You’ve newly purchased a hot tub, it is totally set up, and now it is prepared to it is in enjoyed. All that’s left is for you to sink right into the warm, reassuring waters and enjoy a relaxing evening soak. While there is nothing better than those initial night of owning a warm tub, be sure you know precisely how to best take treatment of her newly got hot tub and stop any activities that can lead to issues. Here at Colorado Spas, we provide an variety of choices when it comes to hot tubs in northern Colorado. Us can aid you choose the best outdoor hot bath tub for your needs.

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Talk to us today around the warm tubs we have actually for sale and check out these six things you should never do once enjoying your brand-new purchase.

#1: lug Glass come The Party

While you could be tempted to bring your glass of alcohol or bottle of beer to the hot bath tub with you, never bring glass close to your warm tub. If you were to drop her glass or knock that over, you might be encountering a clean-up nightmare. Glass can conveniently get caught up in the swirling water and cause a serious security concern. If glass is broken around your hot tub and there is any kind of possibility that glass gone into the warm tub, you need to leave immediately and also thoroughly clean the spa.

Not only is that a negative idea to carry glass near your warm tub, many of the time the glass you space bringing is a holder because that an alcoholic beverage of some kind. While that sounds best to soak and also sip her favorite adult beverage, that is actually not recommended come drink when soaking. Conserve the cocktail hour because that after your relaxing soak.

#2: Soak Till your A Lobster

What can soothe your sore muscles an ext than a nice, toasty hot bathtub soak? if you want to enjoy a fair amount of warm when float in a hot tub, be cautious that you don’t overdo it. Constantly monitor the heat in your hot bathtub and make sure it is no exceeding the encourage limits, roughly 100 levels to 102 levels Fahrenheit.

You should also take a break and also get out of your warm tub. The hotter the water, the less time you have to spend soaking. Ideally, take it a break and also get out of your hot bathtub every 15 to 30 minutes. Take some time come cool off before re-entering.

#3: acquire In v Wounds

Soaking a ill muscle or a tired back is a great use of your hot tub. However, any type of open wounds or cuts should not be exposed come the warm tub’s water. Stop using a hot tub until her wounds are completely healed over. A basic bandage will certainly not be sufficient to protect your wound while you soak and the warm water deserve to actually remove bandages while friend soak.

Soaking with open wounds puts friend at threat of emerging infections. Use your hot bath tub for sick muscles, not sore cuts.

#4: leaving The kids Unattended

Even your kids will enjoy a rapid soak in the hot tub. However, be certain you are constantly around to supervise any children who use the hot tub. If a hot tub might seem little enough to safely leave a child alone in, it is simply as dangerous as leaving a young kid in a swimming pool alone or any other human body of water.

Make certain every boy in your residence or that visits your residence understands the the hot tub can just be used under adult supervision. If you room worried around curious youngsters getting in without your knowledge, store the hot bath tub cover on and locked unless you room around.

#5: Rough house In The Spa

It could sound fun to play a video game of chicken in your warm tub, however it is never wise to roughhouse in this little space. A hot bath tub can be very slick and it is basic to slip and also fall once playing around. This deserve to lead come cracking her head ~ above the next of the spa or falling out of the tub onto the ground.

Save the roughhousing because that a different time and also enjoy your hot bathtub in a leisurely manner. Make sure youngsters also follow this rule of hot tubbing.

#6: clock A Thunderstorm native The Tub

Here in north Colorado, summertime brings part beautiful storms. When you can find the relaxing to clock a thunderstorm if soaking in the warm waters, the is never ever wise to be in any kind of body of water throughout a thunderstorm and also that contains your hot tub. If you can see or hear lightning, you require to exit the water and save your soak because that after the storm.

While thunderstorms could pose a risk to hot tub users, that doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying any kind of storms. Wait for a beautiful winter snow storm and also enjoy the warm of your warm tub’s water together you clock the snow fall. Among the reasons hot tubs space so renowned in northern Colorado is due to our climate. Through so numerous cold days and nights ahead, a hot bathtub makes the perfect equipment to hit the chill.

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Shop For your Hot tub At Colorado Spas

If friend haven’t yet purchased your hot tub, us invite you come come see what warm tubs we have for sale. We carry out a vast array of spas, jacuzzis, and hot bath tub styles. We have actually something because that everyone. Native a little hot tub that is cozy and also ideal because that a couple to our larger choices which are wonderful for entertaining, we have something to satisfy the needs of anyone. Talk to us today around the hot tub of your dreams and also we have the right to work v you to pick out the best spa for your needs. Worried around the cost? Speak to us about our financing choices and enjoy warm water perfected.