Many world use the vast online retailer Amazon in order to shop online. It’s a hassle-free method to buy the points you want or need. If friend shop top top Amazon, you could not recognize that the website actually keeps track of what you’ve bought in the past. So, if girlfriend share one account v others, it’s possible for them to see what you’ve purchased.

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If you discover that you desire to hide an order that you’ve do on Amazon, that not possible to delete anything completely but you space able come hide the purchase history so it’s no so easy to find. This can help keep her purchases private and give girlfriend some tranquility of mind the your history is safe.

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How come Hide an stimulate on Amazon

Once you walk on Amazon, make sure you room logged into your account very first and the acquisition you desire to hide is connected with the account. Monitor the steps listed below to hide your order.

From the key screen, walk to Account & Lists.

Select Your Orders.

In the dropdown box, pick which time period you made the acquisition you want to it is in hidden.

In the bottom left-hand edge of the bespeak you desire to hide, you’ll uncover an alternative that states Archive Order. Click this and in the pop up home window select Archive Order.

The order will currently be hidden from your purchase history, however it have the right to still be found under Archived Orders in Your Account. There are an ext ways, however, the you can additional hide purchase background to save anyone from finding her order.

Use Amazon Household

If you have Amazon Prime, you can additionally use Amazon’s family feature. This enables you to share Amazon Prime benefits with various other members you add while still keeping accounts separate and also private. You have actually the capability to include up to two adult accounts, 4 teen accounts, and four child accounts. 

Adult accounts deserve to keep their Amazon information private, but teen and child accounts cannot save theirs private from the adult accounts. Friend can also choose to share only pick digital content v Amazon through the teen and child accounts.

Amazon household can offer you some added privacy while still having actually shared Prime benefits throughout all family members members. It likewise doesn’t cost any type of extra to collection up a Household, so girlfriend don’t need to worry around price.

Hide searching History

Even if girlfriend archive your order, it will certainly still be clearly shows in your searching history. This method if someone were to look at the browsing background of the account, the item will certainly still display up there. Deleting this can assist you to additional hide any kind of trace of your previous purchase. Here’s exactly how to delete your browsing history.

Go to Account & Lists and also under Your Account click Browsing History.
Find the items you desire to delete, and select Remove native View in the bottom appropriate corner.
You can likewise click top top Manage History at the top, and also then pick Remove every items native view.

If you want to protect against your future browsing background being tracked, friend can choose to rotate Browsing History on/off at the height of your browsing background page. This will protect against Amazon indigenous tracking searches friend make and any items girlfriend click on. This have the right to make hiding future orders much easier.

Also make certain you delete your net browser history as the items friend look at and also what you’ve ordered can still present up here. The an approach will adjust depending top top the browser you’re using, yet generally you deserve to go come your background in the options of her browser and there should be an choice to clear your background up to a specific date. Or you can discover a details page and also delete just that. 

How come Hide an stimulate on the Amazon App

If you want to save on computer an order utilizing your mobile phone, it will certainly be a little bit more daunting as you can not archive order on the Amazon application or ~ above the mobile site. This way you’ll need to accessibility the desktop site on your smartphone browser and go v the same actions for the desktop site together above.

On iPhone utilizing Safari, you have the right to tap ~ above the website settings icon in the optimal left corner and choose Request desktop computer Website. If you’re using Android with Chrome, you can tap ~ above the menu options and examine the box beside Desktop Site.

This should give you access to the complete Amazon website where you deserve to archive order background as despite you’re top top a computer. Therefore if you don’t have accessibility to a desktop, friend still have an option for hiding her Amazon order.

Although you can not hide orders through the app, girlfriend still can manage your browsing history through it. Simply go to Your Account page, i beg your pardon looks prefer a head, tap on her Account, climate scroll all the means down to find Browsing History.

In the top-right corner, tap on Manage. Climate you can pick Remove all items from view to hide her history. You deserve to turn your background on or off right here as well.

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Hiding your Amazon Orders

Whether you want to hide your gift purchases in ~ a shared family members account or just want an extra class of privacy, hiding your order on Amazon is nice simple. Although there isn’t a method to necessarily delete her order completely, you deserve to still perform a great job the hiding it and making it difficult to find. 

If girlfriend follow all the tips here, her order background should be extremely safe. If you likewise turn turn off browsing background tracking, usage Amazon Household, and archive her orders quickly, you should have the ability to keep her purchase history much safer later on as well.