Anyone that has had actually the flu knows it’s not a pleasant experience. Fever, fatigue, runny nose, cough and muscle aches deserve to make you feel pretty miserable. And once you obtain over the flu, you certainly won’t desire to get sick again.

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Well there’s an excellent news and also bad news on the front. I’ll begin with the negative news. It is feasible to obtain the flu twice throughout the exact same flu season. Due to the fact that there space two types of flu strains – influenza A and also influenza B – if you obtain influenza A, you can additionally get influenza B.

But there is some good news. If you get influenza A, your body will construct antibodies because that influenza A that administer protection against it. Also, when the influenza A antibodies won’t defend you from obtaining influenza B, having actually influenza A doesn’t increase your hazard of acquiring influenza B. To add influenza B frequently doesn’t reason as serious of an infection.

So if you’ve had the flu once, what have the right to you perform to keep from obtaining the flu again? The tried and true advice tho applies.

1. Obtain an annual flu shot.

The best method to safeguard yourself and also others is by getting the flu vaccine every year. That decreases the risk of obtaining the infection and also it have the right to decrease the severity if you do obtain it.

Flu viruses aren’t like other viruses whereby you acquire them once and you’re safeguarded for life. Flu viruses alters from year come year. A the majority of research goes into predicting the changes but it’s a prediction, for this reason it’s not constantly 100 percent accurate. That’s what accounts for some of the variability and also effectiveness the the vaccine.

2. Stay house when you sick and encourage others to perform the same.

When you’re ailing or a household member is sick, it’s really necessary to stay residence until you better. For most people, it takes around a week to get over the flu. Staying home that lengthy may it is in a tough pill come swallow in a culture of presentism, yet it’s something girlfriend really must do.

People infected with the flu deserve to shred the virus for 5 to 7 days after occurring it. The flu is generally spread with coughing. Covering your cough by coughing right into your elbow and also not into your hand.

To reduce the threat of infecting others, sleep in an additional room indigenous other household members, don’t get really close and also avoid high-risk populaces such as infants, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems.

If you or a coworker returns to job-related or college early, you risk getting others sick.

3. Wash her hands.

All the time however especially during flu season, an excellent hand restroom is important. Wash her hands generally with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your hand to your eyes and also mouth.

4. Drink many of fluids and also see if she a candidate for an antiviral medication.

One of the essential things for treatment and overall well-being is hydration. Once hydration is recommended, water is always ideal. There can be a many of fluid loss with the fever led to by the flu. Drugs like ibuprofen and also acetaminophen can provide symptom relief.

If you can start the antiviral Tamiflu in the an initial 24 come 48 hrs of symptom onset, it deserve to decrease the symptom duration and also viral shedding by around a day. It’s additionally likely deserve to decrease the hazard of severe complications.

Why is the flu for this reason serious?

The flu is famed to predispose world to second bacterial infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis and ear infections, among others. That really crucial for human being to recognize when they develop flu if they space getting better and then obtain worse again, they need to be evaluated because that a an additional bacterial infection.

A far-reaching number that deaths concerned flu room attributed come the an additional infections human being develop. This infections can occur at the same time patients have the flu, in that period right ~ they develop it or as they space recovering.

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Shandra day is one infectious an illness physician at The Ohio State university Wexner medical Center.