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Red and also gray foxes room both found in most areas of north America. Foxes are a member of the canine (dog) family, v a long, pointed muzzle, big pointed ears, and also a bushy tail.

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Red foxes generally are irradiate orange-red in color with black legs, a light-colored underbody, and a white-tipped tail. They prefer open up woodlots interspersed v farmlands.

Gray foxes are mainly a salt-and-pepper gray over with yellow-tan underfur and also a black-tipped tail. They have retractable claws which renders them adept tree climbers, and they favor heavier cover together as dense hardwood or mixed wood forests, swamps, and also areas along rivers and also streams.

Both red and gray two foxes are mostly crepuscular meaning active during dawn and also dusk hours, however are also nocturnal. However, it is not unusual to view either types foraging throughout the day, especially during the breeding season.

Foxes den in burrows, wood piles, rocky outcrops, hole trees, and brush piles, and under sheds and decks. They tend to it is in opportunistic feeders, consuming tiny mammals, rabbits, birds, eggs, insects, fruit, and poultry. They may pursue easy food sources such as unsecured chicken coops, pets rabbits or guinea pigs, outdoor pet food, and also garbage.

The reproduction season because that foxes different by region. Mating commonly occurs between December and also February, v pups born in March and also April and also an typical litter size of 3 come 6 pups. They room weaned after 12 weeks. Parents regularly move young to brand-new dens every couple of weeks to safeguard them indigenous predators.

Consider reproduction season once planning animal damage control activity in stimulate to stop orphaning young.

Foxes it is adapted to urban and suburban areas. They are afraid of humans and also will typically avoid them uneven habituated or sick. Execute not feeding foxes or shot to ‘domesticate’ them. This can increase wild behavior, which in turn deserve to lead to tiny pets or kids being bitten.

It is not common for foxes to pursue full-grown cats and dogs, yet they might perceive kittens or little puppies together prey. Constantly supervise pet in a fenced garden or store them top top a leash as soon as possible. Store cats at home — especially young kittens — to protect against confrontations.

In rare cases, two foxes may carry rabies. If girlfriend or her pet is bitten through a fox, speak to your doctor, veterinarian, or local wellness Department immediately.

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Foxes can lug mange — a skin disease caused by helminth mites. Mange is communicable to various other animals and also people, yet not without close contact. If you suspect your dog has been in close call with a fox and also is showing indicators of hair loss and peeling skin, call your veterinary for further advice.