Paul Marcarelli is a famous American actor, screenwriter and also voice actor finest known as the check Man. That has showed up in every the Verizon wireless advertisement advertisement. In the adverts, that is constantly seen wearing a gray Verizon jacket and also his horn-rimmed pair the glasses. He quit doing the Verizon ad in 2011. Recognize Verizon ad guy net Worth.

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Verison ad guy Paul Marcarelli net worth and salary 2018: deserve to you listen me now male net worth?

The Verizon ad guy Paul Marcarelli after ~ the quitting the show on 2011 is earlier again top top the stage. The have the right to you hear me now the man who doubles up as a screenwriter is now with the acceleration Commercial. That is a rich guy who has made a happiness for self in the entertainment sector as an actor, screenwriter, and also a producer.

He is do some great amount the money monthly through his miscellaneous appearances on many platforms. His revenue while as doing ads for the Verizon was just massive amounting to over a million dollars.


His existing debut v The sprint is also paying him heavily in his appearance. Personally from showing up in the ads, Paul has actually also accomplished a lot together a screenwriter and a producer. He own a manufacturing company. His general net worth is over $8 million and also is quiet counting provided that he is still active in the industry.


Paul Marcarelli was born in phibìc Haven in 24th may 1970. His father is called Ryan. The attended north Haven high school and later join Fairfield University and also graduated through B.A in English. He is married come Ryan who he has showed up in the adverts. However, their marriage ended prematurely in a divorce. The was once dating Julie Doucet.


He first made showed up in the check Man series in 2002 through the Verizon Wireless Commercials. His appearance in all Verizon commercials ads was characterized by gray Verizon jacket and his horn-rimmed specs. He quit the company in 2010. In February 2010, after ~ the relax of iphone phone 4, that reviewed his contract with Verizon whereby he advertised the product. Before his illustration in the Verizon, he has showed up in miscellaneous companies as an advertiser.


Paul Marcarelli in a advertising advertisement

He now works through the Sprint as a Spokesperson, a short article he has actually held due to the fact that 2016. Personal from appearing in commercial ads, PaulMarcarelli is additionally a screenwriter and also an actor. That has founded the Table Ten movies Production company and wrote the storyline for 2011 independent film The Green.

Paul Marcarelli is gay and also not married to wife.

Paul Marcarelli is a gay. Many human being have wondered if really he is a happy or not, yet we deserve to now confirm that that is a gay. Paul Marcarelli has actually been happy for some time now, and maybe he is planning to marry soon. We carry out not, however, who he is date as per now.

Paul Macrarelliis likewise a divorcee. He divorced his wife on 28th November 2016. That is no clear what brought about the divorce the the gay man. However, we cannot bag holes as at now, but gay marriage usually does have reasons because that divorce.

Paul Marcarelli is the winner of numerous awards in the American exhilaration industry. The won new American Cinema award in 2011. The has additionally won the Jimmy Kimmel award on 7th June 2016. This acquired him fame.

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