Summer offers us a break from the flu and also many various other viruses prevalent during the winter months, yet there is one transmittable virus the your boy is at hazard of contracting during the summer.

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Hand, foot and mouth condition (HFMD) is a usual illness in the summer months, predominantly discovered in infants and children under the period of 10, yet one that deserve to also influence teens and also adults. That is caused by a family members of viruses recognized as the Coxsackie virus. There space multiple types of Coxsackie virus, yet the A16 strain reasons HFMD.

HFMD can produce a wide selection of symptoms, including mild flu-like symptoms such as fever, head and also muscle aches, sore throat, fatigue, and poor appetite. The fever usually lasts everywhere from 24 hours to 2-3 days. One or two days ~ the heat begins, tiny red spots start to appear in the mouth, throat, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. This spots develop into blisters and eventually right into painful ulcers, which fix within a couple of days without any scarring.

These blisters provide the illness its name, yet it have to not be perplexed with the likewise named foot (or hoof) and also mouth disease, i beg your pardon is found in cattle.

HFMD is spread between children either hand to hand or with tiny waiting droplets that room released when they sneeze, cough, or punch their nose. The condition can additionally be spread when a person is exposed come an infected children stool or the liquid from your blisters.

HFMD is contagious and also tends to spread most quickly in settings where many young children are together, such together day treatment centers. In tropical components of the world, HFMD is current throughout the year, but in cooler climates, together as new York, outbreaks take place only in the summer or fall. Some human being incorrectly think that the illness is spread in swim pools, but a appropriately chlorinated pool need to kill the virus.

Proper hand washing is considered the ideal protection versus the virus, especially after making use of the bathroom, an altering diapers, and also before eating or preparing food. The virus have the right to live top top contaminated surfaces for several days. Therefore, parents should clean common toys and also all surfaces potentially contaminated through disinfectant cleaners come protect versus the spread out of HFMD.

There are lab tests to check HFMD, but doctors usually have the right to diagnose the virus based on a physics examination. There is no specific treatment because that HFMD. Doctors regularly recommend over-the-counter pain and also fever reducing medicines to do your boy feel much more comfortable. Salt water rinses might also provide relief.

If girlfriend think your child has hand, foot and also mouth disease, you have to see a doctor or contact Jamaica Hospital’s Pediatric Ambulatory care Center at 718-206-7001 to make an appointment.

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