CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A pregnant college cafeteria worker in Charlotte caught COVID-19 and gave birth to her baby while in a medically-induced coma.

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Vicki Goodson continues to be in the hospital and her family hopes she story will encourage other mothers to get vaccinated.
"The infant is a wonder baby," Goodson"s sister Tarisha Leach said to abc affiliate WSOC. "A wonder baby. She"s beautiful."Goodson"s household said she was cautious throughout the pandemic, but she to be waiting till after her pregnant to gain vaccinated. Climate on Sept. 3, she started struggling to breathe and had to it is in admitted to the hospital."Beg lock to acquire vaccinated:" Texas mommy shares pregnant daughter"s final message before dying of COVID

"Mom, i wish I acquired vaccinated": A 32-year-old mommy was early to deliver her infant days after ~ she experiment positive. Now, her mother is sharing she last message.

A couple of days later, medical professionals performed one emergency C-section while Goodson was unconscious. She baby invested two main in the NICU and also is now home with relatives--but she go not recognize her mother and her mother has actually never held her priceless miracle.

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This mainly the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention approve an immediate warning after new data showed more than 125,000 pregnant civilization tested positive for COVID-19, with 22,000 that those situations resulting in hospitalization and also 161 that them finishing in death.In august alone, 22 pregnant women died from COVID-19, follow to the CDC. Plus, in making it through mothers, COVID-19 has also been linked to preterm birth, stillbirth and also the newborn getting here with COVID-19 and having to it is in admitted come the ICU.Expectant mother, on life support at CA hospital, survives COVID with her pregnant intact

A pregnant Seal Beach mrs survives a harrowing COVID infection, as UCLA medical professionals take extraordinary measures to conserve her life and also the life of she unborn baby.

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