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The U.S. Maritime Corps to update a 5-year-old tattoo policy that will currently permit Marines to have actually sleeves, ditches and also an unlimited number of other changes to their skin.

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Corps public representative announced the brand-new policy top top Friday, which will enable Marines to have however many tattoos lock wish, on everything body part except the face, neck and hands or a solitary ring-like tattoo top top a finger. The readjust in plan is intended to remove barriers that some confront for authorized the service.

"The tattoo policy over the years has actually attempted come balance the individual desires of Marines v the require to maintain the disciplined appearance meant of our profession. This Bulletin ensures the the marine Corps maintains its ties to the culture it represents and removes all barriers to entry for those members of society wishing to sign up with its ranks," the policy change said.

Headquarters maritime Corps spokesman Maj. Jim Stenger told marine Corps Times that a dashboard of Marines from different backgrounds and also ranks recommended the tattoo policy change.

Sleeve tattoos were first banned by the Marines in 2007 because of the expectation that Marines have to exceed the requirements of the American people and also being greatly tattooed was not thought about a great representation at the time.

In 2016, when the plan was to update again, the sleeve ban remained and also Marines were likewise prohibited from having actually tattoos about their elbows and knees. Enlisted Marines were not offered a border on how many tattoos they might have but higher-ranking officials like officers were only enabled to have 4 visible tattoos.

But as the Corps really hopes to modernize, they opted to adjust the policy.


The U.S. Maritime Corps updated its tattoo policy that will now permit Marines to have sleeves, ditches and also an unlimited variety of other modifications to your skin. Above, a marine from 2nd Marine division MP firm shows off his tattoo the reads "Protect Us" in ~ his forward operation base in Farah Province, southerly Afghanistan, on September 27, 2009.DAVID FURST/AFP via Getty Images"The decision to change the plan came after a months-long evaluation of currently regulations, which were believed to have actually an adverse effect on retention and recruiting efforts," Stenger stated in a statement.

While Marines space not too restricted on whereby they have the right to have clearly shows tattoos, as long as they"re no obscene, sexist, racialism or extremist, the Corps does make keep in mind of possible consequences bound to any ink.

The plan states the Marines may challenge career ramifications over their tattoos, nevertheless of their acceptance, and also could be denied future duty assignments.

Marines who have actually tattoos the don"t comply with the rule are permitted to use for one exemption, yet Corps officials said it"s unlikely to it is in granted. Those uncovered in violation deserve to be separated from the military.

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Stenger claimed that Marines that were formerly denied reenlistment over tattoos will not be automatically enabled to rejoin the Corps, but can speak v a recruiter to identify their eligibility.