Can a Dog Bite Land friend in Jail? south Florida Criminal Defense attorney Explains

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but having an wild dog can likewise be a costly legal nightmare because that its owner in much more ways than one. If your dog bites and/or injures someone, you can be looking in ~ steep civil and criminal penalties in Florida.


When it concerns canine-caused injuries, Florida is a strict liability state. This way if your dog bites someone, you space legally responsible for that person’s injuries. It doesn’t matter whether you knew your dog was dangerous, or even if it is the dog had ever before bitten everyone before. You’re quiet responsible as lengthy as the dog bite occurred in a public ar or the human was legit on personal property (in various other words you’re just off the hook if your dog bit a trespasser or someone who was breaking right into your home).

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Dog bite cases can cost thousands that dollars depending on the extent of a person’s injuries. Typically, depending on the circumstances, if her dog bites who at her own residence you’re likely covered through your house owner’s insurance money policy. So even if you’re sued for the injuries, it’s in reality your insurance agency who is obtaining sued. Injured by a dog bite in south Florida? provide us a call to be referred to a trusted injury lawyer in our network.

Beyond polite penalties, have the right to a dog bite actually result in criminal charges against you? In Florida, the price is yes.

It is possible to be charged v either a misdemeanor or a felony in Florida if your dog bites or injures someone.

Florida has a “Dangerous Dog Act” which claims that a dog’s owner have the right to be charged v a misdemeanor if a dog classified as “dangerous” through the pet Control Board strikes or bites a person or a domestic pet without provocation.

Even if the dog was no officially classified as dangerous, if the owner knew the dog had been wild in the past, the owner can still it is in charged.

In the rarely or extreme situation in i m sorry an owner knows the dog is capable and likely to cause death or good bodily injury if no restrained, the owner deserve to actually be charged through a felony if the dog kills or serious injures a person.

While regulations vary a bit by county, under Florida regulation a dog deserve to be classified as “dangerous” if:

It has actually aggressively bitten, attacked, endangered, or inflicted significant injury top top a person being on publicly or exclusive propertyIt has severely hurt or eliminated a domestic pet while off the owner’s propertyIt has actually been trained come fight, or is a fighting dogIt has chased or approached a human being on the street, sidewalk, or public ar when unprovoked

Thankfully, many dog owner don’t buy a dog through the on purpose of having it hurt other people. Some civilization want aggressive breeds because that protection, especially in communities or cases where lock may currently feel unsafe, which is totally understandable. Because that example, a woman that was previously struck may feel much more comfortable walking at night with a German Shepherd.

But unfortunately, Florida’s dog bite laws are greatly weighted versus the owner. Civilly the owner is strictly liable for a dog bite even if the dog has been friendly, placid and agreeable its entire life.

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So if you do have a dangerous, or wild dog, make certain to take it any and all precautions to save both you and also your dog the end of trouble. Once you aren’t with the dog, make sure he or she is secured inside your house, or appropriately restrained by either a fence or chain. Put a warning sign up on her fence so visitors and also passers-by room on notice. If you really don’t trust the animal, consider a muzzle when taking him out in public. It may seem prefer overkill, yet spending a few dollars gift extra careful could save you thousands in the long run. We know of cases, because that example, where dog bites have led to face or hand disfigurement and also it can an outcome in 10s or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, rebuild surgery, or even physical therapy bills.

Charged v a Crime in Florida for your dog biting or injuring someone?

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