Paul Marcarelli, finest known because that his tagline “Can girlfriend hear me now?” ~ above Verizon Wireless commercials, has included his real-life husband in a new holiday-themed sprint commercial.

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Marcarelli became one of the most famous commercial actors with his recognizable horn-rimmed glasses and also Verizon jacket indigenous 2002-2011. In 2016 he switched to come to be the spokesperson for Sprint.

Marcarelli defined to The Atlantic in 2011 the he to be verbally harassed through gay slurs throughout his time together a Verizon spokesperson. However, that feared that publicly coming out would certainly hurt his job and declined to paper a report.

He would later on go on to write the screenplay for gay drama “The Green” starring Cheyenne Jackson.

Watch Marcarelli appear alongside his husband Ryan Brown below.


HOLLYWOOD – If any kind of doubt stayed that the Hollywood international Press Association has actually fallen spectacularly the end of favor, it was summarily erased by the fact that the single celebrity ~ above hand to assist announce the list of nominations because that its 2021 gold Globe Awards was Snoop Dogg.

That’s no a dig against Snoop Dogg. The eminently lovable rapper is an symbol who manages come float effortlessly in between worlds within the entertainment industry, many thanks to a reputation for enthusiasm self-parody and a proven tendency to it is in pretty much game for noþeles – and frankly, watching him check out the company manual for a vintage sewing maker would most likely be more entertaining than sitting with a list of award nominees being recited (with perfunctory reverence, the course) by even the most accomplished of display screen thespians.

Still, the glaring absence of any type of representative from the market which the HFPA exist to honor is proof the the organization is still a long means from recovering native the scandal that broke in the wake of a Los Angeles times investigative report previously this year, i beg your pardon revealed the its virtually 90-person membership included no world of color and detailed damning details about its long-alleged unethical methods – consisting of the influence over the voting procedure by gifts, paid travel, and also other perks from studios and also networks behind the potential nominees and winners.

The bombshell report, i beg your pardon was published mere days before the gold Globes presentation last February, caused an awkward award display in which the revelation the the winners was eclipsed by the organization’s scramble come do damages control.

Leaning into a too-little-too-late display of diversity amongst the ceremony’s performers and presenters, and sending some of the HFPA’s high-level to represent to the podium in a desperate effort to rotate the instance with a not-quite-apology for its previous shortcomings (followed by an unconvincing promise to execute better), the organization seemed only to have actually dug itself deeper into the feet of bad publicity that endangered to put an finish to the awards body’s 78-year existence, once and for all.

Proposed revolutionary to the structure and also practices of the HFPA were announced, and also were timeless dismissed by Time’s Up together “window-dressing platitudes.” major players in the sector announced intentions to boycott the gold Globes; an ext than a hundreds PR firms threatened to reduced off the HFPA from access to their clients; high-profile talent publicly denounced the organization, v three-time winner Tom Cruise even returning his trophies. Probably most terrible of all, NBC – the network which had been home to the gold Globes transfer – announced it would certainly not it is in airing one more one till at least 2023, saying the “change that this size takes time and work” and also that “the HFPA requirements time to execute it right”.

Despite every this, the beleaguered organization declared its intention to proceed with its yearly awards presentation, and also following month of restructuring – in i m sorry the HFPA has actually attempted come diversify its ranking by adding new members, rewritten that is bylaws, forbidden the acceptance of gifts, minimal compensated travel, and undertaken an effort to revamp chin from bottom to optimal – has actually tenaciously clung to relationship by announcing the nominees because that this year’s chop of films and television shows in an early morning press conference significant by the non-participation of any of the potential recipients the those honors.

This means, that course, the it’s time to start gearing up for an additional awards season in i m sorry the dramatic alters wrought by the Covid pandemic upon the entertainment sector are certain to have a still-unpredictable effect on the outcomes, and to connect in a game of “armchair quarterbacking” as we attempt to predict how the honors bestowed by other awards body will impact the winners’ circle for the many coveted sector prize that all: the Oscars.

Traditionally, the golden Globes have actually been seen as a bellwether for Academy compensation inclusion, with numerous of the nominees and also winners going on to ultimate Oscar glory – however given the current still-ongoing boycott that the HFPA through so numerous of the industry’s most significant power-players, it stays to be viewed if that long-standing assumption will hold true this year.

With the in mind, that worth acquisition a look at the nominees – with an eye to the diversity amongst the choices, an especially the inclusion of LGBTQ-relevant nominees amongst the contenders.

For television, black actors Billy Porter (“Pose”) and Omar Sy (“Lupin”), and South korean actor Lee Jung-jae (“Squid Game”), got nominations as ideal Lead actor in a Drama Series, while the identical Lead Actress classification included black color actress Uzo Aduba (“In Treatment”) and also Black/Puerto Rican actress Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (“Pose”) – who also makes background by ending up being the an initial transgender show to it is in nominated in this category, a feat she also achieved at the 2021 Emmys. In the Comedy division, black actor Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish”) choose up a nod as ideal Lead Actor, v Black actresses Issa Rae (“Insecure”) and Tracee Ellis Ross (“Black-ish”) included among the nominees for best Lead Actress.

