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What happens to TV"s in the heat? (connect, converter, LCD)
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As far as older tvs (that now require a converter) that doesn"t gain that warm to be a concern. Us stored lots of electronic tools outside without ever before thinking twice. Now if friend left her tv in your vehicle in one asphalt parking lot in ~ 1pm... In reality I tho don"t think the is hot sufficient to damages a tv. I"ve left computer systems in my car with no ok effect.
My garage doesn"t get any hotter 보다 the outdoor temperature, unless there is a hot vehicle or two parked inside. I"m pretty certain you"ll it is in ok. Better the 100 degree garage 보다 the 140 level attic!
When mine TV"s in heat, i hafta store it locked in the garage. Don"t want any kind of of those baby TVs to run around, ya know? They"re cute and all, yet they sure can make a mess.

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Higher than typical temperatures deserve to "cook" capacitors. Normally the rating is high enough that the isn"t a significant problem, but prolonged higher than normal temps have the right to eventually cause problems. The swing of temperatures from hot to cold may produce movement in some connections and permit increased corrosion. Humidity, as has been mentioned, can be a big problem.
HC, isn"t it comparable to just running it? The capacitors do not continue to be charged in procedure (otherwise, why bother having actually a capacitor if you never really use it?
), so they have to start heating up during operation.... i don"t know if the electronic devices themselves would be effected moreso 보다 the plastic components including wite insulation, internal nmounting brackets, exterior housing and the like. Plastic can obtain nice and also brittle in the heat if you leaving it over there long enough (months/years). YMMV
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