A regulation passed in the 2015-2016 season that forced EVERY purchaser that a deer tag(s) to report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if znjke.comstle did not hunt.

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For successful hunters, the report need to be made in ~ 30 work of harvest a deer or by January 31, whichever date is first. Unsuccessful hunters (or those that did not hunt) should report no harvest or did no hunt, respectively, by January 31.

Harvest reports have the right to be it is registered ONLINE, or by letter to the attend to printed ~ above the tag. Watch this video for much more information on exactly how to report your deer tag (YouTube).

Tag holders who do not report will be fee a non-reporting fee of $21.60 (added come future year license purchases).

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Statewide zone / hunting Map
Google earth map the Non-Lead Area and Deer Hunt area (KML)

A Zone

A-Zone (PDF)A-North ar (PDF)
A-South ar (PDF)

B Zones

B-1 ar (PDF)B-1 ar (PDF)
B-2 ar (PDF)B-2 ar (PDF)
B-3 zone (PDF)B-3 region (PDF)
B-4 zone (PDF)B-4 zone (PDF)
B-5 region (PDF)B-5 region (PDF)
B-6 region (PDF)B-6 zone (PDF)

C Zones

C-1 zone (PDF)C-1 ar (PDF)
C-2 ar (PDF)C-2 ar (PDF)
C-3 zone (PDF)C-3 ar (PDF)
C-4 zone (PDF)C-4 ar (PDF)

D Zones

D-3 zone (PDF)D-3 zone (PDF)
D-4 zone (PDF)D-4 ar (PDF)
D-5 ar (PDF)D-5 region (PDF)
D-6 ar (PDF)D-6 region (PDF)
D-7 region (PDF)D-7 zone (PDF)
D-8 zone (PDF)D-8 zone (PDF)
D-9 region (PDF)D-9 region (PDF)
D-10 region (PDF)D-10 region (PDF)
D-11 region (PDF)D-11 ar (PDF)
D-12 ar (PDF)D-12 region (PDF)
D-13 zone (PDF)D-13 zone (PDF)
D-14 ar (PDF)D-14 region (PDF)
D-15 region (PDF)D-15 zone (PDF)
D-16 region (PDF)D-16 region (PDF)
D-17 region (PDF)D-17 region (PDF)
D-19 region (PDF)D-19 ar (PDF)

X Zones

X-1 ar (PDF)X-1 zone (PDF)
X-2 ar (PDF)X-2 ar (PDF)
X-3a zone (PDF)X-3a ar (PDF)
X-3b ar (PDF)X-3b ar (PDF)
X-4 region (PDF)X-4 ar (PDF)
X-5a ar (PDF)X-5a ar (PDF)
X-5b region (PDF)X-5b region (PDF)
X-6a ar (PDF)X-6a region (PDF)
X-6b ar (PDF)X-6b region (PDF)
X-7a zone (PDF)X-7a ar (PDF)
X-7b ar (PDF)X-7b ar (PDF)
X-8 ar (PDF)X-8 zone (PDF)
X-9a ar (PDF)X-9a zone (PDF)
X-9b zone (PDF)X-9b zone (PDF)
X-9c region (PDF)X-9c zone (PDF)
X-10 ar (PDF)X-10 zone (PDF)
X-12 zone (PDF)X-12 region (PDF)

Area-Specific Archery Hunts

 A-1 (PDF)
 A-3 (PDF)
 A-4 (PDF)
 A-5 (PDF)
 A-6 (PDF)
 A-7 (PDF)
 A-8 (PDF)
 A-9 (PDF)
 A-11 (PDF)
 A-12 (PDF)
 A-13 (PDF)
 A-14 (PDF)
 A-15 (PDF)
 A-16 (PDF)
 A-17 (PDF)
 A-18 (PDF)
 A-19 (PDF)
 A-20 (PDF)
 A-21 (PDF)
 A-22 (PDF)
 A-24 (PDF)
 A-25 (PDF)
 A-26 (PDF)
 A-27 (PDF)
 A-30 (PDF)
 A-31 (PDF)
 A-32 (PDF)
 A-33 (PDF)

Additional Hunts

 G-1 (PDF)
 G-3 (PDF)
 G-6 (PDF)
 G-7 (PDF)
G-8 (PDF)G-8 (PDF)
 G-9 (PDF)
 G-10 (PDF)
 G-11 (PDF)
 G-12 (PDF)
 G-13 (PDF)
 G-19 (PDF)
 G-21 (PDF)
 G-37 (PDF)
 G-38 (PDF)
 G-39 (PDF)
 M-3 (PDF)
 M-4 (PDF)
 M-5 (PDF)
 M-6 (PDF)
 M-7 (PDF)
 M-8 (PDF)
 M-9 (PDF)
 M-11 (PDF)
 MA-1 (PDF)
 MA-3 (PDF)

Apprentice Hunts

J-1 Lake Sonoma Apprentice Either-Sex Deer hunting (PDF)J-1 (PDF)
J-3 Tehama znjke.com Area Apprentice Buck hunting (PDF)J-3 (PDF)
J-4 Shasta-Trinity Apprentice Buck hunt (PDF)J-4 (PDF)
 J-7 (PDF)
J-8 Daugherty Hill znjke.com Area Apprentice Either-Sex Deer hunting (PDF)J-8 (PDF)
J-9 little Dry Creek Apprentice Shotgun-Only Either-Sex Deer hunt (PDF)J-9 (PDF)
J-10 Hunter Liggett Apprentice Either-Sex Deer hunting (PDF)J-10 (PDF)
 J-11 (PDF)
 J-12 (PDF)
 J-13 (PDF)
 J-14 (PDF)
J-15 Anderson level Apprentice Buck hunting (PDF)J-15 (PDF)
 J-16 (PDF)
 J-17 (PDF)
Excludes Alpine CountyJ-18 (PDF)
 J-19 (PDF)
 J-20 (PDF)
 J-21 (PDF)

Hunting Regulations

Prevent the spread of CWD! as soon as hunting exterior znjke.comlifornia, psychic import restrictions (CCR loznjke.comtion 14, section 712) and declaration requirements (Section 2353 Fish & video game Code) for bringing any type of harvested cervid (deer and related mammals) parts earlier to znjke.comlifornia.