In the supporting categories (which are not split into comedy and drama division), O Yeong-su (“Squid Game”) obtained a nod for ideal Supporting Actor, with no nominees of color named in ~ the supporting Actress slate.

For performances in a restricted Series, Anthology Series, or Motion photo Made because that Television, Latino actor Oscar Isaac (“Scenes native a Marriage”) and also French-Algerian gibbs Tahar Rahim (“The Serpent”) made the cut for best Actor, while black actress Cynthia Erivo (“Genius: Aretha”) to be nominated for best Actress.

The big screen acting categories likewise included numerous nominees the color. Though there were no performers of shade in the running for best Lead Actress in a Motion picture Drama, the command Actor slate has three black color actors – Mahershala Ali (“Swan Song”), will certainly Smith (“King Richard”), and Denzel Washington (“The Tragedy the Macbeth”) – among its contenders. In the musical or Comedy division, Latino gibbs Anthony Ramos (“In the Heights”) scored a nomination because that Lead Actor, through Latino/Polish newcomers Rachel Zegler (“West side Story”) earning a nod because that Lead Actress.

In the supporting categories (which again, space not separated right into Drama and also Comedy divisions), black color performers AunjanueEllis (“King Richard”)and Ruth Negga (“Passing”) join Black/Puerto Rican performer Ariana DeBose (“West side Story”) on the perform of Actress nominees, and also while the Actor category contained no performers of color, deaf actor trojan Kotsur (“CODA”) make the cut, in a rare show of representation for world with disabilities.

When it involves LGBTQ representation, however, the nominations fall substantially shorter. Amongst all the acting nominees, the only out members the the ar are Porter and Rodriguez (each in their particular Lead power categories for “Pose”), Kristen Stewart (“Spencer”) and also Lady Gaga (“House of Gucci”) because that Lead Actress in a Motion picture Drama, and also Hannah Einbender (“Hacks”) for finest Performance by a lead Actress in a tv Comedy. In enhancement to these, Udo Azuba (nominated for finest Lead Actress in a tv Drama for“In Treatment”), Andrew Garfield (nominated for ideal Lead actor in a Motion photo Musical or Comedy because that “tick, tick… Boom!”) and Erivo are listed for their vocal LGBTQ advocacy together allies.

While nominees Benedict Cumberbatch and also Kodi Smit-McPhee (nominated because that Lead and Supporting Actor, respectively, in a Motion snapshot Drama because that “The strength of the Dog”) pat queer characters, both determine as straight in genuine life. The same is true because that Ewan McGregor, nominated as finest Actor in a minimal Series because that his star turn as the title character in “Halston”.

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Finally, that worth stating that the best Director that a Motion picture category, long overcame exclusively by men, this year has two women: mrs Campion (“The power of the Dog”) and Maggie Gyllenhall (“The lost Daughter”)

Whether or not these nominees – or any kind of of the others, for that issue – end up complying with up their acknowledgment today v nods or wins on Oscar night stays to it is in seen. In the meantime, we can uncover out who takes home the HFPA’s prizes (as fine as that actually shows up to case a prize from one organization now relegated to pariah standing by many of Hollywood) top top January 9, as soon as the ceremony have the right to be watched on the gold Globes’ You pipe channel.A complete list of nominations is below.

Best tv Series, musical or Comedy

“The Great” (Hulu)“Hacks” (HBO/HBO Max)

“Only killing in the Building” (Hulu)

“Reservation Dogs” (FX ~ above Hulu)

“Ted Lasso” (Apple TV Plus)

Best power by an actor in a television Series, Drama

Brian Cox (“Succession”)

Lee Jung-jae(“Squid Game”)

Billy Porter (“Pose”)

Jeremy solid (“Succession”)

Omar Sy (“Lupin)

Best power by an Actress, restricted Series, Anthology collection or a Motion photo made for Television

Jessica Chastain (“Scenes from a Marriage”)

CynthiaErivo(“Genius: Aretha”)Elizabeth Olsen (“WandaVision“)Margaret Qualley (“Maid”)Kate Winslet (“Mare that Easttown”)

Best Director, motion Picture

Kenneth Branagh (“Belfast”)

Jane Campion (“The power of the Dog”)

Maggie Gyllenhaal (“The lost Daughter”)

Steven Spielberg (“West side Story”)

Denis Villeneuve (“Dune”)

Best performance by an Actress in a motion Picture, music or Comedy

Marion Cotillard (“Annette”)

Alana Haim (“Licorice Pizza”)

Jennifer Lawrence (“Don’t watch Up”)

Emma rock (“Cruella”)

Rachel Zegler (“West side Story”)

Best performance by an actor in a motion Picture, Drama

Mahershala Ali (“Swan Song”)

Javier Bardem (“Being the Ricardos”)

Benedict Cumberbatch (“The power of the Dog”)

Will blacksmith (“King Richard”)

Denzel Washington (“The Tragedy of Macbeth”)

Best tv Series, Drama

“Lupin” (Netflix)

“The Morning Show” (Apple TV Plus)

