Mickey computer mouse may acquire top billing together Disney’s most iconic figure, but Cinderella lock is simply as recognizable. The stunning structure at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom dwellings plenty the princess power and unexpected surprises in ~ its mosaic-lined walls. Plus, the fairytale lock is set to acquire a royal makeover to mark the 70th year due to the fact that "Cinderella" to be released.

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Curious what other tricks you may find inside this fabled fairy tale tower? read on to discover the magic within — and also how you can explore it yourself:

Cinderella lock is house to for this reason much an ext than a princess’ towers, including Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a royal transformation salon for young princes and also princesses, and Cinderella’s royal Table, a beloved restaurant offer breakfast, lunch, and also dinner with special tableside visits from Disney princesses.

Curious guests waiting in heat to accomplish Cinderella before entering the dining room in ~ Cinderella’s royal Table are in because that a law — Jaq and Gus Gus! The two are not-so-stealthily hiding ~ above the upper wall of the cool Hall.

The Cinderella castle restaurant is among the most renowned places in ~ Walt Disney people to gain engaged, and with great reason. Cinderella’s imperial Table servers will provide a glass slipper atop a bed that roses to her table as you popular music the question — and also even send a photographer over to record it all.

Too young to clear up down prefer Cinderella and also Prince Charming? Regal staffers in ~ Cinderella’s royal Table can also surprise future princesses v a princess robe, princess sash or sparkling tiara ceded on a tufted pillow.

If you do a dinner preventive at Cinderella’s imperial Table late sufficient into the evening, you deserve to see the fireworks from inside Cinderella’s Castle, making because that a distinctive perspective that’ll never ever be forgotten.

At 189 feet tall, Cinderella Castle is among the largest structures in ~ Walt Disney World. The huge Tower the Terror structure is just ten feet taller! The princess’ home, which is surrounded by a moat, is also built to continue to be intact throughout hurricanes and also sustain winds as much as 125 miles every hour.

Always wanted to live within Cinderella Castle? There’s actually a secret bedroom suite inside v an antique limestone fireplace, stained glass windows that tell the princess’ tale and gilded furnishings that sleeps six.

Though all of the Cinderella lock Suite is fit for royalty, the most impressive space is the bathroom. Unique guests can relax in a jacuzzi bathtub beneath a fiber optic night skies while surrounded by castle mosaics on three sides.

There’s some integrated magic to the Cinderella castle Suite, too. It won’t rotate a pumpkin come a golden carriage, but a painting of Cinderella inside the quarters and also a winter in the den are both privately flat-screen TVs. As for the grandfather clock? It’s permanently set to 11:59!

The Cinderella castle Suite is sadly not available for purchase, as overnight stays deserve to only be acquired by win a special dispute or gift “gifted” by Disney. A handful of celebrities consisting of Katy Perry, Kevin Jonas and Tom Cruise have been lucky sufficient to invested the evening in Cinderella Castle, waking increase in the park before any guests have arrived.

There room plenty of riches inside Cinderella Castle, v lavishly in-depth mosaics making use of Italian glass, sterling silver and 14 karat gold.

It’s not just a fairy tale — Cinderella lock was inspired by the turrets and towers the real-life French royals’ homes, such together Fontainebleau and also Versailles, as well as a dozen various other nobles’ residences throughout the Loire Valley and also one in Segovia.

Cinderella castle hasn’t always retained its regal look. Because that the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, Imagineers reinvented Cinderella Castle right into a shocking pink birthday cake, finish with gummies, frosting, sprinkles and candle-topped turrets.

It take away pixie dust because that Tinker Bell to fly across the Magic Kingdom throughout nighttime entertainment, however it calls for some human being assistance, too. The famed fairy paris from a Cinderella Castle window courtesy of a heavy shove, and if she doesn’t make her whole distance, needs to pull it s her hand-over-hand to the end.

Believe that or not, you can now drink alcohol addict beverages within Cinderella’s imperial Table. The brand-new enhancements of sparkling wines champagne to the lunch and dinner menus should make dining inside Cinderella’s Castle the much an ext special. Cheers!

You can even get married in former of Cinderella Castle. Eastern Plaza Garden weddings not only carry out a picture-perfect backdrop, but allows slipper-worthy couples to travel down Magic Kingdom’s main Street, U.S.A. In Cinderella’s carriage, finish with horses and also footmen. Prepare come revel in bystanders’ bliss, due to the fact that these weddings space performed throughout park hours, making for a true storybook romantic from Disney’s Fairy story Weddings & Honeymoons.

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Cinderella Castle offers each guest a “kiss goodnight” each evening, whether they establish it or not. After the park officially closes, Cinderella lock is illuminated in twinkling lights together “Wish top top A Star” plays, and words native Roy O. Disney’s dedication speech from the Magic Kingdom’s cool opening room recited. Linger about Main Street, U.S.A. After the park has closed and also you’ll most likely witness this magic display!

The plenty of flags and also coats of arms decorating Cinderella’s royal Table aren’t just make-believe. They actually stand for some that the human being who created Walt Disney World and also Cinderella Castle, consisting of Imagineers Marc Davis, john Hench and also Marty Sklar and members the the Disney family.