U.S. Military soldiers itching to rock beards in uniform are around to be sorely disappointed. After ~ a short-lived duration of...

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by Greg Flynn | published Nov 27, 2017 8:51 pm

After a short-lived period of beard-mulling, the U.S. Army has axed prospects of broader changes to its face hair policy, job & Purpose has actually confirmed, and the decision no to pursue transforms to facial hair regulations has actually been finalized.

“Beards will not it is in authorized because the safety mask does no seal properly when wearing a beard,” Hank Minitrez, a spokesman because that the assistant secretary of the military – Manpower & reserve Affairs, told job & purpose in one email.

Minitrez stated soldiers are only able to wear a moustache if they inquiry a religious accommodation with their chain the command.

“There space a small variety of Soldiers, the end of 1.1 million, who do have actually beards because they have an approved religious accommodation, but with the knowledge that they may have to shave them if a chemical assault is imminent and also their commander orders it,” Minitrez said.


A U.S. Special forces team leader meets v an Afghan regional police checkpoint commander in the Arghandab ar of Kandahar province, Afghanistan, might 23, 2013.DoD photo

The preliminary decision was based in part on current studies by the army Research Lab and also Natick Soldier Research, Development, & design Center. While Sergeant major of the army Dan Dailey told army Times top top Dec. 1 the “no final decisions have actually been made” concerning facial hair, the move doesn"t bode well for beard-happy soldiers.

Army study Laboratory field aspect chief Lamar Garrett claimed in an e-mail that a 2016 compatibility examine of protective equipment showed beard expansion severely degraded protection available by negative pressure respirators and possibly neck dam respirators. Respirator fit differed with people wearing a hijab or mass hair contrasted to those participants in the baseline group, who did no wear head coverings and also who to be clean shaven, Garrett said.

“Even when we applied petroleum jelly, which was initially thought to add greater adherence, the respirators did not fit to our armed forces standard,” Garrett said.

Late last year, rumblings of potential beardage changes arose as the military made adjustments to grooming criter for religious minorities, including enabling beards if authorized at brigade-level. Sgt. Maj. That the military Dan Dailey told military Times that was not an “anti-beard guy” and also that he thought any more comprehensive changes come beard policy would need to be excellent “for the best reasons.”

“From a personal perspective: Am i opposed come it? no really,” Dailey stated last November. “I think we need to look at it, we need to research on it, we need to be informed by it.”

Beard talk ongoing in March after the implementation that the revised regulation designed to accommodate religious minorities.

“Army leaders and researchers are at this time reviewing the wear that beards through soldiers in the Army. Any type of potential change in plan will it is in made with careful consideration come the professionalism, standards, discipline, readiness and also safety of all of our soldiers,” Dailey told military Times in a statement in March.

If over there is a silver lining to the current beard policy, it could be staying clear of all the extr logistical hiccups that broader facial-hair allowance would cause. V a minimal beardage policy, NCOs don’t need to police the patchy, ~ do so operator beards of lower enlisted soldiers to make sure they’re in ~ standards. Conversely, lower enlisted don’t need to politely hear to lengthy boring story from masculine NCOs about how their beard choices got them where they space today. Overzealous command groups aren’t able to “add to 670-1 yet not take away” by only permitting chinstrap beards.

Still, this isn’t lot consolation once stumbling in the direction of the cut cream in the dark the a Monday morning.

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