“Pose” (FX)

“Squid Game” (Netflix)

“Succession” (HBO/HBO Max)

Best performance by an Actress in a television Series, Drama

Uzo Aduba (“In Treatment”)

Jennifer Aniston (“The Morning Show”)

Christine Baranski (“The good Fight)

Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (“Pose”)

Best power by an Actor, restricted Series, Anthology series or Motion photo made for Television

Paul Bettany (“WandaVision”)

Oscar Isaac (“Scenes indigenous a Marriage”)

Michael Keaton (“Dopesick”)

Ewan McGregor (“Halston”)

Tahar Rahim (“The Serpent”)

Best power by an gibbs in a movement Picture, music or Comedy

Leonardo DiCaprio (“Don’t look Up”)

Peter Dinklage (“Cyrano”)

Andrew Garfield (“Tick, mite … Boom!”)

Cooper Hoffman (“Licorice Pizza”)

Anthony Ramos (“In the Heights”)

Best supporting Actor – motion Picture

Ben Affleck (“The soft Bar”)

Jamie Dornan (“Belfast”)

Ciarán Hinds (“Belfast”)


Kodi Smit-McPhee (“The power of the Dog”)

Best original Score, movement Picture

“The French Dispatch” (Searchlight Pictures) — AlexandreDesplat

“Encanto” (Walt Disney Pictures) — Germaine Franco

“The power of the Dog” (Netflix) — Jonny Greenwood

“Parallel Mothers” (Sony images Classic) — Alberto Iglesias

“Dune” (Warner Bros.) — Hans Zimmer

Best Actress in a TV Series, music or Comedy

Hannah Einbinder (“Hacks”)

Elle Fanning (“The Great”)

Issa Rae (“Insecure”)

Tracee Ellis Ross (“Black-ish”)

Jean clever (“Hacks”)

Best restricted Series, Anthology collection or a Motion picture made for Television

“Dopesick” (Hulu)

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” (FX)

“Maid” (Netflix)

“Mare that Easttown” (HBO/HBO Max)

“The underground Railroad” (Amazon element Video)

Best supporting Actor, Television

Billy Crudup (“The Morning Show”)

Kieran Culkin (“Succession”)

Mark Duplass (“The Morning Show”)

Brett Goldstein (“Ted Lasso”)

O Yeong-su (“Squid Game”)

Best Picture, musical or Comedy


“Don’t look Up” (Netflix)

“Licorice Pizza” (MGM)

“Tick, mite … Boom!” (Netflix)

“West next Story” (20th Century Studios /Walt Disney Studios motion Pictures)

Best sustaining Actress, movement Picture

Caitríona Balfe (“Belfast”)

ArianaDeBose(“West side Story”)

Kirsten Dunst (“The power of the Dog”)

AunjanueEllis (“King Richard”)

Ruth Negga (“Passing”)

Best Picture, international Language

“Compartment No. 6”(Sony photos Classics) — Finland, Russia, Germany

“Drive my Car”(Janus Films) — Japan

“The Hand of God”(Netflix) — Italy

“A Hero”(Amazon Studios) — France, Iran

“Parallel Mothers” (Sony images Classics) — Spain

Best Screenplay, activity Picture

Paul thomas Anderson — “Licorice Pizza” (MGM/United artists Releasing)

Kenneth Branagh — “Belfast” (Focus Features)

Jane Campion — “The power of the Dog” (Netflix)

Adam McKay — “Don’t look Up” (Netflix)

Aaron Sorkin — “Being the Ricardos” (Amazon Studios)

Best performance by one Actress in a movement Picture, Drama

Jessica Chastain (“The eyes of Tammy Faye”)

Olivia Colman (“The lost Daughter”)

Nicole Kidman (“Being the Ricardos”)

Lady Gaga (“House of Gucci”)

Kristen Stewart (“Spencer”)

Best activity Picture, Drama

“Belfast” (Focus Features)

“CODA” (Apple)

“Dune”(Warner Bros.)

“King Richard” (Warner Bros.)

“The power of the Dog” (Netflix)

Best tv Actor, musical / Comedy Series

Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish”)

Nicholas Hoult (“The Great”)

Steve martin (“Only murders in the Building”)

Martin brief (“Only murders in the Building”)

Jason Sudeikis (“Ted Lasso”)

Best sustaining Actress, Television

Jennifer Coolidge (“White Lotus”)

Kaitlyn Dever (“Dopesick”)

Andie MacDowell (“Maid”)

Sarah Snook (“Succession”)

Hannah Waddingham (“Ted Lasso”)

Best initial Song, motion Picture

“Be Alive” from “King Richard” (Warner Bros.) — Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Dixson

“DosOrugitas” native “Encanto” (Walt Disney Pictures) —Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Down come Joy” indigenous “Belfast” (Focus Features) — van Morrison

“Here ns Am (Singing My means Home)” native “Respect” (MGM/United artist Releasing) — Jamie Hartman, Jennifer Hudson, Carole King

“No Time come Die” from “No Time come Die” (MGM/United artist Releasing) — billy Eilish, Finneas O’Connell