Have you newly upgraded her TV come the recent model? If so, you might be trying to find tips because that moving and storing your tv for future use. Probably you plan on renovating the basement and storing the TV till finished, or possibly you want to give your old TV to her child once they move out. Unfortunately, there room some mistakes we often see world make as soon as moving and also storing a TV the can result in long-term damage. The best way to stop making mistakes is to learn around them front of time. Review this blog to learn 6 usual mistakes civilization make as soon as storing a TV! take a look at our storage units prices and also find the finest TV storage choice for you.

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6 TV storage Mistakes

Not clean the TV and cables: One typical mistake us see human being make is no cleaning the TV and also TV cables. End time, dust handle on your TV and also is may be to get inside and also damage the inner parts and screen. To clean your TV, use compressed air to blow any type of dust out of the crack in her TV. When that has been done, wipe your tv down using a microfiber cloth. Come clean the cables, simply wipe lock down through a microfiber cloth.Not documenting the TV hookup: if this action isn’t mandatory, the can end up conserving you a good deal that time in the long run. Prior to disconnecting the wiring to her TV, take a snapshot of the ago to paper how that is hooked up. This will certainly make it less complicated to reconnect once you get to her destination.Not utilizing the initial box: keep in mind, package the TV came in to be made particularly to cushion it and protect it. If girlfriend no longer have actually the original TV box, think about contacting the manufacturer to check out if they room for sale somewhere. If you perform not have actually the Styrofoam padding that goes within of package to safeguard the TV, plunder the TV in bubble wrap.Moving and storing the TV on its side: when moving and also storing the TV, the is vital to keep it upright. Laying a television down on its side can permanently damages the screen.Not storing the tv in a temperature sensitive location: over time, fluctuations in temperature can permanently damages electronics, prefer a television. In order come prevent damages from occurring, that is important to keep your TV in a ar that isn’t prone to temperature fluctuations. Never store a television in a garage, attic or basement, together this have the right to lead come the TV ending up being permanently damaged.Storing the TV ~ above the ground: If you space storing your TV in a ground level warehouse unit, the is important that you store it elevated and also not touching the ground. End time, moisture have the right to seep increase from the floor of her storage unit, i m sorry would damages the television. Always store the TV on top of shelves, a dresser or pallet boards.

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