If you’re tired of putting up through all the hassle endemic to having actually sex through a corporeal being, or if you’ve ever dreamed that consummating a relationship without actually having actually to touch one more human, there’s one more option that could satisfy you: banging ghosts. Hey, if it worked for Demi Moore …

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On last night’s Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie met Patti Negri, a witch who states she’s the “foremost expert” top top ghost sex. Negri has actually made a career out of being a celebrity medium and also a influential thinker in the field of spectrophilia, a fetish or problem where civilization display a solid sexual attraction to ghosts and also spirits.

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Of course, this no the an initial time ghost sex has actually made its way to TV. Here, a inside wall on spooky sexy time.

OriginsFor as lengthy as humans have actually been mindful of a spiritual realm, humans have actually dreamed, fantasized, and also (some claim) competent doing it through ghosts. Medieval legends told the tale of Succubus and Incubus, demons that would invade human being bodies and also have sex v them. That a long-standing, cross-cultural phenomenon, and one that more than likely isn’t going far anytime soon.

How Does it … Work?Most world experience ghost sex as a dream, or together they’re falling right into or the end of sleep. Scientists estimate it’s due to the fact that our brain are especially susceptible come hallucinations at those times.

Paranormal activity 2 actress Natasha Blasick described her suffer with ghost sex thusly:

Suddenly I might feel that someone was emotional me and also the hands to be pushing me versus my will. And also I could feel the load of the body on optimal of me my human body was pushed in different directions. And at an initial i w as very confused v all that, then ns just made decision to relax and also it was really, yes, really pleasurable.”

On the radio show “Paranormal Review,” Negri notes the ghost sex is more than simply sudden orgasmic sensation.

“It’s not as with you’re feeling orgasmic,” she said. “You’re feeling specifically where they room touching: they’re emotional my left breast, they’re emotional down there, they’re poignant something. You in reality feel penetration often.”

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There’s a Difference in between Ghost Sex and Ghost RapeSome world are super into ghost sex as a fetish, as confirmed by the online communities you can find committed to ghost erotica. Yet there’s additionally the phenomenon of ghost rape, when civilization feel they’ve been attacked by spirits versus their will. Folklorist David J. Hufford believes that as much as 15 percent of human being “experience being struck in their sleep by one unknown reality at some allude in their lives.” even with ghosts, there’s the concern of consent — if some civilization actively shot to summon demons to carry out it with, others say ghosts have actually groped them without the okay.

Ghost Sex in popular music CultureCandidly Nicole isn’t pop culture’s first foray into the topic of ghost sex. Anna Nicole smith famously had this come say around ghost sex in an interview with FHM in 2004:

“A ghost would certainly crawl up mine leg and have sex v me at an apartment a long time back in Texas. I provided to think it to be my boyfriend, then one day I wake up up and found it wasn’t.”

And Ke$ha made headlines in 2012 for claiming she also had boned a spirit. “It’s around experiences v the mythological … but in a sexy way,” she told Ryan Seacrest ~ above his radio show. “I had a pair of experiences through the supernatural. I don’t understand his name! He to be a ghost! I’m very open come it.”

In 2012, the travel Channel aired a documentary called Ghostly Lovers that featured interviews with committed spectrophiles.

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And the course, there’s Ghost.

More Information about Ghost SexKatie Heaney’s awesome Pacific Standard piece, “A short Investigation right into Human-Ghost Intercourse”“The Paranormal Review” radio present has one episode dedicated come spectrophilia.”What’s Behind Reports of Ghost Sex?” at exploration NewsThe Terror that Comes in the Night by David J. Hufford


mine Real-Life Her: Who needs a human body to have actually Sex?

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