COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. ( -- Colorado Parks and also Wildlife confiscated a wild fox native a Colorado Springs resident. That is illegal to very own wild pets in Colorado and is a misdemeanor punishable through a $100 fine.

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Officials said they discovered the woman through her Instagram page, i m sorry dates earlier to may 2018 as soon as the pet was a little kit. She post dozens that photos and also videos the the fox. CPW stated some the the photos showed the fox in a collar and also eating human being food.

The company is currently reminding civilization to keep wildlife wild. According to a push release, officials had actually to euthanize the fox due to the fact that it had remained in captivity for two years. Wildlife officers figured out it would not be able to survive if released ago into the wild.

"People cannot take care of wildlife better than your parents," frank McGee, Area Wildlife Manager for the Pikes height region, said. "It is selfish and irresponsible to take it these animals from the wild.”

McGee reminds human being that if you check out a baby wildlife animal that watch orphaned or abandoned, leaving it alone and do no touch it. Instead, call wildlife officials therefore they can assess the situation.

This to be so unnecessary and also sad because that the fox and also our officers,” McGee said. “People frequently think they are helping when they pick up wildlife. They room not. These are wild animals. They space not supposed to live in captivity.” 


When ns clicked top top the headline I said I understand it’s a woman just a woman will certainly be stupid sufficient to carry out that. The reminds me the the dumb women in my neighborhood that put their dogs in infant strollers and walk them around.

So you dislike women, black people, Democrats, immigrants, liberals, and who else, babies? Bet your dance map is complete everyday.

So the moral is “don’t keep wild animals. You might kill it, therefore we will certainly take it and kill it.” the a fox, The Wildlife room couldn’t think of anything much better like oh ns don’t know a zoo, wild life rehabilitation center, or leaving it through the woman. Instead they had to death it.

Agreed. You deserve to keep pigs, goats, ferrets, opossums, etc. What’s dorn with maintaining a fox? Say, so lengthy as it has actually rabies and communicable an illness shots. If its yes, really that huge of a deal, provide a notice and call the woman to use for one exotic animal license. No permanent damage would be done. For this reason sad.

the only thing wrong v your answer is the you will then have all sorts of civilization removing baby animals from your environment. Some animals are in reality born v rabies as well. A attention proposition.

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When they reach a particular age, usually 3 years old, castle become more combatant and also mean, it’s a natural instinct. Over there is a wolf keep in divide that has several the these animals that gained to a specific age and also then turn on the owner.

Sooooo, seems choose they got along simply fine? No zoo interested or simply leaving them it is in considered? federal government sucks, i feel for her