machines. There’s a certain gestalt to organic human processes, and when you shot to simplify it to its main point pieces and also recreate it through technology, you shed something and don’t acquire the complete benefits.

Sometimes what you shed is harmless, butthe peril with Soylent is that what don’t know may progressively kill us.

Is that worse than McDonalds? most likely not, however at least you don’t feel good about eat McDonalds, and that’s whereby the difficulty is. This idea the Soylent is healthy and balanced tricks you into thinking that if you have actually your Soylent, did you do it done her good-eating-deed for the day, rather of reasoning of it together a critical resort like a protein bar.

For us to say that it’s healthy, we would need to know the it has actually a direct boon to your health, or is at least similar to real foodstuffs like vegetables, meat, and nuts. We have actually no evidence of that. Possibly it comes close, but there’s so much unknown around it and these type of synthesized foods that we can’t speak to it healthy.

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The default for assessing some food the isn’t discovered in nature do not do it be the it’s “healthy until proven bad,” rather, negative until proven healthy.