This is something that is a true argument in between miniature horse owners. Before we start the conversation, we have to clarify a few details:

The idea of potty training. When human being hear potty training, they frequently assume you are talking around a dog. Where: the dog itself is trained to stand by a door or bark until you, the owner, pays attention and lets the pet out to go potty. The pets are signaling come the owner the they should relieve themselves. The owner doesn’t have to constantly it is in on watch because that signs.

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With-holding food. Because that a horse to be healthy and balanced - they have to be eat 18-20 hours of the day. Otherwise, they construct ulcers and can have serious health and wellness problems. Certainly, if an pet isn’t given food - they won’t need any kind of relief. But, for equines to it is in healthy… this is no an option.

Horses reap routine. If castle are offered to law the very same thing - possibilities are, castle will obtain used to that routine and also stick v it. That routine is developed and they understand to relax themselves in the same spot end a duration of time; such together a special ar in the yard or in the trailer.

Horses do not have the sense to “hold it” choose a trained dog (and human) have the right to do. They will just go. And also handlers are always on security to watch the animal for indications or signals.

Okay: so v these details… You have the right to start to check out why we believe:

horses cannot be potty trained in the exact same sense the a dog have the right to be potty trained.


When an pet is “potty trained” lock are thought about to recognize that relieving themselves inside is bad, and also that they have to alert your owner the they have to go. The owner have the right to be doing other things, and will be alerted by the animal itself; there is no constant-following or supervision to watch the pet to make sure they don’t walk in the residence - because they space trained. V that explained; horses do not give a authorize to your owner, rather, the hander needs to be on continuous lookout to clock their equine for signs.

Here’s one example: I understand when Wendy starts to move approximately after an hour of stand still throughout a visit, the we need to go external to allow her relieve herself. She hasn’t announced with pawing or nudging (signs she is trained not to do during a visit anyways) the she requirements to relax herself, rather I am watching for a sign. And I understand we have been ~ above a visit for about an hour - the typical timeframe a equine will need to relieve chin anyways.

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So us go outside to the trailer and also she relieves herself.