Alabama Hog searching Tips and Tricks for Day and also Night

When it pertains to wild hogs (feral pig), there is bad news and also there is an excellent news. The bad news is that hogs have end up being a significant nuisance and also their destructive rooting behavior and high reproductive price is costing farmers and other property owners numerous dollars. The great news is the in Alabama over there is no close up door season or bag borders on hogs. That method if you are on exclusive land you deserve to literally walk hog searching every day. You can also go hog searching at night. Armed with the proper equipment, the right firearms, the best electronic hog calls because that hunting, the ideal hog hunting lights because that a feeder, some Alabama hog hunting tips and also tricks, and the appropriate knowledge on exactly how to hunting hogs throughout the day and also night; you can be clearing some feral pigs in no time.

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The various other silver lining in the feral pig cloud is the if the meat is all set correctly, they are terrific to eat.

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I am the owner and also operator that Hog rush LLC, situated in Fitzpatrick, Alabama i m sorry is roughly 20 mile southeast the Montgomery. 


Clearing the end the nuisance the feral pigs is Hog sirloin LLC’s business.

What started out as a passion for Hog hunting with suppressed weapons and also Thermal Scopes, developed into a full time Hog Eradication business.


When it concerns hunting hogs during the day or at night, here are some general insights and tips i’ve learned indigenous harvesting end 5,000 hogs. Sort of an Alabama hog searching tips and tricks playbook.

What Firearm is Best

The bottom line for firearm and cartridge selections deserve to be nice simple. If you hunt deer, her deer rifle will work just fine. It may not be the perfect fit yet it will certainly kill hogs if you place your shooting correctly and stay within street parameters specific for the caliber she using.

Your .30-06, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 or even a 30-.30 has the velocity and also power to bring down a wild hog. While I’m not a big fan that the .300 Blackout it deserve to still take down a hog in ~ 75 yards consistently.


With the properly kitted out firearm, dropping wild hogs is never an issue.

The efficiency of the cartridge is really a mix of cartridge weight, density, and also velocity. A an excellent hog cartridge requirements to produce a temporary Wound Cavity much larger than the bullet diameter similar to a “mini-explosion” resulting in trauma and excessive blood loss. 

The point to remember is that hogs are dense animals and also their structure is various from a deer. The ammo that we generally use because that hogs could punch ideal through a deer. The hide of a hog is favor a for sure rubber truck tire and also has higher tissue density. This requires a bonded kind projectile. Some mature boars deserve to weigh upwards the 300 pounds and have a thick calcified “Shield” neighboring their shoulder and also chest area.

When high volume eradication is your goal, one for your Alabama hog searching tips and tricks playbook is choosing a semi-automatic rifle qualified of making use of a picatinny mounting device as discovered on most thermal optics. 

The AR15 chambered in 5.56mm is an ext than enough to death a Hog also when shot location is less than desirable. A 55 serial 5.56mm travels over 3000 fps. And will supply the short-lived wound cavity speak of earlier even at distances over 300 yards. The 6.5 Grendel in an AR15 is likewise a great choice. My hopes are it will one day come to be a NATO caliber so the ammunition will certainly be more readily available. 


The suitable ammo have to be thought about when searching feral pigs.

Another auto platform, the AR10, will chamber larger situation capacity calibers such as the .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, and .243 Winchester, but is an inherently heavier platform. Yes, castle deliver an ext energy ~ above target in ~ farther distances, but they really carry out not add much effectiveness when high volume eradication is a concern.

Most action happens within 200 yards together the heat scopes generally have lower resolution. Connecting on running shots additionally requires many marksmen come be in ~ this range.

I zero in my rifles at 100 yards i m sorry covers near in shots the end to about 150-200 yards. Because that daytime optics a 1-6 change or also a 6 addressed power scope uses the ability to take close in or further out shots. A 3×9 variable is also a great choice.

I favor the 5.56mm because I have taken shots as close together 10 yards and as far as 350 yards. I likewise like to have the capacity to ground inspect a coyote if needed and the 5.56mm has actually a fairly flat trajectory and decent power with short recoil out to 300 yards.

