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Thisflu seasonis a an especially severe one, and it"s not over yet—health officials speak flu task will likely remain elevated because that at the very least several an ext weeks. However if you already caught the flu, are you in the clear for the rest of the season?

Unfortunately, no. Experts say that is possible to catch the flu double in one season. That"s due to the fact that there space multiple strains of flu viruses turn around at any type of one time, said Dr. William Schaffner, one infectious-disease specialist at Vanderbilt university Medical facility in Nashville. So getting sick through one strain of flu won"t necessarily safeguard you indigenous a various strain.

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But the good news is that it"s pretty rare to capture the flu twice in a single season. Having this happen would be "quite a hit of negative luck," Schaffner said Live Science. <6 Flu Vaccine Myths>

Most civilization whoget the fluthis season are gaining sick v the H3N2 strain. However a smaller part of human being (around 10 come 15 percent) are obtaining the H1N1 stress, overload or the influenza B virus, follow to data native the Centers for an illness Control and Prevention. (H3N2 and also H1N1 are both strains the influenza A.)

Seasonalflu shotscontain three to 4 strains that flu virus, due to the fact that there isn"t much "cross protection" in between strains, Schaffner said. It"s feasible that gaining sick v one kind of influenza A virus would offer some usually protection against another form of influenza A, however it more than likely wouldn"t provide you any type of protection versus the influenza B virus, Schaffner said.

If friend do record the flu, and you haven"t received the flu vaccine for the season, doctors generally recommend that you still gain a flu shoot after you"re no much longer sick, an especially if it"s early on in the flu season, Schaffner said. The CDC recommends the flu vaccine because that everyone ages 6 months and older.

This flu season is turning out come be among the worse because the 2009 "swine flu" epidemic,CDC officials saidlast week. Wellness officials room seeing "widespread" flu activity throughout the entire country.

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For the past 5 flu seasons, wellness officials discovered that flu task was elevated for approximately 16 weeks. So much this season, flu task has been elevated because that nine weeks, definition that the flu season might be only about halfway over, the CDC said.

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