top coffee chain will widen the space between tables and sanitize tables and also chairs after each usage

The outbreak in March required Tim Hortons to close that is dining rooms and focus completely on delivery, drive-thru and takeout. Photo by Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network for Tim Hortons, that path to normal involves convincing commuters the is all ideal to avoid for coffee as they begin to re-establish morning routines.

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“When you check out a team member sanitize the table and the chairs, that’ll offer you a good deal the confidence the it’s for sure to sit under there,” said Fulton, that held video clip calls v franchisees on Monday to fill them in on the new procedures.


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“We are ready to go through our procedures when government authorities believe it’s for sure to open up up again.”

We have completely embraced the concept that parts of ours restaurants require to adjust — certainly, because that the foreseeable future and possibly forever

RBI chief executive Jose Cil

Last week, new Brunswick serene its constraints and enabled restaurants and also other non-essential businesses to reopen. British Columbia’s multi-phase “restart plan” has actually cleared a course for restaurants to open as soon as the center of May.

Fulton said Tim Hortons is expecting to have the ability to reopen in every district by next month. However with most provincial reopening plans tied to fads in new COVID-19 cases, it’s difficult to it is in sure.

“No one to know yet. It seems to be trending in the direction of some allude in June,” that said.

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Starbucks Canada, however, claimed it to be expecting to resume operations in ~ 65 per cent of stores by the finish of the week, and also 85 every cent through the finish of this month. The agency said that will call for its more than 20,000 returning employee members to go through a three-hour security training program.

But Starbucks no seem close come reopening its sit-down areas.

In an open letter ~ above Monday, Starbucks Canada president Lori Digulla said the chain will emphasis on techniques that nothing involve client entering a keep — drive-thru, delivery and pick-up — but could expand to walk-in assignment “as the environment and regulations change.”

Tim Hortons has only available takeout, delivery and drive-thru because closing the dining rooms throughout Canada on march 17. In the last quarter, Tim Hortons’ everyday sales growth dropped more than 40 per cent contrasted to the vault year, follow to its income report previously this month. 


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RBI, which additionally owns citizens King and Popeyes, released its own open letter on Tuesday, one that is aimed in ~ enticing customers ago into restaurants after two months of financial shutdowns.

“We space working really hard to proceed to develop your confidence,” RBI chief executive, management Jose Cil wrote.

Across the RBI chain, tables will be separated by two metres, either by physically moving them or, once tables are bolted come the ground, through forbidding customers from making use of some tables v “beautiful tabletop signage,” Cil said.

The agency is likewise looking at convert from throw-away confront masks to reusable ones designed to become component of the typical staff uniform. Drive-thru staff at Tim Hortons already have a devoted tray with cupholders because that passing coffee to client without any chance of touching them.

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RBI also has sneeze shields in ~ checkout counters and has to be conducting temperature check on employees prior to they begin work. The restaurants will additionally need much more staff top top each shift to have the ability to wipe under every chair and also table after a customer supplies them. 

“ we have totally embraced the id that components of our restaurants require to adjust — certainly, because that the foreseeable future and also possibly forever,” Cil said.