Yeah, having sex on her bed is hella comfortable, however a change of scenery can make things even steamier. That doesn"t mean you have to break the bank trying to publication a night at a swanky hotel. Instead, just take it to your car. What sounds an ext kinky than warm sex breath everywhere your auto windows?

Mmm, that"s automobile sex. Whether the image makes you nostalgic for your high school boyfriend or horny AF native thinking about Jack and Rose in that epic Titanic scene, i think everyone deserve to agree that getting freaky in the backseat deserve to be incredibly hot.

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For one, you have the right to do that just around anywhere. Literally. It"s a car, which means you can drive come wherever your sexcapades take you. Possibly that"s an empty beach together the sun sets, the woods, or a parking lot after ~ dark. You decide how romantic or risqué you want to get. Just don"t go all over that"s totally exposed in public. (I trust you to usage your own judgment here!)

Two, having actually tight quarters and also so much to seize on to—doors, windows, seat (anything however the gear shift, really)—means you absolutely can"t simply lie there favor a fish (not the you"d do that, anyway). Auto sex requires getting beyond close to her partner and being a very active participant. There space no passengers in a sexmobile.

And to make the session also hotter (because why not?), Jess O’Reilly, PhD, Astroglide"s resident sexologist, says taking advantage of all the "tools" you have actually at your disposal. " seatbelts because that light bondage, seat adjustments for different angles, and radio to collection the mood."

Last however not least, because you can"t exactly have an hours-long lovemaking sesh—since, ya know, other human being are most likely to come roughly at part point, and your legs will certainly (I repeat, WILL) begin cramping—you feeling a natural sense of urgency. Those need-you-now vibes, particularly if you"re in a permanent relationship, do for serious steamy sex and better bonding afterward.

Now the you"re prepared to jump her partner throughout your next Trader Joe"s trek, here"s how to have good sex in a car, from experienced tips to the best positions:

1. Park in an isolated yet safe area.

This must go without saying, however you certainly want to park your vehicle somewhere wherein you"re (a) i can not qualify to hurt public-sex laws, (b) out of plain sight indigenous passersby, and also (c) not totally remote, in situation of an emergency.


Some good spots: one almost-empty parking lot, an exit nighttime tailgate lot when everyone has actually headed come the game or concert, or close to a campsite.

2. Stay comfortable, quickly removable clothing.

Think: a skirt or dress rather of jeans and also a tank. "You desire an outfit the you can conveniently lift therefore you deserve to remove undergarments quickly," says Janet Brito, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist in Honolulu, Hawaii. You also want to have the ability to throw said outfit earlier on in a jiffy, in instance of suddenly visitors.

Think around how hard it is to throw on tight blue jeans at home. Can you imagine doing that in a car? Yep, not happening.

3. Chat about your expectations.

As with any sexual experience, communicating with your partner beforehand is key. You definitely want to operation by her idea come hop on castle in the vehicle before law so, note Brito, and discuss what you desire that suffer to look like.

If you don"t and they"re not quite as, um, adventurous as you, you may feel a bit rejected as soon as they questioning you to buckle earlier up.

4. Include ambient lighting.

Assuming you"re no pulling over for a car romp in broad daylight (if you are, girlfriend animal!), carry a flashlight—or usage the integrated light on your phone—to illuminate her tight an are a bit, argues Brito. Not just does this include "mood lighting," you"ll also assist prevent the stroked nerves elbow whack top top the car door.

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If you like the illicit emotion of gift in full darkness, go for it. Simply be responsibility of vulnerable body components as you relocate around.

And don"t forget the radio. Throw on a terminal you both will like, whether it"s part smooth jazz, or some rave music come really get your rate going.

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On that whole "stay cool" note: If you have actually a sunroof, don"t forget to usage it! Not only does this allow ample waiting flow, says Babeland cofounder Claire Cavanah, an open up roof additionally creates a bit more vertical room for sit sex location (more top top those in a sec). Simply do anyone a favor and also keep her voices/groans to a neighborly level.

