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Every year about Oct. 31, as fear films, haunted houses and also pranksters in creepy costumes try their best to provide you a fright, the question arises: can a human being literally be fear to death?

The answer is a really conditional "Yes." But, specialists say, it"s extraordinarily unlikely to occur from Halloween hijinks.

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"Those scenarios are extremely rare when that happens," and pre-existing problems are frequently a factor, claimed Dr. Mark Estes, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at the college of Pittsburgh medical Center.

When a human being is fearful or regarded to it is in in danger, the brain triggers a surging of adrenaline, which provides the love beat faster and also pushes the body instantly right into "fight-or-flight" mode. It likewise affects the liver and pancreas, triggers perspiration and also pushes blood toward major muscle groups.

"It"s measure on how big the fear is," stated Dr. Vincent Bufalino, a cardiologist and president of support Medical team in Downers Grove, Illinois. He said the an ext dangerous adrenaline surges come from the body"s solution to a life-threatening instance or the anxiety of learning the deceased body of a loved one.

"You have the right to have a suddenly cardiac-related event related come an adrenaline surge, yet I think it would certainly be a stretch come say you can get that from someone coming in a werewolf costume to your front door," the said. "This is the type of point that friend can"t prepare for. If it happens, that happens, and also you hope your body doesn"t overreact to that event."

People can typically get an adrenaline rush from skydiving or bungee jumping – even while watching a fear flick indigenous the couch. More dangerous adrenaline surges come indigenous life-or-death moments together as getting out that the means of one oncoming automobile or fleeing a tornado.

"Swings that emotion and roller coasters space OK for world who room young, who have a healthy and balanced," Estes said. "But certainly, in civilization with pre-existing risk components or pre-existing cardiovascular disease, you desire to mitigate the environments in i beg your pardon you might be all of sudden stressed like this."

People room able to prepare themselves when they walk to a haunted residence or get on an amusement park ride, therefore their threat isn"t the very same as as soon as they discover themselves in life-threatening danger.

"The human mind and the person body do have actually the ability to prepare us for cases that have the right to be suspect that could be stressful and generally handle them much, much better," Estes said. "It is the sudden, unexpected points which tend to cause a dramatic increase in love rate and also blood pressure and put people with pre-existing cardiovascular condition at risk."

A maybe dangerous result of sudden stress might come indigenous takotsubo cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the"s main pumping chamber that is commonly caused by emotional or physics stress. The temporary problem affects women significantly an ext than men.

Also known as syndrome, takotsubo cardiomyopathy is different from a strike in that arteries are not blocked yet blood circulation is negatively impacted nonetheless.

"Adrenaline is a funny thing," Bufalino said. "We can"t measure it. The precipitating occasions are diverse. Your response to an event might be various than mine."

Occasional rushes native adrenaline can be an excellent for you, occasionally leading to increased cognitive function. But prolonged stress and wealth of tension hormones over time have the right to have negative effects, such together high blood pressure or anxiety.

"It"s difficult for united state to be specific in saying, ‘This event led come a particular amount of adrenaline that caused a cardiac event." They"re sparse at best," Bufalino said.

And there"s little that have the right to be done to avoid being frightened to death, he said, however being in an excellent shape might help.

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"Those folks who are used to handling adrenaline v exercise probably have actually a blunted response" because their higher cardiovascular fitness level may allow their body to better handle an adrenaline surge, Bufalino said. "I would certainly speculate that aerobic exercise might be preventative or at the very least modify the body"s response (to adrenaline)."

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