Alabama Hog hunting Tips and also Tricks

For hog searching either during the job or in ~ night you must remember the hogs don’t have actually sharp eyesight choose deer, turkeys or other wildlife.

Since hogs have actually monocular eyesight which way they usage each eye independently resulting in an increased field that vision and they have the right to see movement and also even shadows, i beg your pardon is a consideration in night hunting. Because they don’t have binocular vision, castle don’t have a great depth perception and can view color yet not well. Also, due to the fact that their heads space low to the ground the doesn’t allow them to view over soil cover

On the various other hand, among a wild hog’s strong suits is terrific sense that smell. That sense of odor is what help them find underground food and also far away food sources.

You always want to try to hunt v the wind in her face. Make certain to take along a wind checker. Worst case just throw up some dusty dirt in the air and see i beg your pardon direction the goes.


Learn to use wild hogs’ senses versus them.

I remember as soon as I came upon some pigs the were rooting in the many awful smelling rotten soybeans you could imagine. The only method to method them to be from upwind. They caught my odor just before I collection up to shoot and I was just able to take it down 2 of castle on the run as lock disappeared into the adjacent crops.

As for hearing, one night I discovered a group of hogs v the Hog sirloin thermal rone, OVERLORD, near a feeder. We made our means to the ar they to be in and also once we were in the area discovered that they had actually moved into the high cotton plants. I had actually my guest get collection up while i ran a test spin top top the feeder. The hogs instantly heard that acquainted noise from end 50 yards and came running. 2 were taken. 

Wild Hogs hear and also see similar to humans. But never underestimate their feeling of smell. 

While we’re on the topic of hearing, hogs will certainly respond to grunts, snorts and sounds the imitate a boar fight, however “here piggy, piggy” no work. I’ve added a necessity prior come hunts that simply states, if you imitate Elmer Fudd in the truck, you acquire put out.

You deserve to buy a pair of cheap speakers and also download a wild hog call application on her cell phone because that a little bit the money and also you’ll have one of the ideal electronic hog calls for hunting.

Wild boar are largely nocturnal prefer raccoons and mature deer. Especially throughout the name is month, they will lay increase in the shady swamps throughout the day and shot to feed at night. 

Alabama hog searching tips and tricks playbook entry, discover a food resource or one area where they have done damage and also put increase a camera and also find what time they room moving and also to get a basic idea of where they space coming from and also going. Every place is different relying on the food source, water location, wherein the heavy cover is and also dictate hog behavior.


Baiting is a helpful one to log into the Alabama hog hunting tips and tricks playbook. It is legit in Alabama come bait wild hogs top top privately owned or leased land. Soured corn is a great bait yet you deserve to mix it v donuts and also other things that have actually a scent.

Tripod feeders for hogs can be tricky due to the fact that the hogs have the right to tip castle over and also dump the end all the corn and destroy the feeder. If girlfriend rigged that so that it is anchored in the floor you more than likely won’t have any type of trouble indigenous the hogs but you may from racoons. They space smart and also you require a cage roughly the bottom to keep them from obtaining up into the rotate wheel and also eating all of the corn.


Continue to construct up your Alabama hog hunting tips and also tricks playbook, and bring down monster pigs any time of the work or night

Using “directional” feeders that you deserve to mount to a tree or a short article is a good idea together well.

If you space on a spending plan and/or don’t have actually a most time come play with, girlfriend can collection up a feeder in a well-known area because that hogs and install a activity activated light. As soon as the light comes on, be prepared with your operation of the mill deer rifle and shot to take under a hog once they room feeding under the feeder. Generally a green light is the best hog searching light because that a feeder and will no spook the hogs when they are supplied to it.

The crucial with searching hogs is recognize out where they are, getting familiar with the property and also developing the rights setup. As the old saying goes, ‘Luck is as soon as preparation meets opportunity’.

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For additional Alabama hog hunting tips and also tricks indigenous Hooper please view his articles, “Wild Hog Hunting: just how to hunt Hogs in ~ Night”, “Selecting the best Thermal Imaging for Hunting” and “Feral Pig searching – Tools and also Tactics of the Trade” in past concerns of good Days Outdoors.