Leaving wildlife alone is because that your own well-being as well as the animal"s.

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Statewide DNR News

April 25, 2016

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Remember to leaving Michigan’s wildlife in the wild

With spring in full swing, Michigan occupants may it is in noticing rise in sightings of nestlings and baby animals. Because that example, baby cottontail rabbits and also raccoons space a typical find this time of year. The room of natural Resources reminds those who stumble throughout a swarm of infant bunnies or see other baby wildlife come please leaving them be. Leaving wildlife in the wild is best for humans and animals.

“Animals are far better left alone than eliminated from the wild," explained DNR wildlife technician Hannah Schauer. "A swarm full the young rabbits may look helpless, but staying in the colony is their ideal chance for survival. However, we appreciate the great intentions that those who want to help.”

If a rabbit’s or various other animal’s nest is found, it"s vital to also keep children and also pets away. If the nest is left alone, the mommy will likely return as soon as she feels the is safe.

Every day an pet spends with human beings makes it less likely to be able to survive in the wild. Animals that space habituated come humans normally do not execute well once released back into the wild.

For your security – carry out not take a wild pet from the wild. because that example, raccoons might seem cute, specifically when they are young, but they are famous for becoming aggressive as they obtain older. Wild pets can action unpredictably, also if they seem tame. That is essential to remember they room still wild animals and also can seriously damaged a human or pet.

Additionally, raccoons and other wild pets can carry diseases and parasites that have the right to infect humans and also pets. Whether an pet may it is in a transport of a disease or parasite cannot be determined simply by observing it"s physical appearance.

Only license is granted wildlife rehabilitators may possess abandoned or injured wildlife. Uneven a human is licensed, the is illegal in Michigan to possess a live wild animal, including raccoons and rabbits.

The only time a baby animal may be removed from the wild is when it is obvious the parental is dead or the animal is injured. A licensed rehabilitator have to be contacted prior to removing an pet from the wild. Rehabilitators have to adhere come the law and also have gone v training top top the appropriate handling of hurt or exit wild animals and also will job-related to return the pet to where it will have the ideal chance because that survival.

A perform of license is granted rehabilitators can be uncovered by visiting mi.gov/wildlife or by call your neighborhood DNR office.

/Editors’ note: Accompanying image are available below for download. Suggested captions follow.

Baby rabbit: A infant rabbit’s finest chance for survive is remaining in the wild.

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Raccoon: Raccoons are known to be aggressive together they mature, also if they it seems ~ tame./

The Michigan room of herbal Resources is cursed to the conservation, protection, management, use and also enjoyment the the state’s herbal and social resources for current and future generations. For an ext information, walk to www.michigan.gov/dnr.