Are the Property Brothers available for hire because that real-life renovations? The struggle HGTV fact television series stars Canadian brother Jonathan and Drew Scott. They incorporate their specialization in house design and also renovations to assist families revolve fixer-upper properties right into forever homes.

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The collection has been an HGTV staple due to the fact that 2011. Naturally, pan of the show have to be wondering, is it feasible to hire the Property Brothers in real life? and if they are obtainable for hire, just how much execute they charge?

Well, let's top Jonathan and Drew's main website because that the best answer, i m sorry is no. The Property Brothers don't have any type of sort of type or attach on your website stating the they are easily accessible for personal renovations. However, Jonathan and also Drew do have a web page with reliable web links for those wishing to use to it is in on the Property Brothers. They likewise shared a statement for fans regarding the validity of casting links.

"Applying through this webpage,, and space the only means to be cast on among our shows. If you room contacted by everyone claiming to be affiliated v HGTV, Scott brothers Entertainment and/or the residential property Brothers and you haven’t it is registered an application with these webpages, please carry out not answer to them."


Jonathan and Drew even have a connect on their casting application page for talented LA-based contractors and also designers who space interested in using for the display to be a part of the Property Brothers remodeling team!

First off, you need to own a home in the Los Angeles area or surrounding LA neighborhoods. Have you met that criteria? Great! Secondly, you have to be ready to leave said home for the duration of the renovation period. Follow to the official spreading page, renovations can start as at an early stage as Jan. 2022. Third, potential applicants need to be prepared with a design budget that at least $120,000 or more.

Is the sounding more and much more like you? The just other significant requirement is that you must be accessible for as much as 8 days of filming, i beg your pardon covers the approximated renovation period. One more interesting component of the application notes the the property Brothers needs two attendees on camera for all shoot days. Please keep in mind that anyone that does not accomplish the abovementioned requirements will certainly not be contacted!

In exchange girlfriend do acquire a finish home remodeling from the building Brothers themselves and also the brother assisting team that home architecture experts. According to the official casting application web page it doesn't seem choose you gain charged a fee for appearing on the show, as long as you space willing and able come meet every one of the filming requirements.

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So while pan of the Property Brothers can't hire Jonathan and Drew for personal renovations, we'd to speak being cast on the show seems choose a quite sweet deal. Do you live in L.A and want to be thought about for a dream home renovation? Don't miss out on out, try to apply! Catch brand-new episodes of Property Brothers: Forever house every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on HGTV

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