From cat to ferrets, dogs to hamsters, even pot-bellied pigs: there are a number of animals you deserve to have as pets in Pennsylvania.

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But there are many animals that space illegal to have as pets, and also a couple of that you deserve to only keep with a one-of-a-kind permit.

Here space a couple of of the animals you might be able to glimpse in the wild, but that friend can't "import, possess, sell, offer for sale or release" in Pennsylvania:


Sugar gliders. Castle look adorable v their little size and huge eyes, and they're apparently popular "pocket pets" in plenty of states. Yet not in Pennsylvania.

If you're not familiar with street gliders, they're small, omnivorous and nocturnal creatures uncovered in the wild in Australia, new Guinea and also Indonesia, wherein they live in tree tops. They invested their very first months in their mother's pouch, therefore they're considered marsupials.

In 2017, Rep. David Zimmerman, the Lancaster, presented legislation to do it legit to keep them as pets, yet it's not gone anywhere. Countless states allow them, however not Pennsylvania, California or Alaska.


It's an additional "pocket pet" that's well-known in some areas, however illegal in Pennsylvania. Lawrence's bill, if it to be to come to be law, additionally seeks to do these legal to own as pets.

The concern about hedgehogs, and sugar gliders for the matter, apparently that they could hurt the neighborhood ecosystem if they to be somehow released right into the wild.


Pennsylvania does worry permits that enable people to save exotic pets, including some animals such together wolves or coyotes.

But the needs for gaining an exotic pet permit room pretty high: Prospective owner must present a letter from their municipality saying their pets are allowed and must have actually two years of suffer working with the species that they'd favor to own in one accredited facility. And they have to prove they have actually the facilities to treatment for an exotic animal. And the patent only use to certain animals.


Wolves can't be kept as pets. Or red or grey foxes. Or, as previously mentioned, coyotes. Or any crossbreed or hybrid of wild animals.


All "nonhuman primates" are off boundaries as pets. Us imagine human primates likewise don't autumn into the "pets" category.

Game birds can't be taken from the wild and also kept together pets. So no wild turkey, crows or ruffed grouse.

Remember those old "Little residence on the Prairie" episodes where the kids found a wild creature, and decided to store it versus Pa's warning, just to discover that wild pets don't make great pets? That appears to it is in Pennsylvania's philosophy.

Game animals and furbearers can't be taken indigenous the wild come be retained as pets. This consist of a wide variety of animals, including squirrels.

The nutria, a large, herbivorous, semiaquatic rodent, isn't a pet that's enabled in Pennsylvania.

Then you need to "legally collect" the snake from the wild in Pennsylvania during the open up season, while following size limits. You cannot possess much more than one snake. And also you can't import hardwood rattlesnakes from outside Pennsylvania or each other them.

The law does add one critical note: "The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission does not recommend keeping venomous reptiles as pets."

Endangered or threatened species, choose the bog turtle, are also not top top the list of feasible pets. Additionally the Other instances of intimidated turtles room the eastern mud turtle and the red ship turtle.

The blue-spotted salamander is noted as endangered. That renders it a no-no as a pet in Pennsylvania. Other salamanders listed as endangered include the eastern mud salamander. The environment-friendly salamander, noted as threatened, is likewise not allowed as a pet.

Rough environment-friendly snake, i m sorry is noted as endangered. Likewise banned are the eastern massasauga and Kirtland's snake, likewise both endangered.

Endangered and threatened frogs and toads, such as the east spadefoot, new Jersey Chorus frog, or southern leopard frog are all taken into consideration threatened or endangered, making castle off-limits as pets.

The Monk Parakeet, Myiopsitts monachus, periodically referred to together the Quaker Parakeet or Gray-headed Parakeet, can't be retained as a pet.

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