7. Experiment in various spots.

You"ve more than likely tried reclining the driver or passenger seat, then climbing onto her partner. For this reason hop right into the backseat together, whereby you"ll have ~a bit~ more space to obtain frisky. One of two people way, don"t struggle the nearby quarters—embrace them as a method to feeling physically and emotionally closer to her person.

Oh, and if they have actually a gigantic trunk or tailgate? (Love me a good, F-150.) By all means, Have. At. It.

8. Go huge or walk home.

And by that, i mean shot driving come poundtown in a larger car. It"ll offer you extra space to obtain ~creative~ without sacrificing the intimacy of one automobile. O"Reilly suggests trying what she call the "Reverse Ride." "One partner sits in the front passenger seat with the chair rolled all the method back. The various other sits on your lap dealing with away native them," she explains.

Or you can go because that for the "Car Doggie." simply open the trunk and also get on all fours hold on come the backseats. Flatten them down if that’s one option. Then, have actually your partner approach from behind.

Now, for much more best car-sex positions—try these:

1. Cargirl



Like Cargirl, only with your earlier and butt encountering your companion so they obtain allll the views (and you obtain a nice one of the parking lot). JK: This place is really an excellent for hitting her G-spot—and managing the depth and pace of her partner"s thrusts, since you deserve to lean top top the gloves compartment because that leverage.

Do It: Have your companion sit top top the driver or passenger chair (or backseat, if girlfriend want), and straddle them dealing with away. Brace the home window or gloves compartment for stability as girlfriend grind.

3. Backseat Doggy


One method to take up less space in the car? Fold her body in half (or the closest point to it). The Seashell is a clutch car-sex place for this really reason—and the truth that you have the right to have the "ride high," rubbing his pubic bone against your clit, or "ride low," straight stimulating your G-spot with the head that his penis.

Do It: In the backseat, lie top top your back with her legs increased all the method up and also your ankles as close to her shoulders/head as possible. He enters friend from a missionary position.

6. The Om

Want to crank increase the kink ~ above your very own car-sex scene? The Spider is a have to if you want to make points a little an ext hardcore. The position creates intense penetration when letting you and your partner gain a complete look at each other"s bodies—something that most car-sex location can"t do.

Do It: Both of friend sit on the backseat through legs towards each other, arms back to assistance yourselves. Now move together and onto his penis. Her hips will certainly be between his spread out legs, her knees bent, and also feet external of his hips and also flat top top the seat. Rock back and forth.

It"s the only time you"ll be happy to check out a spider in the car.

9. Rear Seat

Okay, it’s certainly time that you make the efforts the ‘rear seat’ place if you haven’t provided it a go rather yet. It’s among the most easily accessible positions the end there no matter what sort of vul you have. You and your partner can take transforms leaning versus the door if the various other gets on your knees.

Do It: Need a beat by play? Gotcha. “One of you can lean her head and also shoulders against the door, in a semi-propped up position while the other deserve to be on their knees and also be in a position to finger you, usage a sex toy, or connect in penetrative sex,” Brito explains. While on her knees, your companion can also play v your nipples, kiss you, and also give you oral sex. “Since you have seats and doors to skinny on or push against, this position is versatile, together it allows you to spread out your foot or change to an edge you prefer.”

10. Bullseye

If you’re enjoying the backseat, stay there! Another means to tackle this area of the automobile is by make the efforts out brand-new ways to give oral, or together Brito calls it, the ‘bullseye.’ (Get it? The clitoris is the bullseye, hah.) TL;DR: This position takes face-sitting come a whole brand-new level, so your clit is gonna it is in obsessed.

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Do It: “Gently sit on your partner’s challenge in an angle wherein your clitoris rests on your lips,” Brito says. “You have the right to hold on to the seat for support.” By making use of the seat because that balance, you can grind all over your partner’s mouth and move her hips every which way.

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