WWE Network is one online video clip streaming service. This service enables you come watch all WWE content live and on-demand. There is no additional cost and also you can stream thousands of hrs of video on demand. WWE Network was introduced in 2014 in the US and later it diffusion to the international industry as well. You can watch WWE Network all over on TV, Phones, tablets, and also computers. ~ above 18th march 2021, every the civil liberties of WWE Network go to Peacock TV native NBC. If you space a Roku user and also planning come stream WWE Network ~ above Roku, climate you need to install the Peacock TV app.


WWE Network content will be moved to Peacock top top April 4th, 2021. Right here are the actions to download the WWE Network app on your Roku. (This an approach will job-related until fourth April 2021. ~ that, you need to install the Peacock TV app to stream the content).

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2. ~ above the residence page, walk to the Streaming Channel option i m sorry is on the sidebar.

3. Go to the Search channels option and kind as WWE Network.

4. A couple of suggestions will appear. Open up the WWE Network app and also click ~ above the OK button.


5. Top top the application info page, click on Add Channel option.

6. Currently the Channel is added to the Roku Channel Store. Press the OK switch on the pop-up.

How to watch WWE Network making use of Peacock top top Roku?


1. Push the Home switch on your remote and go to the residence screen.

2. Navigate to the Streaming networks option from the house page.

3. Go to the Search channels option and type as Peacock.

4. Open up the app from suggestions.

5. Click on include Channel option.

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6. Peacock TV application will be added to Roku. Click yes sir on the pop-up.

Watch WWE Network top top Roku through Peacock

After installing the Peacock TV application on Roku, you have to activate it come stream the content.


WWE Network shows are displayed on Peacock only on Subscription. Some of the mirrors like total Divas and Total Bellas are cost-free to present without any subscription. Christian’s Show and Camp WWE are several of the well-known shows top top WWE Network. Peacock will change the present WWE Network channel with various materials like WWE Chronicles and also WWE icon, WrestleMania, Documentaries, etc. You deserve to enjoy every the shows and demand content. There space three level of subscription plan on Peacock. They space free, premium, and premium plus.

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These are the ways you can watch WWE Network on Roku. WWE Network will certainly be transferred to Peacock top top April 4, 2021. Choose any of the 3 subscription plans together per your need and also comfort. If friend have any type of doubts or queries, ask us in the comments below.

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